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February 5, 1999

NPR Profiles NYC Sonic Legend Tony Schwartz
"Lost & Found Sound" Series Continues February 26
on All Things Considered

WASHINGTON, DC - On Friday, February 26, NPR's® evening newsmagazine All Things Considered® profiles Tony Schwartz, New York City's sonic legend. Mr. Schwartz ventures no further than his ‘New York 19" (10019) postal zone, yet he carries a tape recorder with him everywhere, using it the way a photographer uses a camera. In the 1950's, he made more than 30,000 recordings of the streets, delis, cabs, nightclub barkers, street vendors, and playgrounds of his Midtown West neighborhood.

Tony Schwartz's story is part of the year-long "Lost & Found Sound" series, which airs Fridays through January 2000 on NPR's All Things Considered. For broadcast times, contact your local NPR station or visit

"Lost and Found Sound" is a collection of stories that explores the art and history of recorded sound, creating an audio portrait of the 20th Century and revealing how life has changed over the last hundred years. The series incorporates rare recordings, audio artifacts, and the stories of people whose lives were altered by sound, among them record producer Sam Phillips, playwright Norman Corwin, MIR cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, guitarist Les Paul, the women of all-girl radio station WHER, and hi-fi whiz Emory Cook. In the coming months, "Lost and Found Sound" will discover some new sonic legends through the 24-hour Quest for Sound Hotline (202-408-0300), a place where people can suggest their own audio heirlooms for possible inclusion in the "Lost and Found Sound" series.

"Lost & Found Sound," a nationwide collaboration between NPR, independent producers, artists, radio stations, and listeners, is led by Executive Producers Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva (The Kitchen Sisters), Jay Allison, and NPR's Art Silverman. Funding for the series is provided by The National Endowment for the Arts and The Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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