Major Worldwide News Organizations Press for Information Regarding American Journalist Roxana Saberi Being Held in Iran

» May 12, 2009; Father Of Roxana Saberi Tells NPR News The Release Came Unexpectedly

» May 11, 2009: Roxana Saberi To Be Released Today From Iran's Evin Prison

» April 18, 2009: NPR Presses For Immediate Release Of American-Iranian Journalist

» March 10, 2009: Joint statement released by NPR, ABC, BBC, Fox, Wall Street Journal, PBS, and Feature Story News

» March 19, 2009: Statement from Association of Independents Radio, Public Radio International, and American Public Media

» Recent NPR coverage related to Roxana Saberi

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Interviews with or stories by freelance journalist Roxana Saberi that aired on NPR appear below.

In addition, reports from Roxana Saberi have been included in NPR newscasts, which are not transcribed, as recently as January 2009.

» Middle East: Tehran Enforces Dress Restrictions
Aug-02-2007, Day to Day

» Middle East: Iranians Riot After Gas-Rationing Program Begins
Jun-27-2007, Day to Day

» Middle East: Wary Reaction in Iran to News of Talks with U.S.
May-15-2007, Morning Edition

» News: Iran Calls Release of British Troops a 'Gift'
Apr-04-2007, Day to Day

» Middle East: Impasse with Britain Stirs Angst in Iran
Apr-01-2007, Weekend Edition - Sunday

» Middle East: Iran Moves on Enrichment Despite Sanctions
Dec-27-2006, Morning Edition

» Religion: Iranians Urged to Dress More Conservatively
Oct-18-2006, Day to Day

»World: Iran Bans Women from Attending Men's Soccer Games
May-17-2006, Morning Edition

»Middle East: Iran Provides Money to Palestinian Government
Apr-17-2006, Morning Edition

»World: Reaction in Iran to Possible U.N. Sanctions
Feb-2-2006, Day to Day

»Middle East: Iran to Press Ahead on Nuclear Technology
Jan-14-2006, Day to Day

»Middle East: Plane Crash in Tehran Kills More than 100
Dec-06-2005, All Things Considered

»Middle East: Iranian Military Plane Crashes into Tehran Building
Dec-06-2005, Morning Edition

»Middle East: Iran's New Leader Vows to Restart Nuclear Program
Jun-27-2005, Morning Edition

»Arts & Culture: 'The Lizard' Raises Eyebrows in Iran
May-13-2004, Morning Edition

»Muslim Clerics Bar Liberals from Iran Elections
Jan-12-2004, Day to Day

»World: Relief Efforts Take Hold in Iran
Dec-31-2003, All Things Considered

»Weapons Inspectors Assess Iran's Nuke Program
Nov-07-2003, Day to Day

»Fighting Against Discrimination in Iran
Sep-09-2003, Day to Day

»Is Cuba Jamming U.S. Broadcasts to Iran
Jul-31-2003, Day to Day

»World: IAEA Chief to Visit Iran for Nuke Talks

»U.S. and Iran Relations
May-28-2003, Talk of the Nation