Foundation Grants

NPR is deeply grateful to the generous commitment of the philanthropic community, which has enabled NPR to provide balanced and in-depth coverage of domestic and international news and a diverse stream of cultural programming for more than 30 years. Foundation support can generally be designated to NPR's news, information and cultural programming. In some cases, support may be given to specific programs or themes of coverage that are identified as NPR priorities.

For more information, contact Dianne Brace at, telephone (202) 513-2072, or write to: NPR, 1111 North Capitol, NE, Washington, DC 20002.

Examples of areas of designated support include:

Domestic News Coverage
Grant support for NPR's domestic news coverage helps make possible NPR's reporting on the many major "content areas" of contemporary American life including politics and public affairs, economics, education, science and arts and culture. Dedicated reporting beats also follow specialized topic areas such as religion, technology, health, the environment, legal issues and civil liberties, as well as homeland security.

Foreign News Coverage
With foundation support, NPR strives to keep our listeners abreast of developments around the globe including events in the world's most volatile regions. Reporting explores issues such as terrorism and international security, nuclear proliferation, arms control, diplomacy, international trade and financial flows, the global environment, political movements, international development, and global public health. Coverage also offers in-depth explorations of countries and cultures that may be unfamiliar to many American listeners.

Arts, Music, and Entertainment
NPR's arts, music, and entertainment programming conveys to our listeners the many voices and dialects of the human experience. In a range of fare from classical, ethnic, jazz and operatic music to drama, spoken literature, comedy, and emerging art forms, foundation support enables NPR to inform and celebrate America's heritage, providing a national stage, as well as a forum for arts, culture, and entertainment news.

Other NPR Projects

Foundations also support NPR's efforts to introduce new and diverse voices to the public radio audience. Grants are directed to a variety of NPR projects such as NPR West, a major production center in the Los Angeles area, internships and reporter training, and new programs.

NPR is pleased to recognize the generosity of our funders with on-air mentions on our award-winning programming. These messages can be used to highlight the foundation's mission, or to create awareness about its activities and grantees.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has been a vital partner with NPR since our founding in 1970, collaborating on the creation of new programming, development of new technologies, and the strengthening of our public service.

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