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The Cul-de-sac Syndrome

Turning Around the Unsustainable American Dream

by John F. Wasik

Hardcover, 207 pages, John Wiley & Sons Inc, List Price: $24.95 |


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The Cul-de-sac Syndrome
Turning Around the Unsustainable American Dream
John F. Wasik

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Book Summary

"The Cul-de-Sac Syndrome explores why homeownership has become a fractured dream and presents ways to revive it. Combining analysis with insights into cultural and economic myths, the book provides an incisive look at the consequences of unsustainable lifestyle, exposing its economic, cultural, and market-related roots and the larger effects on the community, economy, and environment"—Provided by publisher.

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Places in California, including Stockton, are pocked with abandoned homes, like this one in 2008. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images hide caption

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Will The Housing Bust Create New Rust Belts?

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