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Home Economics

Vintage Advice and Practical Science for the 21st-Century Household

by Jennifer Mcknight Trontz

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Home Economics
Vintage Advice and Practical Science for the 21st-Century Household
Jennifer Mcknight Trontz

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Note: Book excerpts are provided by the publisher and may contain language some find offensive.

Excerpt: Home Economics


Successful Economical Living
     Domestic Management and Systems
     Be a Wise Consumer
     Your Body, Your House
     Know Your Neighborhood
     The Art of Making Friends
     The Happy Way of Doing Things
     Being Part of a Family
     Bedside Manners
Kitchen Arts and Sciences
     Food and Its Uses
     Daily Meals
     Economic Shopping
     Avoiding Food Waste
     The Science of Cooking
     The Handling of Meat
     Know Your Meat
     Meat Substitutes
     Fish and Poultry
     The Beauty and Utility of “Left-Overs”
     Soups and Sauces
     Putting Food By
     The Happy Working Kitchen
     The Serving of Meals
     The Elegant Table
     A Graceful Table Manner
     Carving Techniques
     Measuring with Care
     Home-Baked Bread
     Baking the Perfect Cake
     Quick Breads
     Making Candy
Care of Clothing and Textiles
     The Purchase of Clothing and Shoes
     A Lesson in the Principles of Design
     Care and Storage
     Careful Laundering
     Home Sewing
     The Art of Sewing by Hand
     Seams and Basting
     Reusing Bits of Fabric
Mamagement and Furnishing of the Home
     The Joy of Homeownership
      Interior Design
     The Special Little Touches
     Selection of Furnishings
     The Science of Color
     Decorating the Small Apartment
     A Clean House Is Inviting
     Efficiency in Cleaning
     Occasional Cleaning
     Cleaning Tools
     Natural Cleansers
     Cautions in the Home
     Eradicating Household Pests
Leisurely Pursuits
     Making the Most of Time Off
     The Needle Arts
     Flowers and Plants in the Home
     Tending a Garden of Delights
     The Art of Entertaining
     Hostessing a Buffet
     Picnics and Outdoor Fun
Metric Conversions