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by Eiko Komatsu and Yoshio Komatsu

Hardcover, 472 pages, Gibbs Smith, List Price: $39.95 |


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Eiko Komatsu and Yoshio Komatsu

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Excerpt: Humankind

At the turn of the twenty-first century, the population of the earth was over six billion. In comparison, the twentieth century began with a world population of only one billion five hundred million. These numbers represent a population growth of four times during the past century. By the middle of this century, there will be over ten billion people in the world. Nobody anticipated such a sharp increase.
What's more, people are concentrated in the capitals and big cities of the world. I can feel the congestion whenever I am visiting other countries. This contributes to other various problems such as environmental pollution, lack of adequate provisions and violence. There are many difficult matters in the world. We are in much need of a global view and new ideas that will lead us to solutions to our problems. One necessary idea is to recognize the similarities and differences of other people.