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And the Pursuit of Happiness

by Maira Kalman

Hardcover, 471 pages, Penguin Group USA, List Price: $29.95 |


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And the Pursuit of Happiness
Maira Kalman

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Book Summary

Through a series of artworks and essays, the author records her yearlong investigation into American democracy and how it works, from her imagining to make a home for herself in the Lincoln Memorial to the inner workings of a Bronx middle school student council to the U.S. service families of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, experiencing the cost of war.

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Artist Maira Kalman set out on a yearlong adventure to paint and write the story of American democracy -- and out of it came the book And The Pursuit Of Happiness, a quirky, graphic diary with vivid paintings and whimsical handwritten text. Franklyn Cater/NPR hide caption

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Franklyn Cater/NPR

A 'Love Letter To America' In Quirky Illustrations

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