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The Essential Library of Inessential Knowledge

by Kee Malesky

Hardcover, 277 pages, John Wiley & Sons Inc, List Price: $19.95 |


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All Facts Considered
The Essential Library of Inessential Knowledge
Kee Malesky

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Book Summary

The National Public Radio's librarian answers questions on history, science, religion, language and the arts to provide both useful and completely bizarre nuggets of information including "What building did Elvis leave last?" and "How long is a New York minute?"


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Who Knew? For more than 20 years, research librarian Kee Malesky has answered questions for NPR reporters, editors and hosts. She has compiled some of her favorite bits of "inessential knowledge" — such as which building did Elvis leave last? -- in a new book, All Facts Considered. Robert P. Malesky hide caption

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Robert P. Malesky