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The Word of God

Or, Holy Writ Rewritten

by Thomas M. Disch

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The Word of God
Or, Holy Writ Rewritten
Thomas M. Disch

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Book Summary

Frustrated with the beliefs of all religious institutions, the author decides to recreate himself as God and rants about topics such as his archenemy, fellow author Philip K. Dick, and the ridiculousness of an eternal Hell.

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Excerpt: The Word Of God

So is this Holy Writ or isn’t it? Am I being serious? Yes, and then some. What I propose to write about in these sacred pages is what the whole God business looks like to someone who not only doesn’t believe in God but who, moreover, doesn’t believe in the belief of those most aggressively pious, most loudly devout. The only way effectively to convey my own sense of the matter is to arrogate to myself the same absolute authority, the same more-than-papal infallibility, the same maddeningly smug chutzpah that True Believers of all varieties have armed themselves with: the Jesus freaks and Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Tartuffes and Elmer Gantrys, the imams and ayatollahs, the redneck judges with two-ton Tablets of the Law they want to plunk down on the courthouse lawn and the archbishops campaigning against abortion all the while they  play three-card monte with their cadres of pedophile priests. To paraphrase a popular song, if they loved God half as much as they say they do, they wouldn’t do all the things we can see them do.