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Where We Going, Daddy?

Life With 2 Sons Unlike Any Others

by Jean-louis Fournier, Adriana Hunter and Fern Kupfer

Paperback, 107 pages, Random House Inc, List Price: $12 |


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Where We Going, Daddy?
Life With 2 Sons Unlike Any Others
Jean-louis Fournier, Adriana Hunter, et al

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Excerpt: Where We Going, Daddy?

Mathieu doesn’t have many distractions. He doesn’t watch television, he doesn’t need its help to be mentally handicapped. There’s only one thing that seems to make him slightly happy, and that’s music. When he hears music he beats his ball like a drum, in time.
   His ball plays a very important part in his life. He spends all his time throwing it in places he knows he can’t get it back on his own. Then he comes to find us and takes us by the hand to the place he’s thrown it. We get the ball back and give it to him. Five minutes later he’s back looking for us, he’s thrown the ball again. He’s quite capable of repeating the performance dozens of times a day.
   It’s probably the only way he’s found to make a connection with us, to get us
to hold his hand.
   Now Mathieu’s gone to look for his ball all by himself. He’s thrown it too far.  In a place where we won’t be able to help him get it back…