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Sugar of the Crop

My Journey to Find the Children of Slaves

by Sana Butler

Hardcover, 242 pages, Globe Pequot Pr, List Price: $24.95 |


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Sugar of the Crop
My Journey to Find the Children of Slaves
Sana Butler

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Book Summary

The author describes her quest to interview the sons and daughters of slaves, and presents a picture of African-American life in the post-Civil War world that describes how their beliefs, attitudes, and actions paved the way for the civil rights movement.

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Excerpt: Sugar Of The Crop

An Excerpt from Sugar of the Crop

Everyone I interviewed for this book is now dead. Most died within a year of the interview. Left behind are weeks of tape-recorded conversations that have completely redefined my perspective on American history.

Before these talks, I had my own ideas of how the children of slaves grew up. I thought they might have trouble building strong bonds with their children or handing down anything other than the fear and hatred that remained from being considered someone else’s property. 

After our talks, all those ideas changed. They have been replaced with something more inspirational that has opened the door to an entirely new understanding of human behavior in the face of oppression and the unyielding strength that comes from unconditional love.