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Seven Notebooks

by Campbell McGrath

Hardcover, 223 pages, Harpercollins, List Price: $23.95 |


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Seven Notebooks
Campbell McGrath

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Book Summary

Presented in the style of a lyric chronicle, a season-by-season accounting of a year in the life of the narrator incorporates diverse reflections on the world as it is experienced or imagined, in a collection that features such subjects as a Chicago spring, summer at the Jersey shore, and a Miami Beach winter. By the author of Pax Atomica. 15,000 first pirnting.

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A Spring Bouquet of Poetry

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Excerpt: Seven Notebooks

Seven Notebooks


HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2008 Campbell McGrath
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780061254642

Ode to Inspiration

Then the imagination withdraws, drifts across the table
to investigate the glass flowers rolled in cloth tape.

It hovers, probes the petals, some like galaxies,
some like figs or seashells. Dutiful and penitent,

it shimmers back across the gulf of air,
without a metaphor, to doze away the afternoon.

Unseasonably hot day.

Imagination is the builder, the worker bee,
but inspiration is the queen.

And when she leaves me, where does she go
if not back to the hive to gorge on royal jelly,

back into her cave of winds, accumulating
density, growing richer and darker,

like mercury in the bloodstream,
like extravagant honey.