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by Alison McGhee and Peter Reynolds

School And Library, 1 v., Simon & Schuster, List Price: $14.99 |


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Alison McGhee and Peter Reynolds

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An inspirational tale captures a mother's wondrous wishes for her child's happiness to discover everything beautiful and grand that life has to offer! 100,000 first printing.

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'Someday' Charts the Journey of Motherhood

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Excerpt: Someday



Copyright © 2007 Alison McGhee
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4169-2811-9

Chapter One

One day I counted your fingers and kissed each one.

Someday you will look at this house and wonder how something that feels so big can look so small.

That someday you will dive into the cool, clear water of a lake.

Someday you will run so fast and so far your heart will feel like fire.