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Mr. Pusskins

A Love Story

by Sam Lloyd

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Mr. Pusskins
A Love Story
Sam Lloyd

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Book Summary

Having had little interest in being pampered, snuggled, and cared for by his owners, the adventurous Mr. Pusskins heads out into the world to seek what he really craves, but after getting involved with the wrong group of cats, Mr. Pusskins begins to long for the loving family he left behind.

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Excerpt: Mr. Pusskins

Mr. Pusskins

A Love Story


Copyright © 2006 Sam Lloyd
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4169-2517-0

Chapter One

So, one night, he left ...

He went places he wasn't meant to go

and did things he wasn't meant to do,

and made friends with the Pesky Cat Gang.

... the car screeched to a halt and Emily jumped out. "Mr. Pusskins! My beautiful Mr. Pusskins!" she cried. "I didn't recognize you!"

Emily scooped up her dear cat. At last they were together again.