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This Is Herman Cain!

My Journey to the White House

by Herman Cain

Hardcover, 222 pages, Pocket Books, List Price: $25 |


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This Is Herman Cain!
My Journey to the White House
Herman Cain

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Book Summary

What is it in my DNA that years ago prompted me to forgo the ease of cruise control and take on the enormous challenge of doing my part toward making America a better place for my granddaughter and the generations to come? Why do I, a son of the segregated South, refuse to think of myself as a "victim" of racism? What is it that motivates me to insist on defining my identity in terms of "ABC" — as being American first, Black second, and Conservative third? Just who is Herman Cain? And how did I get thisway? Just a hint: it may have had something to do with lessons learned from my parents, Lenora and Luther Cain, Jr. - Back cover.