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Little Green

An Easy Rawlins Mystery

by Walter Mosley

Hardcover, 304 pages, Random House Inc, List Price: $25.95 |


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Little Green
An Easy Rawlins Mystery
Walter Mosley

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Book Summary

Surviving a near-fatal car wreck and cruising the streets of the Sunset Strip during the heyday of the late 1960s, Easy Rawlins investigates the disappearance of a young African-American, a case that is complicated by Rawlins's changing perspectives. By the O. Henry Award-winning author of the Socrates Fortlow series.

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Little Green opens in 1967 and follows Easy Rawlins' search for a young man who disappeared after visiting the Sunset Strip, seen here in 1966. HF/AP hide caption

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Ever-Changing L.A. Links Walter Mosley To His Mid-Century P.I.

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