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D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths

by Ingri D'Aulaire and Edgar D'Aulaire

Paperback, 192 pages, Random House Childrens Books, List Price: $19.95 |


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D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths
Ingri D'Aulaire and Edgar D'Aulaire

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Book Summary

Married couple Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire wrote and illustrated this luminous guide to the Greek gods, from cold, beautiful Artemis — goddess of the hunt — to the mighty father Zeus who lives on Olympus, "a mountain so high and so steep that no man could climb it and see them in their shining palace."

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Excerpt: D'Aulaires' Book Of Greek Myths


In Olden Times 9
Gaea, Mother Earth 10
The Titans 12

ZEUS and his Family 16
Hera 24
Hephaestus 28
Aphrodite 30
Ares 32
Athena 34
Poseidon 38
Apollo 42
Artemis 44
Hermes 50
Hades 56
Persephone and Demeter 58
Dionysus 64

MINOR GODS, Nymphs, Satyrs, and Centaurs 70
Prometheus 72
Pandora 74
Deucalion 76
Eos 80
Helios and Phaëthon 82
Selene 86
Pan 90
Echo 92
Syrinx 94
The Wild and Vulgar Centaurs 96
Asclepius 98
The Nine Muses 100
Orpheus 102

Europa and Cadmus 108
Tantalus and Pelops 112
Danaüs, Perseus, and the Gorgon 114
Clever and Vainglorious Kings 123
King Midas 124
Sisyphus 126
Bellerophon 128
Melampus 130
Heracles 132
Theseus 148
Oedipus 158
The Golden Fleece 162
The Calydonian Boar Hunt 176
The Apples of Love and the Apple of Discord 178
Everything Must Come to an End 189