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by Douglas Kearney

Paperback, 94 pages, Red Hen Press, List Price: $17.95 |


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Douglas Kearney

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The poems in Patter re-imagine miscarriages as minstrel shows, magic tricks and comic strips. They set Darth Vader against Oedipus' dad in competition for "Father of the Year" and interrogate the poet's family's stint on reality TV.

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Painful Path To Fatherhood Inspires Poet's New Collection

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Excerpt: Patter


calls her back an ache. and knowing blood means no
baby no cellphone's a wound of words baby no.
only language. so sorry. I lo?
but it's off. the cut shut
in her purse. my tinny words. she goes
to bleed on the toilet.
this ain't shit. this ain't. shut
the stall's a broken room.

know there's nothing to lose. in her purse: my gonna
be ok baby oh. call me? vibrates. nothing to lose
except her body's oldest argument.
accept a stop sign in the cotton. unmentionable.
blood means no blood. that's what.
quits the stall the restroom?and says nothing. this is work
I don't know. soon we'll roll that stone again maybe.
for now no baby oh in her purse
I'm so sorry for now