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One Lucky Bastard

Tales from Tinseltown

by Roger Moore

Hardcover, 272 pages, Globe Pequot Pr, List Price: $26.95 |


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One Lucky Bastard
Tales from Tinseltown
Roger Moore

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Features outrageous Hollywood tales from the James Bond actor's life and career, as well as those told to him by a host of stars and filmmakers, including Tony Curtis, Sean Connery, Michael Caine, David Niven, Frank Sinatra, Gregory Peck, Peter Sellers and many more.

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Excerpt: One Lucky Bastard

On lunch at the commissary at Pinewood Studios:

"Prior to the lunch break each day, one of the carpenters or electricians would usually go down to the canteen to get a copy of the typed menu for the day, bring it back to the set for the crew to place their orders. On one particular day, an electrician produced the menu which offered: fried Spam and chips; cold Spam and salad, Rissoles and a couple of other items ... only the "R" on the old typewriter wasn't working correctly and instead printed as a "P".

"OK then," said the spark to the formidable canteen manageress. "We'll have three Spam and chips, four Pissoles and chips ..."

"What did you say?" she snapped.

"Four Pissholes ..."

"That is an R, an R – did you hear me?"

"Oh, sorry," he replied and without missing a beat continued with, "We'll have three Spam and chips and four R-soles and chips, please."