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More Fool Me

by Stephen Fry

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More Fool Me
Stephen Fry

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The writer, comedian, and actor discusses his issues with addiction as he catapulted to fame and then came crashing down in the late 1980s through remembrances and excerpts from his diaries.

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Excerpt: 'More Fool Me'

Dear Diary

Saturday, 18 September 1993

I had some lines of coke for the first time in months and months. Weird having that old feeling coursing in the blood again. A large hammer of guilt was banging away in time to the accelerated beating of my heart. All that health and weight loss at Grayshott and now I was guzzling pink champagne* like a beast. That's the trouble with the old nose-candy: it may suppress your appetite but it sure as hell increases your intake of alcohol. Still, one night in five hundred can't be fatal. Fuck me, it's appealing stuff though. Simply too gorgeous and delicious to be trusted. I could fall back into my old ways oh so easily.

*Allergic to standard champagne, but not pink. Go figure. A pink champagne socialist.

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