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A Dog Memoir

by Eileen Myles

Hardcover, 210 pages, Pgw, List Price: $24 |


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A Dog Memoir
Eileen Myles

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Book Summary

The trailblazing writer, after the death of her beloved dog, Rosie, details their 16 years together, during which there were many personal highs and lows, in a heartfelt investigation into the true nature of the bond between pet and pet owner, and a many-hued portrait of a beloved confidante.

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Excerpt: Afterglow

You've just fallen down on the grass. I thought this would be a nice place to sit in the afternoon. The cat shows up, black, looking out. When I'm surrounded by trees, a condition I've sought out pretty persistently throughout my life, the thing I think I might like the most about them is this whisper like all the hair of the world passing through the tunnel of one single breath—if that is a form of percussion. This irregular hiss of trees and wind. I think it is my mother. And I am her son, and you are my dog.

Our relationship is part discomfort & humiliation and part devotion. Oh once upon a time I wanted a dog exactly as much as I wanted to be alive. Maybe I didn't even want a dog then. I wanted to say that I was alive. Even to be a dog would be enough and how good if I could be seen wanting one and could begin asking for it incessantly—if I could summon up asking in every possible manner. Please. Leaving notes under pillows and toilet seat covers. Did I want a dog, really. No I was a kid who was desperate to be seen in a state of desire & supplication. That was many years ago. I wanted to already be my yes. A positive child in a state of knowing & reaching out. Not for myself but towards a friend.