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White Rose

by Kip Wilson

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White Rose
Kip Wilson

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Tells the story of Sophie Scholl, a young German college student who challenges the Nazi regime during World War II as part of the White Rose, a non-violent resistance group.

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Excerpt: White Rose

FEBRUARY 18, 1943

Gestapo Headquarters

The cars screech to a
halt, officers pull
us out by the arms, haul
us inside and off to
rooms, my heartbeat
all the while,

They swing
the door shut, unlock
my handcuffs, order
me to sit, rush about with
coats, hats, cases, papers
as I try not
to give in to the
knowledge spreading through me:
the two of us are trapped
in this net because
of me.

I take
a deep breath and prepare
to fight
for our lives.


I carefully blend
a cupful of lies
into the bucket of truth
spread out in front of me
as Herr Mohr shoots
question after question,
trying to catch me off-guard.

Fräulein Scholl, why were you carrying
an empty suitcase with you to the university?

So I could pick up clean laundry
from home.

And why were you at the university
if you were planning to head to Ulm?

So I could let my friend Gisela know
I couldn't meet her for lunch after all.

Why were you and your brother
in the corridor upstairs?

So I could show him the Psychological Institute
where I take classes.

His eyes narrow,
his voice icy,
Herr Mohr is good at this,
but he doesn't know
that I'm good, too.

My voice sounds
so calm telling these lies,
I barely recognize
the words as my own.