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Dori Levine

How would you describe your music?

"Jazz standards with a lot of scatting Vocal improv Spontaneous Free Improvisation"

What is your role in your band? In the studio? In business or marketing decisions?

vocalist, band leader

Describe your gear.

mic & amp

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Do you think being a woman and a musician is different from being a man and a musician? If so, how? Was there a moment that made a difference clear to you?

Yes. Woman are less excepted in Jazz and we require changing keys to accomodate our vocal range which is usually unwelcome.

Do you see differences between generations of women musicians?

Yes. There are more Jazz programs available today than in the past and singers in particular are being better trained as musicians.

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Did anyone ever give you any valuable advice about making your way in the music industry? What advice would you give to a woman musician just starting out?

"NO! Save up some money. Self promotion can be expensive. Sharpen those skills..there's a lot of competition out there."

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Why did you choose to play the instrument you play?

love voice as an instrument

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