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Sharman Duran

How would you describe your music?

Jazz, including originals, bebop, and standards

What is your role in your band? In the studio? In business or marketing decisions?

I have my own trio so since I hold down two instruments I really have the freedom to do whatever material I want in any way I want. That's really freeing, since I've done and continue to do a lot of gigs (mostly singles) where the type of material I do is dictated by the venue, e.g. hotels and restaurants.

Describe your gear.

Casio Privia 88 key keyboard, Alesis Nano Piano module, Yamaha Stagepas 300 P.A., Shure SM58 mic

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Do you think being a woman and a musician is different from being a man and a musician? If so, how? Was there a moment that made a difference clear to you?

It used to be. When I was young the message I got was that women musicians (other than vocalists) were a novelty, and not always a welcome one, that jazz was a language spoken among men and that women were outsiders. In the last 20 years or so solid women jazz musicians have become more visible and attitudes have changed for the better.

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Why did you choose to play the instrument you play?

My mother sang and played piano and wrote tunes which she performed. My parents were both jazz musicians, so growing up I heard a lot of good piano players (both live and recorded) in my house.

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