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Sibylle Johner, Damocles Trio

How would you describe your music?

I perform any music written for cello from renaissance to contemporary

What is your role in your band? In the studio? In business or marketing decisions?

changes all the time: from enforcer to wreck to diva. I do the accounting.

Describe your gear.


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Do you think being a woman and a musician is different from being a man and a musician? If so, how? Was there a moment that made a difference clear to you?

yes. It's hard to combine a career and raising children. When I was pregnant with my first child....

Do you see differences between generations of women musicians?

where I teach, the older women musicians all stayed single and devoted themselves exclusively to music. Younger women seem to want to combine a more rich private life and a life in music.

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Did anyone ever give you any valuable advice about making your way in the music industry? What advice would you give to a woman musician just starting out?

can't think of any valuable advice, sorry....

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Why did you choose to play the instrument you play?

I was 8 at the time, my mom suggested it.

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