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Jerry Casey

How would you describe your music?

My compositions are contemporary classical, dissonant but with a strong lyrical feel. My sacred vocal works are eclectic, gospel, traditional, contemporary Christian. My chamber works tend to be modal and quartal as do my orchestral works. These works also tend to be programatic.

What is your role in your band? In the studio? In business or marketing decisions?

I have no band or studio. My business and marketing decisions are usually my own with some input from my husband.

Describe your gear.

Computer with XP. Sibelius software and Finale software

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Do you think being a woman and a musician is different from being a man and a musician? If so, how? Was there a moment that made a difference clear to you?

I have never really felt discriminated against for being a woman musician, but I have heard stories from others. I believe things have generally improved in recent years.

Do you see differences between generations of women musicians?

Not sure.

Did anyone ever give you any valuable advice about making your way in the music industry? What advice would you give to a woman musician just starting out?

"The best book I ever read was ""The Savvy Musician."" It had more practical helps than I have ever seen anywhere else.

Advice: Be the best you can be; develop your talent and your musical skills, but also develop your business and marketing skills. Don't ever quit trying."

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Why did you choose to play the instrument you play?

I started studying piano at age 5 with a relative and studied through high school. I began singing a youth choir as a teenager. In college I majored in piano performance, but also continued voice lessons. My graduate degree was in church music with a major in voice. Although I "dabbled" in composing throughout my life, I only became really serious in the late 80's and early 90's. The last three years have been the best in terms of works performed and commissions received. I have received the ASCAP Plus Award annually since 1996.

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