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Susan L. Yasinski Group, Susan and the SurfTones

How would you describe your music?

"Instrumental rock & roll Instrumental Pop"

What is your role in your band? In the studio? In business or marketing decisions?

Leader, front person, business manager, songwriter, producer. The buck truly stops here.

Describe your gear.

"Fender Stratocaster Hofner bass (Beatle bass) ""No name"" drum kit"

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Do you think being a woman and a musician is different from being a man and a musician? If so, how? Was there a moment that made a difference clear to you?

"Yes. I have to work very hard to constantly prove myself as a guitarist even though I've enjoyed worldwide acclaim in my small subgenre (instrumental surf music). I do not sing. I do not dress in any manner to gain male approval. I am an electric guitarist. I play without effects. I play ""old school"". In almost every crowd I've played to I've heard some male voice say ""a girl playing surf guitar...this I've got to see."" No male player faces comments of that nature. This was clear to me from the very beginning. It made me a better player. "

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Do you see differences between generations of women musicians?

I see differences in generations of musicians. Younger players don't want to put in the work it takes to master an instrument. This is a general statement. There are exceptions, I'm sure. With today's technology, it's different for younger players.

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Did anyone ever give you any valuable advice about making your way in the music industry? What advice would you give to a woman musician just starting out?

My first guitar teacher encouraged me way back in 1965 when girls just didn't play Stratocasters. Without him I don't know if I would have developed that early confidence so many female players lack. My advice to younger female players....get tough and stick with it. It belongs to those who stay in it.

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Why did you choose to play the instrument you play?

I saw The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 and my life was changed. Really.

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