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Photo of Piper Kaplan, Pearl Harbor.

Piper Kaplan, Pearl Harbor.

I sing, play bass, program the drums, and come up with the keyboard parts. My sister is 15, so I pretty much call the shots as far as business goes.
My sister has a nice gold glitter '69 taesco guitar, I have a pretty boring standard black fender p-bass, a pretty aged yamaha keyboard for psychedelic sounds & drums, roland sp-404 sampler.
Well, my sister plays guitar, and we kind of needed the other instruments to write songs, haha.

Photo of Sofia Talvik

Sofia Talvik

"I have a red Marina guitar that I've had since I turned 18.

I play live on a Guild guitar from -84"

Photo of Frankie Rose, Frankie Rose and the Outs

Frankie Rose, Frankie Rose and the Outs

I have a sometimes wonky 64 fender mustand guitar. I love it even though it notoriously wont stay in tune. I have a fender deluxe reverb reissue amp, I wish it was the real deal. Alas , maybe when i win the lotto.

Photo of Marianne Dissard

Marianne Dissard

i sing, i have toured in any number of combination of musicians, from solo shows with backup tracks from my laptop to a full 15 piece band. Most common setup, though, on my latest tours, have been a 5 piece: guitar/backup vocals + bass + violin + drums/piano/accordeon.

Jen O'Connor, Sgt. Dunbar & the Hobo Banned, We are Jeneric

"Well, in Sgt. Dunbar my gear includes my violin, my amplifier, and a blue box I carry around which includes 1/4"" cables, my violin neck rest, extra rosin, a tuner, screw drivers (just incase), extra strings, and our snare drum stand (it is the only place it will fit).

For We are Jeneric my gear varies depending on the type of set we play. It ranges from my violin and amp to almost a full drum kit, a children's xylophone, lots of percussion instruments (washboards, jars filled with rice, phonograph horns), a mandolin, and an accordion."

Photo of Lily Chapin, The Chapin Sisters

Lily Chapin, The Chapin Sisters

5 year old Martin Guitar - in the repair shop at McCabe's in santa Monica right now because the airlines (jet blue) broke it in transit, but it should come back together nicely. I play my dad's old banjo (he has a newer one)...

Photo of Zoe Keating

Zoe Keating

Cello + microphones + preamp + computer + midi foot controller

Photo of Zahira Gutierrez, Wild Moccasins

Zahira Gutierrez, Wild Moccasins

I play a Roland Juno-D, beat up old floor toms, and sing.

Photo of Sue Lott, Luder

Sue Lott, Luder

Multiple bass guitars, a giant speaker cabinet, a head, a compression pedal and a tuner. I don't place a great deal of importance on gear like lots of rock guitarists do. Their effects pedals and toys seem to be such a distraction. I go simple. My basement contains the equipment of several bands on the Small Stone Records label, but we're the only ones who rehearse and compose there.
I might be able to give you an example or two, but I have to say no. Slot was aggressively courted by some major labels. All of them sat at their conference room tables with us looking for a way to market the pretty rock chick. They wanted to know if I'd ever been raped, if we had drug problems, tattoos, abusive family lives, broken homes...they wanted to find a hard-knocks story to frame us for the music market. We didn't lie to them. We all had families who loved us, no tattoos, no violence, no rehab, nothing the major labels could exploit like they did with someone like, say, Fiona Apple, the molestation victim. So no, nobody in the industry had much of anything valuable to contribute at all. We made our own way and did just fine. Nobody tells us what to do, and we enjoy that freedom.

Photo of Sandra Velasquez, Pistolera

Sandra Velasquez, Pistolera

I play a small mexican guitar called a Jarana that is from Veracruz, Mexico. It uses fishing line as stings. I play guiro which is a gourd and rake set used in a lot of merengue music. I play a gibson standard electric guitar. I sing lead vocals and write all the songs. I am left-handed.


well, the most important thing for the live shows is a puppet theater. since i play all instruments in my songs by myself, but being not even able to play keyboard while i sing (genes!!!), i decided it's pretty clever to do a instrumental playback and dance like a crazy horse to it. and sing like a loopy stork.

in the puppet theater the bear and krawallmädchen (me) explain, how to become a popstar! so it's more of a workshop and everybody will learn something. maybe.

Photo of Reyna Kay, Blessure Grave

Reyna Kay, Blessure Grave

" Yamaha DX-17 Synth Fender Jazzmaster Guitar, its our guitarists but it took a while to get used to, because I'm small and its a bit bigger."

Photo of Blair Gimma, Blair

Blair Gimma, Blair

I play a Gibson Melody Maker Reissue through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amplifier

Photo of Julie Feeney

Julie Feeney

Full Protools system for studio. For live shows I either play with 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, or with full orchestra depending on the show. I re-orchestrate for the different numbers.

Madame Scorpio, Scorpio Rising

We are an elctronica band with live drums, bass and guitar with backing tracks. All backing tracks are our original works.

Photo of Beth Tacular, Bowerbirds

Beth Tacular, Bowerbirds

Vintage Italian accordion with electric microphone pickup, Nord Electro keyboard, microKorg keyboard.

Amy Rude and Heartbeast

I play both electric and acoustic guitars. I started out playing bluegrass and country on a Taylor acoustic dread-knot guitar. I also have a 1956 Gibson L-5 archtop guitar, an Airline archtop from the 1960s, a couple of old Silvertone cowboy guitars and a beloved Fender Telecaster that I play live a lot with. I collect other odds and ends--banjos, autoharps, toy pianos and any other noisemakers. I have an old spinet in my house that I love to play too. I use some pedals--a Boss distortion pedal, an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, a reverb pedal and a Head Rush Looping and delay pedal. Mostly I use these at home for recording and messing around.

Photo of Laura Ballance, Superchunk

Laura Ballance, Superchunk

I have a very old (from the 70's I bet) and beat up Ampeg 2x15" cabinet with EV speakers, an Acoustic 370 bass head from the 70's also I think, a Fender Precision bass from 1977 (candy apple red!), and a distortion pedal called "hot cake" made by Crowther audio in New Zealand. I found out about this awesome company because Denise from the 3d's had a hot cake and I loved her sound...we did some shows together and she let me in on the secret. Back in '93 it was really hard to find a distortion pedal that sounded good with bass.

Photo of Carolyn Wonderland

Carolyn Wonderland

"There's a video of some of my gear here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vMahR5O5fc

My live set up is: Custom made ValveTech amplifier 2x10 switchable ohms (4 / 8 / 16) and switchable rectifier (AX7 / AY7)...did I mention it is Sparkle red tolex?

Usually I plug everything in to the ValveTech. Guitars: Telecaster with the Joe Barden pickups (Tellie), Patty the Blueshawk, Leslie Pauline the Les Paul Goddess; Mandy the electric mandolin (hand made with Piezo pickups) and Lappy the Lap Steel (an early 40's Kalamazoo found in an East Texas pawn shop). I play a little trumpet, usually just off my vocal mic."

Photo of Martha Johnson, Martha and the Muffins

Martha Johnson, Martha and the Muffins

I share a home studio with Mark Gane. I have a Wurlitzer electric piano, Acetone organ and about 4 or 5 guitars. I got my first guitar when I was twelve. It is a small acoustic Hofner and I still have it. I also own a mandolin. I recently bought a 3/4 size bass at a thrift store and had it fixed up. I play it a lot right now.

Photo of Olivia Broadfield

Olivia Broadfield

Me, keys, a Mac which is old and needs updating, software which I don't entirely understand and lots of wires.

Photo of Madi Diaz

Madi Diaz

various...mostly my acoustic guitar and a tiny keyboard of some sort....like an old casio with hot beats on it...my vocal chords...hand clappin and finger snappin...the usual...

Sara Bell, Regina Hexaphone, Shark Quest

I have a Yamaha studio upright piano and a Wurlitzer electric piano at home, but use a Nord Electro for playing out. I usually play a Fender Jazzmaster but sometimes use a Gretsch Rock Jet for electric guitars, and have a Gibson J-45 acoustic that sounds great but is fragile so for shows I play an old Takamine that has a bridge pickup. For electric guitar I have a pretty simple rig: Boss Overdrive Pedal, Rat Fuzz Pedal, and a Danelectro Digital Delay through a Fender Princeton amp. My bass is a Gibson EB-2, and I am looking for an Acoustic B200 bass head to replace one that was lost... I have a Deering 5-string banjo, a mandolin custom made in the mountains of North Carolina by Paul Graybeal to emulate a Gibson F-5, and and a tenor banjo from probably the 1920s of unknown provenance! The acoustic instruments all have Sunrise pickups, and sometimes I play them through a Fender Twin Reverb amplifer.

Photo of Kristin Diable

Kristin Diable

"Guitar: 1959 Gibson ES-330. Amp: Carr Rambler Martin Travel Acoustic Guitar"

Photo of Amelia Meath, Mountain Man

Amelia Meath, Mountain Man

a guitar, and our three voices. We usually do not use mics.

Photo of Christina Marrs, Asylum Street Spankers

Christina Marrs, Asylum Street Spankers

all acoustic - 1960s Gibson six-string, Martin ukulele, Vega tenor banjo, Charlie Blacklock musical saw, 100 year old handmade tenor "parlor" guitar

Photo of Jackie Bristow

Jackie Bristow

I have an Australian guitar, Maton acoustic. It is a fantastic sounding guitar .

Maya Miller Band

5 piece Pearl Drum set, Sabian cymbals, Vater sticks

Photo of Ruth Merenda, Mike & Ruthy

Ruth Merenda, Mike & Ruthy

As a duo, Mike and I sometimes perform in a very acoustic style around a condenser mic. But sometimes I play electric guitar and fiddle thru his old Ampeg tube amp and he plays kick drum and hi-hat while strumming his plugged-in acoustic. That's more of a big sound.

Kate Levitt, Teeth Mountain and the Dan Deacon Ensemble

When I play a kit it's a marroon sparkely Gretch Kit, circa 1970's. However, in TM and the Ensemble, I play a mitigated kit made of: A high hat, cymbol, floor tom, roto toms, and sometimes some other things.

Nancy Lombardo

neutral into 5th

Photo of Liz Burke

Liz Burke

Squier Bullet Bass and a Peavey TNT 130

Photo of Pilley Bianchi

Pilley Bianchi

Lots of keyboard & recording gear. Now, most events I play rent a grand piano.

Jone Stebbins, Imperial Teen

"I play an Ernie Ball MusicMan Bass I also play a Gretch hollowbody guitar"

Kelly Crisp, The Rosebuds

"I play multiple instruments both live and in the studio. My gear ranges from a glittery gold accordion, to an Alesis keyboard, to a pink Barbie piano and beyond. Creativity is the focus and that takes a lot of weird instruments."

Mel Watson

Takamine Acoustic Guitar,Yamaha Trumpet, an old Lyon Healy Soprano Sax, Yamaha Flute, Werl Tenor Horn, various percussion pieces. I use a mac set up to record my own music.

Kristina Esfandiari aka Mountshout

just an audix mic & my parlor style pawn shop fender acoustic guitar.

Photo of Pamela Rose, Wild Women of Song

Pamela Rose, Wild Women of Song

This new show I'm performing in right now tells the story of the women songwriters of the class jazz and blues era (Alberta Hunter through the early 50's), and we project slides of the women on a screen while I tell stories and we performn their songs. So....these days I need a laptop and projector, and I've never been too proud to haul the p.a. system.

Submitted Anonymously

One Danelectro guitar that looks like it was made from a recycled formica countertop. A non-name brand classical guitar (that I play like a regular acoustic). A strumstick with a pick-up attached. An autoharp, also with a pick-up attached.

Photo of Elizabeth Cook

Elizabeth Cook

acoustic guitar, cable, headstock tuner, capo, strap, clogs.
yeah people told me to not change, but i've definitely changed. i would tell them its okay to change and its okay to let a man carry your gear.

Sara Hickman

I have a Takamine endorsement, so I have about six acoustics. I also have a turquoise Wildcat (electric hollow body) from my Gibson endorsement. I just got a new pedal made by Mark McQuilken that I've yet to try----he's getting different artists to try them and give feedback. I have a 1960's blonde Guild hollow body that I've had about 25 years, and I utilize a Martin, the limited edition 150 year celebration model signed by C.F. Martin, in the studio.

Photo of Hatii Rose De Leon, Dazzle Ships

Hatii Rose De Leon, Dazzle Ships

I have a generic fender bronco bass that I got for xmas this year. It actually started my band because all the instruments I had beforehand were acoustic and you can't really rock out on acoustic intruments. I also use a novation xiosynth in the band, its a really overlooked keyboard, it has over 200 presets, and allows you to make you own sounds which I have already done for some of our songs. I like to make everything as personal as possible. I use a fender strat to play live as well but it belongs to another bandmate.

Photo of Angie Hart, Frente

Angie Hart, Frente

I use the Garageband program to write on, I play a Maton acoustic.

Shannon Stephens

I play an Edwinson guitar, handmade in Seattle from local trees. And I have a voice. My band consists of a guitar/banjo player, a pianist and a bassist, plus drums when I can afford them.

Tanya Horo, Sherlocks Daughter

i play a gretsch guitar, play a casio keyboard, own a juno 60 but to fragile to lug around for live, have a fender pro junior amp, use a line 6, reverb, pog 2, rich blues drive guitar pedal.

Photo of Meklit Hadero

Meklit Hadero

"when i go to shows, i bring quite a lot of things with me. of course i take my guitar and my guitar stand. i set them up first. i have always loved the look of my guitar in its stand. it is a character on the stage. i also love the feeling of walking into a theater with a guitar. that sense of arrival, you know.

i take a quarter inch cable, an extra microphone, paper to write out setlists, a clip board for the email list (with many sheets of ""please print clearly"" written out), cds to sell, a capo, a tuner, an outfit to change into in the last moments before the show begins (that transformation moment), and high heel shoes that i will almost certainly take off after the first song. "

Photo of Jessica Martins, Via Audio

Jessica Martins, Via Audio

I play a Les Paul Special through a simple 30w Fender amp, just a tone and volume knob. As far as pedals, I've got this great boost pedal made by Xotic with a nice mid-rangey saturated gain. I use an MXR Carbon Copy analog delay pedal, and a Holy Grail Nano for reverb. For my keys, I used to use a sweet analog Juno 106, but they're so fragile, I've switched to a digital Roland Juno-D, which is pretty versatile and has some pretty good preset patches. I use a volume and sustain pedal for the Juno. For my vocals, I tend to use a quick slap delay with only one repeat, as well as a nice small plate reverb, both usually coming from the sound board straight to the house to alleviate feedback.

Miranda Lee Richards

I play a black Gibson Elvis Presley custom shop acoustic guitar, a custom finish black ES-335 1965 hollowbody guitar, and a Keith Richards style black Telecaster guitar. My keyboard is a Kurzweil midi piano, and I use an Oberheim OB-3 Hammond organ module with it. I also play a plethora of assorted harmonicas in different keys. :-)

Stephanie Winters

A 18th century Italian cello my grandfather bought for me 30 years ago, a newly minted carbon fiber cello made in Arizona that I amplify , and a cello from 2001 made in Chicago. A beautiful modern Beglian french bow for my Italian cello, a carbon fiber bow for my carbon fiber cello, and a french made baroque-style bow for my Chicago cello that is set up Baroque style. Various amplification and selection of cello cases and other gear.

Rachel Ratner, Partman Parthorse and Butts

"Bass: Fender Musicmaster Guitar: 1980s Hondo Keyboard: Moog Rogue"

Photo of Lou Hickey, Codeine Velvet Club

Lou Hickey, Codeine Velvet Club

"For Codeine Velvet Club, I mostly sing, and occasionally play percussion.

For my solo work, I play a Roland RD 300GX I also have a piano in my house

I've also got in-ear monitors. "

Carrie Clark

"Sixteen Deluxe (currently- used to have more!) : Daisy Rock Rock Candy guitar, Kay hollow body guitar, 1980's Marshall Artist series head through a Marshall (celestions!) 2x12, overdrive pedal, Big Muff, Double Muff, mxr octave pedal, cry baby wah, analog reverb pedal, electroharmonix memory toy, electroharmonix chorus, boss tremolo... Elevated Lines: Kay Hollowbody, smaller fender amps (deluxe or blues jr) fuzz pedal, delays, variety of keyboards and midi synths, and lots of tea for singing"

Betty Rupp North Elementary

Roland Jazz Chorus 120, Hartke amp w/SWR cab, Epiphone Les Paul, Fender Jazz master

Photo of Lisa Shelley, Let's Pet

Lisa Shelley, Let's Pet

"4 piece Slingerland Drumkit, Chimes, Flute, Roland TR-505 Drum Machine, Singing Bowl

Martin acoustic guitar"

Photo of Kera Washington, Zili Misik

Kera Washington, Zili Misik

The gear that I use in Zili Misik: congas, bongos, a bag of smaller percussion (including different kinds of bells & rattles and flutes), udu (clay pot -- makes a water sound), flute, cavaquinho (a four stringed instrument from Brazil & Cape Verde), mbira (an African "piano" or metallophone), various stands to hold all the instruments, microphones & a full PA system (monitors, speakers, mixing board, stands, etc)! (but it all fits in my toyota 4runner!)

Tania, Via Tania

"Less is more approach for me. One ukulele, one SG electric guitar, some pedals an Ampeg amp, various percussion instruments"

Photo of Meaghan Smith

Meaghan Smith

I usually travel pretty light when on tour. I play a Collings parlor guitar. I also use a sampler to supplement some of the beats in my songs. I play the Omnichord which is an instrument that is like an electronic auto harp from the 80s. It has it's own little set of beats and sound effects.My husband is my guitar player. He also uses pedals and other "noise makers" to supplement what is on my record The Cricket's Orchestra.Sometimes we travel with an upright bass player. He just brings his bass.

Terra Lopez, Sister Crayon

I sing and record loops live on stage. I use a kaos pad as well as a Boss Loop pedal as well as a Line 6 Loop Pedal. I sing thru the effects pedal (and also clean) while looping live to our music, matching the BPM's of the music to the vocals.

Shonna Tucker, The Drive-By Truckers

I play a Fender Precision bass through an Ampeg SVT/4-10 cabinet combo at our live shows these days. I love Fender and Ampeg!

Carol Lester, Carol Lester & The World Women

Guitar(s), cables, effects box for guitar, microphones and mic stands, bass, shekere, often a cellist and keyboard also accompany

Kelley Mickwee, The Trishas

I play a Kentucky Mandolin F-style, with a Fishman pickup. I use a Boss stomp tuner and an LR Baggs Preamp. Vocal mikes vary depending on the gig.

Jill King

"Primary acoustic - Gretsch Historic Series G3700 - spruce top, mahogany sides and back, with pick-up

Taylor 512 - spruce top, mahogany back, rosewood neck, with pick-up

Hand-made acoustic, out of old Martin wood, made by an old Martin guitar-maker. Sounds like a cannon. Spruce, rosewood, with no pick-up


Photo of Amie Maciszewski, Amie & Sangeet Millennium

Amie Maciszewski, Amie & Sangeet Millennium

I own my instruments (sitar, tanpura, harmonium, esraj, tabla, electronic tanpura and tabla), have condenser mic, a dat recorder, and a video camera.

Jill Barber

minimal. I have a vintage washburn parlour guitar, and a Gretsch Tennessee Rose hollow-body electric


"I have an american, dark green Fender Stratocaster, and I use .011 - .048 nickel wound strings by Ernie Ball. The effect pedals I use are: - an OCD ( =obsessive compulsive drive ) by Fulltone - a Jemini distortionpedal by Ibanez - a Cry Baby wahwahpedal ( model GCB-95 ) by Dunlop - a Chromatic tuner TU-2 by Boss"

Meredith Sheldon, Family of the Year

I am currently armed with a fender telecaster, a vox AC15 amplifier, a catastrophe of cables, a sennheiser microphone, and I mooch off of my band mates for the use of a bass and some pedals.

Photo of Hannah Lew, Grass Widow

Hannah Lew, Grass Widow

I play a shitty Ibanez Bass that is the only Bass I have ever owned. I've been wanting to upgrade for the past 7 years. I play an Ampeg combo amp that I love, which I bought for $80 at a flea market 6 years ago.

Photo of Amber Rubarth, The Paper Raincoat

Amber Rubarth, The Paper Raincoat

"Well, for AMBER RUBARTH shows I bring my hollow body HB-15 Washburn guitar and run it through an old Fender champ amp. I sing through a Blue Microphone Encore 100, just started using that and they're AMAZING. I play piano, my preference is an old upright. And I whistle.

When I'm playing with my side project, THE PAPER RAINCOAT, I use a Nord Stage and play bass lines, organ, wurly, piano, etc. on it. I also play glockenspiel, vibratone, acoustic guitar, and drums, anything to serve the song. And lots of vocals of course, lead vocals or harmonizing with my partner-in-crime on the project, Alex Wong."

Photo of Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten

Guitar (acoustic or electric), amp, mic (for vocals), mic (for amp sometimes)

Photo of Stephanie Luke, The Coathangers

Stephanie Luke, The Coathangers



"on stage: MPC 2 mics ( one plugged to a Kaos Pad) Kaoscilator

@ home: 2 comps + Logic & After FX Neuman Mic Old microphones Neve channel External Reverb Ohmforce plugs & more..."

Mia Doi Todd

Mostly I play a 1969 Martin nylon string guitar. Live I sing into a Sure beta 58. I own a Neumann mic and Universal Audio preamp for recording. My ukulele was made in Java by a Hawaiian company called Pono. Tanpura by Rikhi Ram Music of Delhi.

Barbara Kooyman, Barbara K & Sparrows Wheel

"Guitars: Gibson Chet Atkins (2), Gibson Howard Roberts, Gibson Nighthawk, Martin Acoustic, Alvarez Yairi Acoustic, McGill Acoustic, Greek Bazouki, 1920's German fiddle,

Studio: Soundcraft Spirit console, Genelecs, Yamaha NS10Ms. Tube Tech mic pre, compressor, eq, Various effects, ADAT multitracks, Neumann microphones. Beta-tester in late 80's for what became Pro Tools.

Guitar Amplifier: Dumble"

Margaret Ayre, Fern Knight

Baggs DI for my Martin acoustic guitar with an I Beam pickup, my cello has a David Gage realist pickup.

Jen Olive

"don musser custom made acoustic guitar - fender telecaster fender p-bass fender fretless bass manu katchu drums...small kit various percussion"

Utah Green

I use direct input for guitar, vocal microphone, sometimes instrument mic for guitar and banjo as well.

Photo of Ginger Brooks Takahashi, MEN

Ginger Brooks Takahashi, MEN

I play an insane flying-V esque Silvertone KISS signature guitar that Chicks on Speed's Melissa Logan picked out with Tina Weymouth! I play through a Fender Ultra Chorus and sometimes a digital Marshall stack. I use a bunch a pedals--an octave shifter for playing bass lines in some songs live, an analog delay pedal and a RAT!

Camila Grey, Uh Huh Her/Adam Lambert

I have a wide range of gear. On the production side I run Pro-tools and ableton live, with an O1V digital mixer. I use in ears by Ultimate Ears. As far as synths that I play, I have a Korg Triton Extreme Pro, Korg MS2000B, Korg M3, Nord Lead 2x, Roland Juno G, and an M-Audio USB keyboard controller. I have a Fender Jaguar Bass, and 2 Fender Telecaster guitars. I use pedalboards by Line6 and Vox.

Photo of Alanna Meltzer, Jews and Catholics

Alanna Meltzer, Jews and Catholics

I play a 3/4 size upright bass through a stack- SWR workingman's cab, a marshall guitar cab and a GK head. Do you need more specifics?

Photo of Mo Perce, Lick Lick

Mo Perce, Lick Lick

I have a Shure Beta 58 mic, and a cord, and boobs.

Janiva Magness

Sure SM 58 Beta Microphone. Sure PSM Wireless In Ear Monitor System.

Petra Mases, Francis

I useally use an electric piano when we play live gigs beacause its easier, but recording I use a aucostic piano called RIPPEN. I use a shure beat 57a on my vocals on live gigs.

Photo of Cariad Harmon

Cariad Harmon

I own the basic equipment for live performance, I have a tanglewood acoustic/electric guitar with a built in pre-amp, I also have a fishman Aura pedal that is a great second external pre-amp and gets rid of a lot of the twangy sound that you hear with acoustic guitars that plug in direct. I have a tuning pedal as I use a couple of different tunings on stage, I have a sure SM58 microphone, a mike stand, cables etc. I have a piano at home that I use for writing and I work on garage band a lot when I'm writing new songs, to hear how they sound, send them to collaborators etc. I also have a small Marshal amp and an old univox hollow body electric guitar that I've been experimenting with and play on one of the tunes on my recent album.


Labtop, sometimes different instruments, Microphone, midi controllers.

Jennie Arnau

"Martin Guitar Fishman Loudbox amp John Pearse Strings"

Photo of Sarah Tracey

Sarah Tracey

I have a Korg keyboard that I bring to gigs but I prefer to write on my slightly out-of-tune old upright Lester spinet piano in my apartment. I also like to sit in my garden and play my acoustic guitar (an Olympia), armed with a stack of notebooks filled with lyrics and an old 8-track recorder to capture song ideas. I'm not really a digital girl- you won't find me creating loops on a laptop or anything like that. I guess my 'gear' also includes some very handsome guys with a proclivity for the technical and digital to help execute my recording ideas! Are fishnet stockings and stiletto heels considered 'gear'? Because I don't perform without them.

Dawn Landes

Live I play a BlueRidge Acoustic (w distortion pedals) Guild Starfire with flat wound strings through a Blues Jr. (with a Rvb pedal and occasional Distortion) and have a Boss Loop Station with pre-loaded samples. Sometimes I sample live too, if I'm feeling like it. I have a microkorg that I sometimes play and my drummer runs his vocals through a Kaoss pad to add effects. In the studio I work with all kinds of things. We have a Hammond x66 organ that sounds like it descended from outer space. A ludwig kit, a danelectro bass, I like to use M-tron plug ins for melotron samples and things. We have a rhodes and a wurlitzer, an accordion and a banjo. A few stringed instruments I cant even identify but have picked up in my travels and used in obscure ways on records.


brain + lungs + microphone (sometimes)

Emily Neveu, Calico Horse, also solo artist

"Live: -Fender Telecaster -La Patrie Motif parlor nylon string -Fender Hot Rod Deluxe -Boss DD-6 Digital Delay Pedal -Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Pedal -Boss RC-2 Loop Station (used for vocals) -Roland FP-7 Digital Piano

Recording: -Shure SM-58 (haha) -M-Audio Fast Track (haha) -Garageband (haha)"

Jenny Conlee-Drizos, The Decemberists, Black Prairie

"Petosa Accordion Hammond B3 Organ Nord Stage Piano"

Jennifer Knapp

"Currently running lean. Taylor Acoustic 810ce, Boss Tu-3 tuner, sometimes carrying my own Demeter Tube DI. Microphone: Audio Techinica 4055. General goodies box: Monster Cables, Dunlop Tortex .60mm picks, D'Addario strings, almost exclusively EJ16's. Calton Road case custom made for my acoustic, as well as Mono case gig bag that is a champ! Shub capos."

Evie Ladin, Evie Ladin Band/Stairwell SIsters

Banjo, guitar, tap shoes, square dance calling cards, stomp box, cords, sometimes the whole PA system, dance board, merchandise, instrument stand.

Photo of Laura Burhenn, The Mynabirds

Laura Burhenn, The Mynabirds

I'm not a gear head or a very technically savvy person. If I could single-handedly carry an old upright piano or fender rhodes everywhere I go, I would. But I'm not gonna win any strongman competitions anytime soon. So I play a Nord Electro through a Fender Twin amp. I've tried vintage-electric-guitar-up my sound as much as possible -- with the least amount of technical wizardry possible. I recently invested in a Neumann stage mic, but it doesn't do so well in most loud venues.

Shilpa Ray, Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers

Harmonium, lavalier wireless mic through a Galleon Kruger bass amp. I use a beta 57 for my vocal mic.

Elisa Randazzo

Remy violin from the 1800's, martin acoustic, fender custom tele electric

Kelley Darlin, Those Darlins

I play an Epiphone Casino, Fender Telecaster 72 Reissue, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp, Ampeg Rocket Bass Amp, and a Gretsch bass

Kim Shattuck, The Muffs

Gretsch BST guitar, Fender Vibrolux amp, Ibanez Tube Screamer pedal.

Arum Rae, White Dress

my guitars: a gold top Les Paul Re-issue through either a bassman amp or a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Photo of Edie Carey

Edie Carey

I am not much of a gear "nerd." People in airports (99% of them men who are clearly so passionate about guitar) always ask me what model I play. I tell them that I have a small-body Martin 000-16 acoustic, and then they tell me what they play, and I nod and smile, but I truly have no idea what the model numbers mean. I also have a great Larivee guitar (don't know the model - typical :) - that my friend Melissa Ferrick gave me. It has a big crack down the front which is probably bad, but it looks badass. It's become my writing guitar since I stopped touring by car and started flying out for weekends, and therefore couldn't bring 2 guitars anymore. I think it feels dejected that I don't take it on tour with me anymore. It stares at me when I come home. As far as electrical gear, special pedals etc...I am pretty simple. I have a tuning pedal, and that's pretty much it. I think I have always been pretty intimidated by "gear." I'd love to get over that. When I walk into a music store as a pretty preppy looking woman to buy strings, picks, anything for my guitar, they usually always assume that I am a soccer mom buying stuff for my son's guitar lesson. It's hard not to feel like I don't belong in there.

The Whispering Tree

Casio px210 keyboard and Ibanez acoustic guitar

Stephanie Nilles

I am on the road about 9 months out of the year, and I travel with a 2 speaker Yamaha sound system and mixing board, although I usually use whatever (sketchy at best) system is available in the venue that night. I play on a Roland FP4 keyboard (love it), a Martin acoustic/electric guitar or an Ibanez George Benson hallow body electric guitar, and sometimes I play the keyboard and an audion (cross between an accordion and harmonium I found at a flea market for $5) simultaneously so I can "solo" with myself. But I call it my circus organ. If I record myself it's with a 2 channel mbox running through an imac.

Catie Curtis

"I play a Martin 000-28 guitar, and a Gibson LG2 (1947) I use Boss tuning pedals, Digitech JamMan Looping pedal, Diaz Tremodillo Tremolo pedal, LR Baggs pre-amp. I use Elixir Strings. I have a home-made foot stomping board with a Fishman pick-up in it for creating a kick-drum sound while playing solo. "

Photo of Anni Rossi

Anni Rossi

I have a viola which I play as a rhythm/lead guitar most of the time. I have 2 pickups on the instrument, one electric guitar pickup and one string pickup. I usually play the viola through a fender twin or a silvertone amp. I also use analogue synthesizers - the rogue moog and a juno.

Ashlyne Huff

I am plain jane--boring! I have KSM 9 and 57! That's all I need! Oh ya, and I started running Pro-Tools when I was 12. I got my own Mbox and Expert Mouse when i was 14.

Nikki Darlin

I have been playing a Baritone Ukulele that is a piece of junk with a contact mic inside of the body. I was playing a Kala but it is on the fritz right now and needs some work. blah. I play though a Fender Acoustic Amp that is also in need of some repairs. man I really gotta get it together!

Luxor, Bam Bam

I personaly dont own any instrumments couse of economical reasons had to sell most of them, My gear right now consists on a casio oldschool keyboard with cool rythms to jam with and vibration effects and some reverb that makes it sound kinda goth... own some thing that looks like an arp, flaut and some percusion stuff. I like any kind of instrumment, not neccessarily bought items but also stuff you can make with rocks and stuff that makes noise... I also use fruity loops to make sequences in the computer, some people say is for dummies but i like it, Its easy and fun and you can make lots of stuff with it.

Photo of Jonatha Brooke

Jonatha Brooke

two olson acoustic guitars. two guild acoustic guitars. vintage 60's student model wurlitzer. yamaha motif. fender fretless and regular basses. baritone Jerry Jones guitar. custom baritone acoustic guitar. custom mandolin. first guitar, martin HD28. various guitars people have sent over the years......

Olivia Fetherstonhaugh, Fanshaw

"All of my gear is always broken so it is constantly changing depending on which friends are willing to lend me their stuff. I always play a fender guitar..I prefer telecasters but lately i've been borrowing a fender jag because my tele is all messed up.


Jessi Darlin, Those Darlins

I play a blonde epiphone casino guitar through a 70's fender pro reverb with 2 12" speakers. I also play a black hofner bass though an ampeg rocket bass.

Kate McGarry

larynx and other vocal paraphernalia

Simone White

I play a 1964 Guild M20 guitar with a Dearmond pickup

Grace Parker, The Blue Hit

I sing with a Shure Beta 58 mic. I take it to every gig so I do not get sick from using random microphones. I play a Martin 000-C electric-acoustic guitar, and I have a Yamaha P-80 keyboard.

Rebecca Schlappich, Kiss Kiss

With Kiss Kiss, I use an acoustic violin which I set up with an LR Baggs pickup. I send my signal through an LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI, and the pedals I use include a Line 6 Delay Modeler and Loop Sampler, a Holy Grail Reverb, a Boss Mega Distortion, an ARTcessories Personal Monitor, and a Peterson Strobo Stomp Tuner. I prefer to go direct to the PA for Kiss Kiss, but for other gigs I own a Fender Hot Rod Deville Combo Amp, and I have a 5-string electric Bridge violin. My professional acoustic instrument is an 1888 German violin made by Oswald Mockel. It's my baby, and is probably more valuable than my own life!

Olivia Merilahti, The Do

"At the studio, we have tons of different instruments: the usual ones such as acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, loads of vintage keyboards, but also a harpsichord, a Finnish Kantele, a Turkish saaz, kitchen pans and pots, drums, etc. On stage I've played on an American Fender Stratocaster, with 3 or 4 different effects- mostly distortion. I also played on a Gretsch duo jet reissue, which I love. Also some wurlitzer and some Farfisa. I sang in a Sennheiser e945, and I had a multieffect pedal, Boss vocal 300. But i am trying out new gear now...the whole set is gonna change for our second tour!"

Krista Loewen, You Say Party! We Say Die!

I play a Roland JX-3P and a Super Jupiter. I use a Roland Jazz Chorus amp.
The best thing you can do is know your stuff. Know your gear, know your instrument, know what you want in business, know what's important to you and what your values are.

Shannon Frid, Cloud Cult

I have a Realist pick-up on my violin and I use the LR Baggs preamp. These give my violin a really warm tone. A lot of times venues don't have the greatest equipment and has made my instrument sound really tinny, so this has been a great combo.

Jessica Larrabee, She Keeps Bees

"1979 American Strat - Antigua Hardtail 4X10 Hot Rod Fender Deville Tube Combo Amp Maxwin by Pearl set"

Chandra Watson, The Watson Twins

Vintage Yamaha Acoustic guitar, Beta 58 Mic, some percussion (i.e. tambo, shakers, etc.), harmonica and vocal chords

Mary Pearson, High Places

Teisco guitar, Roland 404 sampler, Rat distortion pedal, Digiverb reverb pedal, Shure beta 57 vocal microphone, Roland keyboard amp, homemade telephone speaker microphone, effects rack, Fox Renard 220 bassoon.

Photo of Annalisa Tornfelt, Black Prairie.

Annalisa Tornfelt, Black Prairie.

I have a beautiful fiddle from the late 1700's. I think it is gorgeous. For amplification I use a realist pick-up. I use an LR bags DI along with the Pre-Sonas tube pre-amp and when I play with drums I will add a volume pedal...:)

Photo of Becka Pimenta

Becka Pimenta

Pro Tools LE - Mac Book Pro - Piano - Taylor Guitar - Shure SM 58

Jen Gloeckner

"Martin acoustic guitars, Vox and Ampeg amp. Roland RD-700 Keyboard. Mini Moog, Woodpecker Mic."

Photo of Carolyn Cunningham, Woven Bones

Carolyn Cunningham, Woven Bones

"I have a 4-piece Mapex drumset. I am not really into having super expensive gear because it all gets thrown in the back of the van the same way no matter what. I cobbled together a collection of cymbals and hardware over the years. In Woven Bones I play a snare and floor tom standing up.

The only modification I have ever made to my drums is staining them. I took the vinyl wrapper off the drums, sanded the wood, and stained them green. "

Rebecca Lucille Cannon, The Texas Sapphires

My vocal chords, a 58 Shure mic, my dance moves, my merch, my personality, my BOSE PA.

Rebecca Scott, Panda Riot, architecture

"Panda Riot- vocal loop pedal, Danelectro ""Dead on 67"" reissue guitar, Fender Stage 185 amp, Yamaha Magicstomp guitar effects pedal, 61 key MIDI controller, Apple MacBook Pro

architecture- Danelectro ""Dead on 67"" reissue guitar, Fender Stage 185 amp, Yamaha Magicstomp guitar effects pedal, Angel glockenspiel"

Doris Cellar, Freelance Whales

I play a Fender precision bass out of an Ampeg combo amp and sometimes run it through a Boss overdrive pedal. A Micro Korg synthesizer, a glockenspiel, harmonium and a Roland JP8000.

Meagan Beth Plummer; Jonas Sees In Color.

I play a Nord Stage 88-key piano. It's bright red and beautiful.

Photo of Emily Robison, Court Yard Hounds (and Dixie Chicks)

Emily Robison, Court Yard Hounds (and Dixie Chicks)

I'm not a gear head....you'd have to ask my tech. ;)

Jendayi Bonds, Charlie Belle

I play a blue metallic Danelectro 2-PU when I'm plugged in, and a blue flowery Daisy Rock acoustic.

Frankie Blue, Schmillion

"Peavey Classic Thirty Watt Tube Amp Gibson Les Paul Silverburst"

Marissa Nadler

"I have a Martin 12 string guitar dreadnought style. My prized possession is a handmade guitar a French Luthier named Florent made for me with a mother of pearl bird inlay on it's headstock. I also still play one of my first guitars, a really beat up and tinny sounding Tachamine that I have some Neil Young lines drawn on in sharpy. To be exact ""don't let it bring you down, its only castles burning."" Mostly, I play a Taylor six string with lots of cracks in it from flying and having to glue it back together so many times. (Once, in Mallorca, I had to buy some woodglue and clamps and literally glued my broken guitar back together).

I use Rare Earth Humbucker pickups that work on magnetic resonance because live, I find they give the most natural sound to the acoustic instruments.

I have a Vintage Framus banjo on lone from guitar virtuous Glenn Jones that I have been playing a lot lately. Also, a baritone ukelele I bought at an antique shop, and a similarly purchased and beat up autoharp.

I use a TC Helicon voice live unit so that I can control my own vocal reverb and delay on stage. I used to get in a lot of fights with soundmen (most of them are men) where they would tell me how my music should sound. I just decided to start controlling it myself. I am very happy with the TC and its pretty user friendly. I also use a ton of Boss Pedals for my guitars."

Amy Rankin, The Rankin Twins

I have a 2008 Breedlove Pro...she's my "purchase a NICE guitar so I'll play it more" purchase.

Elana James, The Hot Club of Cowtown

I play the same violin I have had since I was about eight years old. It's a Mittenwald, which means it was made at the Mittenwald School which is on the border of Austria and Germany. It was made in 1962 and my mom was the original owner and handed it down to me. It's the only violin I have owned/that I play since being big enough to play a full-size violin. I play through an AER amplifier with no direct box. All my gear info is visible on my website and myspace page, if you want more info. I use Dominant strings and have six bows that I travel with at all times and get them rehaired often.

Photo of Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles

Yamaha Piano at home, Yamaha Clavinova for touring, Shure Microphones, Martin acoustic Guitar and Ukulele, Epiphone Sheraton Electric Guitar, Fender Deluxe Guitar Amp, Fender Wurlizter. I love my gear. I love each piece like it's an actual extension of myself because essentially it is. I'm a songwriter and the instrument truly outlines where the writing goes.

Kelly Ogden, The Dollyrots

"I play a Gibson Thunderbird bass through a Mesa Boogie 400 head and 2x15 cabinet that I bought 8 years ago when I switched from guitar to bass. I also use a MXR Bass DI that really boosts my tone and has a nice distortion option too.

My favorite live mic is a Shure Beta 58.

That's pretty much it. I play rock n roll so... it's not too complicated. Although some people find a way to do it!"

Fay Davis-Jeffers, PIT ER PAT

Nord Electro 73, Roland EP30, 71 Guild Natureboy, Fender Twin, black four piece found trapkit, various pedals.

Jan Seides

Taylor guitar (410 CE), Kurzweill K 1000 keyboard.

Talia Sekons, The Lost Pines

Collings d2h guitar, sm58 mic, red eye pre-amp

Vanessa Silberman aka Diamonds Under Fire

Gibson & Epiphone guitars, Fender Deville combo amp, Boss overdrive & distortion pedals, Ernie Ball strings (Skinny top, heavy bottom), Dunlop guitar picks, & audix OM5 vocal mic.

Katy, Peggy Sue

A cheap black electro-acoustic guitar and a Fender telecaster thinline

Jennifer Leonhardt

"Composite Acoustics Pro X acoustic-electric guitar; Yamaha acoustic; Roland keyboard; nameless violin; Pedal rig; Fender tube amp"

Leslie Stevens, Leslie and The Badgers

"Gibson Acoustic Blues King, Saw from Home depot. Alvarez Classical guitar. Mexican Telecaster, Princeton Amp Nineteen Sixty Twoooooo! Fender Twin Reverb Amp, Nineteen Seventy Six."

Photo of Vanessa Lively

Vanessa Lively

I own two Alvarez Acoustic guitars, a Kustom PA system, vocal mics & stands, cables, etc. I have percussion instruments (mostly shakers) from around the world. My husband, who plays with me, owns a charango from Bolivia, a few guitars & a bass.

Rebecca Pidgeon

I have two Collings acoustic guitars and a neuman mic

Catherine MacLellan

I play a vintage gibson j45 acoustic guitar. that's about it.

Photo of Emma Anzai, Sick Puppies

Emma Anzai, Sick Puppies

I play Warwick basses ( Streamer stage 1 ) and I play through Ampeg Amps ( SVT Classic through 8 x 10 Cabinets)

Chris Humphrey

I use an ancient Conn bassoon; a Buffet Crampon A Clarinet built in 1905; an old metal Bb clarinet. I use a cheap medieval hurdy gurdy and an expensive French style baroque hurdy gurdy built in Hungary. I play a custom made agave LOW Bb didgeridoo, a LOW B didgeridoo made from eucalyptus by an aboriginal artist, and a cheap plastic didj in the key of D. My recorders are mid to professional range. I have a Yamaha keyboard that I use for work at home, but I need a stage keyboard. I have a ceramic dumbek and an assortment of ethnic drums and percussion instruments. I make some of my own percussion instruments from bone and wood. I have an Eb sousaphone that I'm learning at the moment, but I haven't played it with the band yet.

Photo of Leanne Macomber. Neon Indian

Leanne Macomber. Neon Indian

I own multiple guitars but my toy keyboard collection is my real pride and joy. I own tons of casios. My best piece though is not a toy but a Juno 6 synth. eBay.

Margo Timmins

"Live Mic - Shure, KS79 Recording Mic - Milab, can't remember the number Mic Stand - Hercules, grip lock Inner Ears - Ultimate Ears, UA10s Side Table Flowers"

Photo of Datri Bean, Minor Mishap Marching Band and Datri Bean

Datri Bean, Minor Mishap Marching Band and Datri Bean

An upright piano I bought when I was twenty. A soprano Lanakai ukulele, and a small light weight Titan accordion. For gigs where no piano is available I bring a full size, weighted key, Yamaha keyboard.

Becky Ninkovic, You Say Party! We Say Die!

shure 58 microphone

Photo of Suzanna Choffel

Suzanna Choffel

Creamy Yellow Epiphone Wildcat Electric Guitar, Tweed Peavey Classic 30 remod with vintage tubes, Carbon Copy delay pedal, Supa Trem tremolo pedal, EV ND/367 vocal microphone

Debi Nova

"Keys: In the Studio and on the Road Yamaha S90XS and MO6. At home Yamaha upright piano. Favorite acoustic guitar: Cordoba Nylon String. Electric: Danelectro."

Terri Hendrix

"Boss Tuner Baggs Preamp Volume Peddle Boss Chorus Peddle Special 20 Harps I collect vintage harmonicas from Germany (too many to count) Collings Guitar OM Tacoma Papoose Tacoma Mandolin Baritone Mandolin Tradition Electric Guitar Gibson Dreadnought Guitar Takamine 6 and 12 string Keyboard Sure Beta 57 and 58


Photo of Wendy Colonna

Wendy Colonna

"I own and play a Taylor 614 CE and on the road i travel with a telecaster and a CA guitar (Composite Acoustic) I also have an Ampeg Superjet Amplifier for the Tele"


I use a microphone to rhyme and sing lyrics, therefore I am a lyricist. Fortunately, I have achieved the status of "Queen of Hip Hop" having worked with legendary artists including The Roots, Sweetback (Sade's band), the British band Morcheeba, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and many commercial / main stream artists. I am the female protegee of Gangstarr's Guru and have had a successful career as a female rapper in a male dominated genre of music in the industry.

Arran Murphy, Dark Room Notes

three Synthesizers: MicroKorg, Roland 201, Korg Prophesy.

Ginger Leigh

"I'm not much of a gear geek. Ironically this should be one of the questions. I recently listed my Gibson SG electric guitar on ebay. A man who was interested asked me a few technical questions about it, but I was out of town and away from the guitar. I told him all I could and that it was a standard American-made SG. I later received a raging note from him about how as a GIRL I shouldn't quit my day job and try to be a musician, because obviously GIRLS don't know anything about gear! Ha ha. I thought it was hilarious because music is my ""day job"" and I just so happened to be far away from the guitar at the moment. It doesn't matter at all, but it struck me that there might be some serious resentment from a handful of males out there when women succeed at being musicians. Maybe it is a female characteristic, but I had a lot of emotions attached to the instrument so after my response, he apologized and offered to purchase the guitar. I, of course, refused his offer. The last person I would want owning my guitar is a guy with a phobia of female musicians!

That being said, I play a Martin D-16 Rosewood acoustic and a Schecter electric and a Fender Strat electric. My electric guitars are played through a Peavey Tube amp. I use a handful of guitar effects petals made by Boss and I also run my vocals through two effects boxes (one is a Digitech harmonizer and the other a Boss Delay). My feet end up tap dancing through most of my songs as they control all of the effects. Lately, I have played more of my acoustic guitars, but when I have the right venue for it, I love to bring out the electric guitars as well."

Sara Hickman

Takamine, Elixir (strings/cables), Gibson endorsements

Astrum Lux Lucis, One World (R)evolution

Taylor acoustic guitar, Jackson custom Soloist electric guitar, Daisy Rock Elite Special electric guitar, Charvel Model 2 electric guitar, MacBook for recording, several microphones, Guitar Research amplifier, Schecter electric guitar, Alesis QS8 keyboard, bongos

Stephanie Bradley, Stephanie Bradley Band

guitar, pa

Rose Baca

Takamine 530cs, Taylor 114ce, Studio Les Paul, Gibson Epiphone... Ibanez TA35,

Rochelle Terrell

Soulful, Melodies, and Jazzy nuances! Live with a 4 piece band!

Alyse Black

Nord Stage EX 76. Senheiser e935.

Michele Murphy

"I have 5 PA systems, ranging from enormous to tiny. 5 sets of drums, high end. 12 guitar amps, 5 bass amps, a baby grand piano, a Clavinova, several cheap keyboards, 15 guitars, 5 bass guitars, one upright bass, a nice cello, some vintage stuff."

Stefanie Fix

2 acoustic guitars. I play slide on one of them. I also have a full PA which I often use for gigs.

Elizabeth McQueen, Asleep at the Wheel

With the Wheel I play a Gibson J-150. It's actually my boss' guitar. I have a wireless rig for the guitar. On my own I play a Gibson LC-1.

Photo of Kerry Davis, Two Tears

Kerry Davis, Two Tears

I play a 1964 Melody Maker modified with humbucking pickups and a Fender Super Reverb.

Julieann Banks

Hmmmm, this changes quite often as I play so many instruments. Fender basses, Larrivee and Alvarez and a very old Kay acoustic guitar, Ampeg, Bergantino, Ashdown amps and speakers for bass. Tons of PA gear depending on the type of gig I'm going to do. EV mics.

Photo of Phoebe Hunt, The Belleville Outfit

Phoebe Hunt, The Belleville Outfit

I play fiddle or violin (whatever you want to call it) through a simple pre-amp called the Red Eye, its unique in that it was designed specifically for the violin by a man who really wanted to hear violins (Darren Appelt) that sound like violins on stage, cutting out most of the high impedance frequencies. Plus it has a boost button, so I can have a solo boost and it is really small so it is super easy to travel with. For guitar he has made a double instrument version of the Red Eye. If and when I start using an electric guitar on stage, I am gonna want an amp probably a fender delux. I used to have a polytone that I used on my fiddle just like Johnny Gimble, but sold it when I got the Red Eye. Whew!

Photo of Gretchen Peters

Gretchen Peters

Gibson J-185EC acoustic guitar, Taylor 510 acoustic guitar, Gretsch electric guitar, Yamaha C7 grand piano, Neumann KM105 vocal mic (road), Neumann U87 vocal mic (studio), Roland VS2480 recording desk, various other stringed instruments (mandolin, vihuela, bouzouki, etc.)

Corrina Rachel, Corrina's Dreamland Band

"De Armond X-155 Hollow Body Electric Guitar TraceElliot Acoustic, amplifer for guitar and vocals EKG C-535 Vocal Condenser Mic Fender Passport 6-channel PA System with 2 Speakers"

Photo of Emma Cooper, Standard Fare

Emma Cooper, Standard Fare

Fender Mustang Bass. Japanese hollowback electric guitar. Steel string electric guitar. Nylon string electric guitar. Mandolin. Entry level short scale bass.

Laurie Lewis

fiddles, guitars, string bass. All instruments are acoustic., so I own some good mics as well.

Melissa Greener

Greenfield Guitars - acoustic (preamps, cables, pedals), Microphone (cables, eq)

Champian Fulton

Hmm....well I'm a straight-ahead Jazz musician so I don't have alot of "gear" in terms of electronics. I prefer to play on a piano (as opposed to a keyboard or electronic instrument) and when I sing I pretty much sing through whatever system is provided. I'm a pretty acoustic musician. At home I have an upright Sohmer piano on which to practice.

Kellye Gray

Audio Technica mike, Beyer Dynamic mike, various hand percussion instruments

Photo of Deann René, On Edje

Deann René, On Edje

I have a cheap Ibanez acoustic electric guitar. Working on getting a nice Martin if I could ever get the money to buy it. I use a SM 58 mic.

Photo of Suzy Thompson

Suzy Thompson

Fiddle (1920s Italian); bow (Glasser carbon fiber); old Gibson acoustic guitar (probably 1940s); 2 Cajun accordions made by Marc Savoy.

Kim Miller

"Instruments: a hand made 2004 Collings Om1 acoustic guitar, a 1997 Taylor 510 acoustic guitar, a 1986 yamaha FS-350S acoustic guitar and a hand-crafted dulcimer. Sound Equipment: a Bose sound system w/Mackie board for submix, an L.R. Baggs para acoustic DI, a SansAmp para driver DI, a Sure Beta 87A mic and ALWAYS D'Addario strings (no promotional deal ,just love their strings.)"

Sarah Brown

"I own 6 bass guitars, 3 of which are vintage, also a vintage Telecaster guitar and a new acoustic guitar. I have an old Kay string bass (upright acoustic bass) I just bought a high end Genz Benz bass combo (amp and 2 speaker cabs). I have a computer software system for making song demos."

Samantha Vanderslice, Good Goddess Almighty

Goddess gear

Jean Synodinos

"Main guitars: Gibson acoustic songwriter series; Martin acoustic HD-28. Other guitars: 1953 Gibson 3/4-size hollowbody electric; Guild classical; Les Paul epiphone electric.

The PA is an assemblage of gear I've picked up over the years. I generally use a Shure 58 mic for gigs. I use an A/B pedal on stage to switch between guitar signals, a pretty typical DI box, and, of course, a Boss stage tuner. Otherwise, I'm pretty effects-free.

My husband's a professional musician (full time) and recording engineer, so I like to play w/ some of his gear when he's not looking.

For composition (in addition to guitar), i often turn to the upright piano in the house or my Korg X5 keyboard."

Lindsay Wells

Microphone, and rockin' stand!

Submitted Anonymously

I use a Mac laptop, have Pro Tools, use Garage Band and an Edirol MP3 recorder to record. I have my own PA. I don't know much about gear actually. My brother is a guitar player and knows tons about gear, collects it... I just focus on the music.

Myrna Cabello, The MyrnaRocksBand

Myself, tambourine, guiro, shaker.

Deborah Holland, The Refugees

Martin guitar, Taylor guitar, G & L bass, Hohner accordion, various keyboards

Ruby Jane

Fiddle, guitar, mandolin. I need an electric guitar but cant afford one. mics, mic stands. Is that what you mean?

Brigitte London

Martin D28, Fender Acoustic Amp, Tele, Shure 58 mic and whatever else I may need.

Barbara Zigman

My guitars are now landfill in Bonham

Laura Mordecai

currently, LP congas, DW snare, Bosphorus cymbals, tons of small hand percussion. Shure SM 58 vocal mic, rolls 4 ch mixer, Audix drum mics, Korg MX50 keyboard/synth.

Laura Marie

Martin guitar, Bose L1 sound system

Tortilla Factory

I'm a vocalist so I am the gear lol

Phanie Diaz, Girl In A Coma

I have a 4 piece teal Gretsch set, lead singer has a brent mason telecaster and fender deville amp,bass player plays on jack cassidy bass with ampeg amp.

Lauren Morris

I have a full production studio with an arsenal of equipment for both live performance and recording.

Photo of Audrey Auld

Audrey Auld

Beta 58 Sure mic, DI, Taylor guitar, Q lighting personal light system.

Photo of Anne McCue

Anne McCue

'79 Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster, Maton Acoustic Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Kustom Coupe 36 Amp, Mojave Audio Microphones, Pro Tools LE, Mac G4 Dual Processor, Wah-wah, Fulltone Distortion, Boss Octave, Line-6 Delay, Boss Flanger etc. I could go on but those are the main ones.

Susan Osborn

DIgital Performer. Mac

Sara K.

Custom made Manzanita guitar, Roland bass cube, Shure 58 mic

Maddy Prior, Steeleye Span

Whatever PA we are using. I use in-ears sometimes too. Otherwise I avoid gear!

Gia Ciambotti

"My voice.. a few microphones.. including a Beta 57 (Sure) and a Neuman mid level


Photo of Lynda Kay

Lynda Kay

"I am a proud Gretsch endorsee, and I have two guitars that are my favorites: Gretsch Knotty Pine Roundup (semi-hollow mahogany body with beautiful tooled leather binding) and Gretsch Rancher Jr. (black lacquer acoustic with creme binding). My friends at Shure keep me in microphones and the SM Beta 58 or 55H seem to work best for my deep contralto voice. And when I'm hitting the road ramblin' roots style, I bring along my signature homemade Samsonite suitcase kickdrum with the double bass drum pedal so I can get that rolling train beat, compliments of the kind folks at The Duallist from Scotland. (normally, these pedals are used by the hardcore men of metal, but it seems that I am their only female endorsee) "

Mandy Mercier

Collings acoustic guitars; Fender strat; Fender amps; preamps, reverb pedals, pedal tuners, cords, mics, PA system. Percussion instruments (pro)

Connie Todd, The Occasionals

Mike, amp, tall chair

Photo of Janet Robin

Janet Robin

"Ah, well I am known for my guitar playing, having had some high profile gigs. I use mainly my Taylor acoustic DCSM, Fender Tele, also I have a Fender Custom Strat, and a Custom Turner-Renaissance electric-acoustic that I co-designed. Turner makes all the guitars for Lindsey Buckingham. I have 17 other guitars. I play through a reissue Fender Blues Deluxe. And I have a custom pedal board that I built. I am endorsed by Fender Guitars, Taylor Guitars, Turner, Martin strings, DR Strings, Clayton picks, Seymour Duncan, Daisy Rock, and Sennheisser."

Julie Christensen

"I have a Larrivee Parlor guitar (from around 2000- made in Vancouver) with an iMix pickup, and a Dean Markley practice amp. My voice is a mezzo-soprano, and I had a successful vocal surgery last July (for a polyp caused by an acid problem). It's a joy to sing once more."

Texas Ladybugs

Have 8 bass guitars - favorites Fender 60th anniversary P-Bass and Ibanez semi-hollow-body. Have several amps -- small Ampeg and small Peavey - large rig is Hartke head and cabinet.

Brandi Carlile

"I play collings guitars and I also play these two special martins one is a parlor guitar the other is a mini. I play gibson archtops on recordings and gretsch electrics live and for recording fender delux reverb amp. I love Yamaha pianos."

Photo of Cindy Cashdollar

Cindy Cashdollar

Various steel, lap steel, and slide guitars, both vintage and contemporary. Three different amps, (all Fender amps). Two pedal boards, one for Dobro and acoustic slide guitars with built in pickups, and one for the steel and lap steel guitars. I do a variety of music styles, so need variety with gear.

Franc Graham

Fender Pro-reverb silver face amp, seafoam green Fender strat, tangled cords, a beer holder that clamps to the mic stand which i let my bass player use, boots.

Photo of Aimee Bobruk

Aimee Bobruk

"1956: Gibson J-50 bought in the parking lot of the San Jose in South Austin by a private seller. 1966: Epiphone Caballero 1974: Fender Telecaster bought by saving every penny in college Fender Pro Junior Electrip Amplifier Strawberry Blonde Bass Amplifier 1923 Golbransen Piano--I found a 1926 penny in the piano while searching for the serial number 1950's Melodica Collection of Mexican whistles Collection of Indian Bells Angklung from Indonesia Casio Realistic SK-1 2009 MacBook Pro with Logic and Garage Band Presonus Interface USB Mic and 58's Boss Chromatic Tuner Line 6 looper/delay/echo Packaging Tape for Effects My hands clapping My pots and pans tambo and shakers My lips whistling A few busted cases One 1960's leather suitcase for chords

That's it



"Taylor 714c acoustic guitar Brasilia (east German vintage) electric hollow body guitar various guitar pedals (Two Timer, Tuna Melt, POG, Hardwire tuner, etc.) Carter pedal steel guitar Yamaha upright piano Italian accordion (brand...?) Fender Woody Pro Jr amp"

Jenifer Jackson

"1964 Epiphone Caballero guitar tuner"

Jessie Torrisi, Jessie Torrisi & the Please, Please Me

"Drumset-- old silver sparkle Slingerland I inherited from my uncle, 1969 vintage

Guitar-- acoustic is a rosewood Guild made in China; small bodied to fit me bought on Matt Umanov guitars in NYC

Electric guitar-- red hot, small bodied music man guitar; purchased at an auction at the Goodwill near my house in Austin for $60"

Jan Bell and The Maybelles

Martin acoustic D0018 mahogany top guitar.

Ruby James

my favorite guitar i have is a blonde thinline tele and i play it through a blues jr. i also have a cool martin 00 series acoustic that sounds amazing w/ slotted headstock. i have a beautiful two -toned green gretsch hollow body that's pretty sweet and very cool unique, custom made Aquila guitar that's made out of purple heart wood.. that guitar is really beautiful and sounds amazing.. i have some other toys as well but those are the main things.. and a Vox AC 30 but that doesn't get played much!

Photo of Kelley Ryan

Kelley Ryan

I have every guitar I've ever owned still with me. (12 of them). Two basses, two electric guitars, a Danelectro, an acoustic/electric Songbird, and 6 acoustic guitars. Oh, and a strum stick if that counts. I have various loop boxes and whistles and shakers and drums and little key boards and effects etc. A 24 track HD recorder in both Ireland and California so I can write and record all year long.

Christina Martin

"Acoustic Guitar- Martin 000S15 12-Fret Electric Guitar- Gretsch Fender Blues Junior Amp Vox Pathfinder 15R Amp"

Kat Edmonson

"Sure 58 mic boom stand cord "

Jess Klein

Gibson J200, vocal mic and D.I.

Shelley Short

I dont have much on my own, I usually travel with an acoustic guitar and use a DI at the club. I will sometimes use pre recorded beats to play along with, or play Piano.

Molly Neuman

various ludwig 4 piece drum sets

Photo of Betse Ellis - The Wilders

Betse Ellis - The Wilders

My main fiddle, "Beloved", a French violin, is from ca. 1880-1920, from the school of Jerome Thibouville-Lamy. I've had it since I was 16 years old. It's not the prettiest fiddle in the world and when I first saw it, I didn't want to play it. It's missing some corners, has a dark varnish, plain back... but when I played it, I knew it was the one for me. I can't imagine being without it. Once I had to travel without it for a tour and was miserable (this was after the Heathrow airport scare in 2006, and the band was traveling to the UK). I own another unnamed French violin from the early 20th century, which I bought in Edinburgh, Scotland. I now own another Lamy fiddle, not as finely made as mine but a good "Compagnon" (the model name). I travel with two fiddles always as the music I play includes old time fiddle tunes, some of which need to be played in cross-tuning (open tuning). I own a decent viola and a funny little 1950's Kay cello, and a variety of tenor guitars, including a sweet 1930's Gibson archtop. I play these other instruments on recordings, for The Wilders and my solo projects as well as collaborations with other artists. Each one has a story. But Beloved is my true love.

Photo of Cathi Walkup

Cathi Walkup

SM87(C) condenser mic, Sennheiser 835 dynamic mic, hybrid (Countryman) headset wireless mic and the attendant accoutrement that goes with that.

Marilyn Harris

Yamaha YPG 625, Fender Passport PA, Shure 57 mic, cords, etc.

Stephanie O'Keefe

just the horns - 4

Judy Chamberlain

Neumann and Shure Beta condenser microphones, Mackie mixing board, QSC amp, graphic equalizer, Lexicon reverb, custom cabinets, power conditioner, direct boxes...much more...full sound system for smaller performances where no sound reinforcement is provided.

Cat Conner

I mostly just use the club sound system but I do have Mackie board and some JBL speakers.

Photo of Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

my gear? or my band's? my gear is my voice, my microphone (just ordered my neuman 105...) plugged into the local PA system where I play that night...

Photo of Carol Heffler, Carol Heffler Trio or Quartet

Carol Heffler, Carol Heffler Trio or Quartet

Korg digital piano, Peavey amp, keyboard stand, mike stand, EV N/D367s microphone, stand for Peavey amp, Steinway grand piano in home studio.

Alexandra Frederick

Yamaha P-85, or acoustic piano, mic set up.

Laurie Krauz

Mic, mic stand, speakers, mixers

Photo of Andrea Wolper

Andrea Wolper

"Sennsheiser E865 Gallien Kruger MV200 ART Tube MP Studio Mic Preamp"

Mary Foster Conklin

Shure Beta 58 microphone/Roland AC-60 amp

Lisa Otey

Technics keyboard, Yamaha PA and speakers, Sennhaiser and Shure Beta mics

Amy Cervini

Shure SM 58 Beta, AER

Photo of Amanda Monaco

Amanda Monaco

My main guitar is a Brian Moore DC-1 thin-line Hollow Body guitar, which I play through a Fender Vibrolux or Princeton amp. I use an Ernie Ball volume pedal, a Line 6 DL4 delay modeler, and an Ibanez Tube Screamer distortion pedal (on occasion).

Diane Moser, Diane Moser's Composers Big Band, Diane Moser Quintet

acoustic piano

Amy Camie

solo harp ;-)

Dori Levine

mic & amp

Anita Brown, Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra

I write on a "Steinway M" to paper with a pencil and an eraser. I copy parts with a calligraphy pen using ink on paper or hire out. Still haven't learned the computer thing,

Photo of Anne Mette Iversen

Anne Mette Iversen

5/8 size Austrian upright bass from around 1870.

Jan Leder

Sankyo flute, Roland amp

Lisa Sokolov

Vocals, real piano and if there isn't one then a yamaha P80

Sharman Duran

Casio Privia 88 key keyboard, Alesis Nano Piano module, Yamaha Stagepas 300 P.A., Shure SM58 mic

Cady Finlayson

"I play on a 5-string fiddle made by Eric Aceto, who is a maker from Ithaca New York.It is an electric-acoustic (can sound completely acoustic when amplified) I also have a wireless system for the shows I do with the Police Dept. and that is a Sennheiser wireless system. For band shows I have a pa system EV speakers and powermate board. "

Photo of Jane Stuart

Jane Stuart

I carry a PA head/amp, 2 speakers, speaker stands, cables, Mic, mic stand, music stand, promo materials, huge book of sheet music, huge book of lyrics and song lists

Photo of Susan Krebs

Susan Krebs

amp, speakers, microphone

Photo of Mary Louise Knutson

Mary Louise Knutson

I own a Kawaii grand piano 5'10". I use whatever piano a venue has, though I bring a Kurzweil PC 2X (88 weighted keys) keyboard if no piano is available. With that, I lug a Roland KC-350 amplifier, a keyboard stand, a music stand, a bench, and a bag of chords.

Christiana Drapkin Jazz Group

Mackie 808S head, EV speakers, my old trusty Bayer mic, a Sennheiser mic for backup. Also a smaller, one-unit head and speaker that I take for small-room gigs and duo concerts, was sold by Sam Ash, a no-name Chinese product that serves me well.

Jessie Reagen Mann

"cellos (3) - 200 year old French cello, modern amplified cello and baroque cello peavy amp, although I usually go direct into the system if amplified, and if so often: baggs DI, boss DD3 delay, fatal tube distortion, T-Rex roommate reverb..."

Catherine Dupuis

Mike and stand, chords, speaker and stand, extension chords, music stand and stand lights. I'm also my own librarian and handle all the music for my group.

Photo of Nicole Pasternak

Nicole Pasternak

I have two p.a. systems: the small one is a Gallien-Krueger Vocal Monitor that I use as a speaker and also as an amp to drive a small external speaker. The large one is a Mackie 808 Stereo 8-channel head, with two Bose 402 speakers. I currently use an EV microphone. I prefer a Shure BG-58 Condenser mic, but alas mine was lost on a Delta airlines flight, along with all my luggage!

Gale Cruz

I have a PA

Hailey Wojcik

I play a Gibson SG (which I love!), through an Ampeg Jet II amp. I only have a few pedals so far (until about a year and a half ago I was all acoustic), but I currently use a Way Huge Swollen Pickle fuzz pedal, a Digitech Whammy pedal, and I am currently trying to master the Boss Loop station well enough to use at live shows. I also sometimes play ukulele (mine is in a sad state right now, after having been partly smashed on tour, I'm guessing by someone's foot or hindquarters. Its intonation is...charming). I also play a strumstick, which is one of the most fun instruments I've ever played. I encourage everyone to try one out.

Amy London

I travel with a small sound system, a four channel Sunn amp with PeeVee speakers, plus I have used Electro Voice microphones since my senior year in college, 32 years ago.

Elli Fordyce, The Elli Fordyce Jazz Quartet

GK vocal amp, amped JBL speaker, Roland vocal cube, several mics.

Libby York

Shure SM58 Mike, Audio Technica Artist Elite 3300 Mike

Holli Ross, String Of Pearls

I have an Electrovoice microphone (also some old Shure 58's). I have a 400 watt sound system (Yorkville head, Bose speakers), GK 100 watt amp for small rooms that I also use as a monitor. I have a classical guitar, hollow-body jazz guitar (custom made) and a travel guitar.

Teri Roiger

I use the new compact Bose sound system and have a Yamaha electric full-size keyboard. We also have a recording studio on our property and have a beautiful Baldwin grand piano and work with Pro Tools.

Regina Harris Baiocchi

I own a Technics keyboard (and a trumpet from my college days).

Judy Niemack

Neumann 105 microphone, Lexicon jam-man

Photo of Judi Silvano

Judi Silvano

Beyer mic and a healthy set of vocal cords

Photo of Jody Sandhaus

Jody Sandhaus

"For a gig if I need my own equipment: EV microphone, yamaha self powered monitor, EV speakers, Mackie mixer, power amp, speaker stands, fold up music stand, cart (at times), music bag with charts, Alessis reverb unit, assorted cords and power strips, stand for monitor"

Submitted Anonymously

African-American woman, boyish build & youthful appearance (perfect for playing young men and boys on stage, which I do frequently); also have a MacBook Pro, Finale and a Roland Digital Piano for transcribing music [a research specialty of mine is operas composed by women, so I am in the process of making vocal/keyboard transcriptions of arias from some 18th-century composers]

Cassandra Douglas

That can range from opera costumes to gowns for a recital performance. I always envy a man. He can just wear a suit and he looks great for a recital event. Where as a woman has to find the perfect dress that's not too tight around the waist so that you can breathe comfortably without anyone seeing how much your working. Then there are shows to consider, makeup, hair, nails, the list could go on and on. For opera I feel that the costumes always require so much more work for women than for men. However, in the end I personally enjoy the process of getting that dressed up. I guess it is the equivalent of getting dressed for one's wedding day. One wants to look perfect because everyone will be focused on just you.

Cristie Strongman

I am an opera singer.

Photo of Marni Nixon

Marni Nixon

Gear for what? Appearing on stage, concert, cabaret, personal appearances? It souds like whoever wrote this is 24 years old with NO background into music of any kind other than rock....Sorry to be so persnickety, but if you want "class" better get into the terminlology of a performing, theatrical, concert, operatic soloist.

Laurie Rogers

Gear? I'm a professional pianist, working with national opera companies as an assistant conductor preparing opera productions and coaching singers. Gear is piano, music, pencil, and metronome. Plus opera scores, recordings, dictionaries, highliters, post-its

Photo of Michelle Trovato

Michelle Trovato

Make-up and hair. Occasionally wigs. Costumes ranging from very simple to very elaborate. Performance gowns and clothing for less formal affairs.

Deborah Karpel

Just a Fender portable amp and mike if needed (and cable) Lots of music books! Lyrics! I guess I am my gear.

Sharon Azrieli

"lives in my body the voice I was born with the body that houses it"

Submitted Anonymously

Drum sets of various sizes and woods, cymbals, Marimba, Chudaiko, congas, timbales, etc... things that make interesting sounds when hit, shaken or scraped

Joan Crowe, Jesters of Jive

I own a Makie 16 channel mixer, and full PA

Julie Rohwein

My home studio currently is PC-based, with quad Genelec monitors, outboard effects processing and lots of software of various types. Field recordings use a Marantz digital recorder for external Mics and a Zoom H2 when I need something small.

Sunny Zank

Violins and bows. . pianos

Photo of Karen P. Thomas

Karen P. Thomas

Conducting baton

Susan Borwick

I am primarily a composer of religious and classical music for choir, solo voice, or 5-10 instrument ensembles, and also perform as a pianist sometimes when my music is performed.

Susan Cohn Lackman

Finale 2008. Dell D630. Steinway D Grand.

Anna Maria Manalo

Roland digital piano

Photo of Jennifer Higdon

Jennifer Higdon

computer (Mac), Xerox printer, Finale Software

Lana Mountford

?? I sing -- so I suppose my voice would be my "gear." I also compose using a MacBook Pro and an M-Audio midi keyboard with Finale notation software.


My "gear" is a very nice 100 year old violin which I use to perform in a variety of venues: symphony orchestras, chamber music, back-up orchestras for singers who come to town. I am also a private violin teacher.

Terri Sandys

"Italian Violin made in 1794, maker unknown Modern Italian Viola made in 1967, maker Umberto Lenaro"

Emma Lou Diemer

gear? I have no gear. If you mean musical instruments, I have a Steinway piano model D (concert grand), clavinova, synthesizers, organs at church.

Judith Shatin

IMac computer, Mackie 16-track mixer, metric halo, steinway grand piano

J. Michele Edwards


Jenn Cristy

I perform on a Yamaha p90 Keyboard.

Nicole J. McPherson

Flute, piccolo, alto flute, tuner and microphone, metronome, music, pencil

Beth Anderson

I write music using Finale on my computer and send it to people who perform it.

Photo of Vivian Adelberg Rudow

Vivian Adelberg Rudow

"Gear? I'm a composer. I compose music from solo electronic to full orchestra.

I also do performance art music in electronic (electroacoustic)music and in that use 4 portable CD players, on music stands and remote controllers. I move around the stage using the Vivian method."

Pro Arte String Quartet

old italian viola circa 1680; old french viola bow

Gabriela Lena Frank

Classical instruments, Chinese instruments, folkloric instruments of Latin America

Sarah Mattox

The vitals: water bottle, tiny child's toy keyboard, my laptop, pencil and paper, cell phone

Barbara Case, Free Range Chix

Piano, organ, banjo, mics, amp, cd's.

Anna Rubin

Tho this is geared to popular music, I hope you'll consider including writing about ALL genres of music and how women figure in them. I compose computer music using various software and often using source material from everyday sounds and speech). I synthesize sounds at the computer. I compose for acoustic instruments in a chamber music setting and I compose for instruments with computer music. My latest DVD listed above published by Everglade is a compilation with 6 women composers on it entitled Sounding Out. All the composers are lesbians. It's a typical format for classical music to have several composers on one CD or DVD.

Hasu Patel


I am a COmposer, Performer and Educator of Music of India on SITAR. It is my vision to bring this ancient artform to all in the world."


One old school violin. 1850s era German. That's it.

Joanna Messer, Madison Symphony Orchestra (WI), Wisconsin Philharmonic, International Chamber Artists (Chicago)

"2 flutes: Altus flute (14K gold instrument); Miyazawa flute (sterling silver instrument) 1 piccolo: Emerson Ultimo (grenadilla wood)"

Elena Ruehr

Boston Baby grand piano, pencil, paper. mac.

Oberta Stephen, classical musician

"I am a classical composer, singing teacher. In my studio I have a grand piano, simple recording equipment, sheet music."

Linda Swope

oboe, English horn, full consort of recorders, desk top pc computer for composing, amplifier, mic, effects pedal for composing and performing electro-acoustic works, and also lots of music, books, and a music stand and metronome, and reed-making equipment, of course.

Rosa Avila

Pearl Drums , Zildjian Cymbals , Evans drumheads , Vic Firth Sticks , Impact cases .... I am endorsed by all these companies ;-)

Lisa Lorenzino

My gear! As a jazz flute and sometimes classical player, my gear is myself, my Sankyo flute, that I have had for 30 years, and that is about it. My addition gear includes a great bass player, and a wonderful piano player.

Sarah Stiles

MacBook Pro, Sibelius, Korg keyboard, Yamaha piano, pencils, manuscript paper.

Photo of Hsiao-Lan Wang

Hsiao-Lan Wang

computer and MBox

Amy Zigler

I own a Kimball baby grand piano that was passed down from an aunt, a Yamaha P-200 and a Yamaha P-85. As I largely perform art music, I don't require much gear.

Linda Dusman

Macbook Pro, Protools

Sumitted Anonymously

no gear

Cathy Wilde, Cloigheann & Your Irish Pocket Companion, Three Scones of Boxty

"LOL! My instruments represent the best 1850 had to offer (they're all reproductions of 19th-century instruments):

1/2 set of irish uilleann pipes made by James Wenham, Roscrea, Ireland. Irish flute made by Sam Murray, Galway, Ireland. Irish flute made by Patrick Olwell, Massies Mill, VA. Too many tinwhistles to count, made by various and sundry people all over the world.

Classical flute: Mateki 9-Something Or Other (doesn't get played much anymore)"

Adriana Figueroa-West jazz band

Antoinette Montague

Jazz Blues, Standards, with a jazz and blues twist on whatever I do.Vocal, Piano, Bass, Drums Sax(wflute and clarinet)

Patsy Rogers

no gear

Michelle May of Musique Noire

Violin is a 100-year old "step-up" student instrument. Flute (which I don't play as often anymore) is an Armstrong 800B. I use Fishman pickups and pre amps and I have a Kustom brand acoustic amp.

Photo of Laura Schwendinger

Laura Schwendinger

Piano, flute, Apple computer

Photo of Geri Allen

Geri Allen

My preference is a Fazioli Piano

Photo of Clare Shore

Clare Shore

An acoustic piano (several other instruments including a soprano saxophone, violin, etc.), a MIDI keyboard, a MacBook Pro computer with Finale notation software and Digital Performer recording/sequencing software. Assorted mics, MIDI interfaces, mixers, etc. for acoustic recording.

Submitted Anonymously

pencil, paper, computer, keyboard, cello

JoVia Armstrong

Cajon, 13" Sabian Neil Peart Signature Hi-Hats, DW Remote Hi-Hat, Gretsch 6 piece drumset, Sabian 20" HHX Ozone Ride, Tree Works Wind Chimes, Hansenfutz Pedals, Meinl Conga, Tumba, and Quinto, Deagan Vibraphone, LP Bongos, Shakers, and other auxiliary percussion

Photo of Kate Vincent, Artistic Director of Firebird Ensemble

Kate Vincent, Artistic Director of Firebird Ensemble

Not exactly sure what you mean. If recording gear: we hire a professional recording engineer for all our recordings.

Eva Kendrick, Anne's Cordial

I play a Yamaha YPG625 for my band.

Sibylle Johner, Damocles Trio


Roma Calatayud-Stocks


Annalisa Pappano, The Catacoustic Consort


Photo of Dena El Saffar, Salaam

Dena El Saffar, Salaam

Most of my gear is my instruments, though I do bring a condenser mic with me, and I own a PA. My house is crammed full of musical instruments from all over the world; Hammond M3 organ, 3 drum sets (my husbands) a harp, and lots of Hand drums.

Beth Nelson, aka Johanna Volkert-Nelson

My "gear" is a 1995 cello by Thomas Schmidt and a 1989 bow by Greg Gohde. Occasionally, I also use the Realist brand acoustic transducer.

Andrienne Wilson

Sealos, Sterling Silver Open Hole C Flute (with B foot) - this is hand made by Goerge Karegalos in Oakland, CA. Sankyo Prima, Sterling Silver Open Hole C Flute (with B foot.) Gemeinhardt Alto Flute(this is a wonderful older instrument). Microphones, Full arrangements of original music (with as much music as I write it has become gear).

Suzanne Juniper

not an issue for classical musicians

Carla Cook

Shure SM58 microphone

Wendy Evans, Elgin Symphony

"1981 Helmut Keller Violin, Tubbs Bow 1985 Whedbee Viola"

Photo of Stephanie Jutt

Stephanie Jutt

"flute piccolo alto flute"

Amy Rhodes

Benson Bell bassoon. Heckel bocal.

Lucille Field IAWM

My body and my soul, plus years of study and teaching.

Photo of Alisa Ohri

Alisa Ohri

... have mic - will travel! lol!

Carol Lahti, the Elgin Symphony Orchestra, the Chicago Sinfonietta, the Lyra String Quartet, ESQ (the Elgin Symphony Quartet)

I currently own two violins, the one I mainly use and a back-up. I also own three violin bows, again one I mainly use and a backup plus an extra. I own a few violin cases and a bow case, as well as several music stands, stand lights, and various other paraphanalia. My music cabinet, like most other classical musicians, is pretty full... :)

Sally Reid

"I have a small project studio. computers: Mac G5 & Mac G4 & rackmount PC 2 MOTU firewire audio interfaces and a MOTU MIDI patchbay 1 Digidesign audio interface Mackie 1604 mixer Mackie Controller six Glyph drives Roland D series speakers I use primarily Digital Performer, but also have Pro Tools, Logic, Waves plug-ins and a number of orchestral libraries, including the Vienna Symphonic Library. I use Finale for music notation of scores and parts."

AnnMarie Sandy

In everyday living, I would describe my look as classic-casual, with a twist of sophisticated funk. My performance wear is sometimes formal (i.e. dress or gown), or in constume if I am participating in a staged opera production.

Tia Imani Hanna

two acoustic violins with and without Baggs pick up / Musicary carbon fiber bows and D'Addario Heliocore strings. Trace Elliott acoustic guitar amplifier.

Deborah Burton

I play whatever piano is in the room.

Becca, War Tapes

"1967 Fender Mustang Bass 2009 Fender Mustang Bass Reissue Ashdown Amp"

Jennifer O'Connor

I have a Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar. A Guild T-100 electric guitar, and a small Fender princeton amp.

Elizabeth R Austin

don't understand this..


"yamaha Clavinove Pioneer - Pro DJ Division Logic Pro [and all the plugins within] Ableton Live All Spectrasonics Plugins Native Instruments PSP Audio Waves and a few random other companies/plugs/gear... but these are the big/main ones"

Kelly Irene Corson, The Art Of Shooting

I play a Gretsch Electromatic guitar, a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amplifier, and an assortment of effects pedals.

Kathy Leisen "Glass Rock"

I play an acoustic Takamine guitar, and play whatever keyboards, synth or rhythm is around the studio or practice space.

Alex Marvar, Common Prayer

Two NPR SxSW tote bags from different years, one containing a tambourine, a trash can lid, and a clarinet case; the other containing a metal bucket, in which I keep drumsticks, an antique cowbell from a junk store, two flour-sifter-looking percussion instruments from the Dominican Republic. And my omnichord.

Sabrina Pena Young

"Modest project studio for music production, graphic design, and animation.

i-Mac Intel, Malletkat, Logic Express, Animation/Film Studio (Final Cut, Poser, Bryce, Photoshop), Yamaha and M-Audio keyboard MIDI controllers, video game controllers"

Automatic Loveletter

"Fender Tele,Acoustic Electric Taylor,Albert Lee HH,Fender Hot Rod amp, sennheiser wireless mic,in-ears,Silhouette Special White music man."

Carolyn Keddy, Dog Rats

"gibson SG, marshall amp no-name fretless bass, peavey amp whatever drums I can borrow"


I currently am rehearsing for shows this summer! I also use a cordless mic and my own TV tracks for live performance. I always have my male dancers with me, usually atleast two, and we perform anywhere from one to three songs!

Photo of Alicia Jo Rabins, Girls in Trouble

Alicia Jo Rabins, Girls in Trouble

the same violin i've played since i was 15; an array of pedals (loop, octave, delay); Kay acoustic guitars (i have an abiding love for them); an old Martin soprano uke; a few electric guitars (fender bronco, most recently); a red amp a friend built for me; a little vox amp my sister gave me.

Jessie, Public Radio

I play a Nord Electro 3 and an Alesis Micron

Photo of Hiromi


"Yamaha Concert Grand Piano CFIIIS. Nord Lead 2. Nord Electro 2. Microkorg"

Jude Johnstone

I take a piano with me unless the venue has one (especially and acoustic), upright bass, trumpet, guitar, and usually violin or cello or both.

Cynthia G. Mason

Martin acoustic guitar with Sunrise pick-up.

Photo of Georgia Muldrow (G&D)

Georgia Muldrow (G&D)


Betty Widerski, Ginger Ibex, Las Aboricuás, The Gobshites

"Depends on band, and if acoustic or electric gig.

Ginger Ibex (Rock/Classical crossover original instrumentals - gingeribex.com) - 6 string acoustic mezzo viola with electric pickup - Codabow Joule bow - tube preamp, Boss RV-3 reverb/delay pedal - Fishman Loudbox 100 amp - Shure wireless in-ear monitor

Las Aboricuás (Latin singer/guitarist & violin - myspace.com/lasaboricuas) - standard 4 string acoustic violin with electric pickup, Codabow diamond GX box - Fishman preamp & Loudbox 100 amp - LP Aspire Jr Cajon

The Gobshites (Irish Punk - gobshites.com) - Skyinbow 5-string electric violin with onboard powered preamp, Incredibow holographic (i.e. shiny!) bow - Shure PGX wireless instrument transmitter/receiver - Shure wireless in-ear monitor "

Cat Hartwell

I sing with my voice going through a Memory Man guitar pedal. At home I also have two electric guitars (both of which I let my boyfriend use), one acoustic guitar and an electric bass.


Microphone, and My vocal Chords :-)

Rene' Ormae-Jarmer, Here Comes Everybody

Keys: Korg Triton, Alesis QS8 keyboard, Kohler & Campbell 5'3" baby grand. Drumsets: (2) DW 5-piece drum kits, one is a cocktail kit, (1) Ludwig 4-piece kit, several snares (Tama, Yamaha, DW, Ludwig). (1) Djembe and a whole boatload of small percussion. Studio: Protools and an assortments of high end microphones. We record ourselves and others (Funny Farm Studios). Little Martin Guitar. I teach full time private lessons as well as do clinics in the schools, so I have a full drum studio. We rehearse a band so we have a complete mid-size PA.

Photo of Tierney Sutton

Tierney Sutton

Neumann KMS 105 mic.

Kip McCLoud in Lucky 57

"70s Fender Deluxe reverb (modded) 1960 Airline electric guitar multiple acoustic guitars and accordions including a Hoehner and Giulietti recording gear, microphones, live sound gear, misc musical instruments"

Photo of Kay Stanton, Casper & the Cookies, Supercluster

Kay Stanton, Casper & the Cookies, Supercluster

1982 Gibson Grabber bass, 1976 Fender Musicmaster bass with original contact paper artwork by Bill Doss, MicroKorg keyboard, Gretsch Corvette guitar, Ampeg 450 bass amp, SWR Megoliath 810 cabinet. I play on Sonor drums, but they belong to someone else. I also have a Harmony guitar my parents bought from the Sears catalog, and a Norma bass from the '60s.

Haley Fohr, Circuit des Yeux

I have my own mixing board, 2 amplifiers, vocals, guitar, pedals, 4 track when playing live. I also use violin, bass, drums, and other instruments for sampling when recording.

Jennifer Glass, Starling Crush

Gibson J-185, Takamine acoustic, Fender '52 re-issue electric, Delux Twin reverb amp, Matchless amp, Hoehner harps, Steinway M class baby grand

Cheetie Kumar, Birds of Avalon

i currently mostly play a late 70's guild guitar (S-300D) through a klipp amp, marshall cabinet and also a fender deluxe... i use lots of effects- Electro Harmonix Memory Man, POG, Microsynth, an old Mutron phaser, self-made fuzz/phase pedal, yarbox, ibanez echo chamber, and a very early ibanez digital delay/ mutieffects unit. i also own and use a les paul guitar, a fender telecaster deluxe, among others.

Wendy Richman, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)

viola (have owned since I was 16), 3 bows, various accessories, sheet music. carry in one case.

Photo of Anna-Lynne Williams aka Lotte Kestner

Anna-Lynne Williams aka Lotte Kestner

acoustic guitar with pick-up and vocal effects board

Submitted Anonymously

I play violin. Sometimes I run it through a series of effect pedals (harmonist, octave, delay, reverb, loop station, etc).

Lisa Simpson, Finn Riggins

I play a newer Gibson Les Paul Stusio. It's a dark red with silver hardware. I use a 1984 Fender Twin II amp. My pedal board has a tube screamer, a big muff, and two delay pedals, a tuner and a volume pedal.

Rebecca Coseboom, Stripmall Architecture (formerly from Halou as well)

"On stage I use a mic and a kaoss pad to cut up my vocals and a bunch of percussion.

In the studio, I have a fantastic super fancy mic and pre-amp. "

Photo of Stefanie Drootin, The Good Life And Tin Kite

Stefanie Drootin, The Good Life And Tin Kite

I have two Aria Pro 2 basses. I am in love with them! They are the only basses I have ever played at a live show. They are both a shade of red and have long skinny necks which works great for my super small hands. My amp is the same amp I have had since high school. My band mates make fun of me for it. I have a Hartke head and an Ampeg cabinet. The cabinet is torn to shreds from traveling around the world on a Bright Eyes tour and the head is good as new because of a case I had made for it in Omaha. I'm not a very big gear head as you can tell.

Photo of Jordan Valentine, Jordan Valentine & the Sunday Saints

Jordan Valentine, Jordan Valentine & the Sunday Saints

Since I'm a singer, I don't have gear per se, but I'm also the bandleader for an 8-piece big band so I get to worry about everybody else's gear. (Especially the drummer, since he's been my partner for the past 5 years. While I love his drumming, sometimes during a 3am loadout I find myself wishing he took up the trumpet.)

Gin Wigmore

"Gibson Emmylou Harris Acoustic/Electric Taylor 4 series Acoustic/Electric Gibson Les Paul Junior Special Roland FP4 Orange Amp Kala Ukulele Maton Baby series Acoustic Guitar"

Boshra AlSaadi, SAADI

I programmed beats in Garageband which I play live through Logic. I play bass and keyboards and sing while the beats are playing. Sometimes I have a guitarist too. I use a beautiful Apogee Duet for my interface, I play a P Bass (Road Worn) through Logic, and I use an M Audio midi controller.


"Kurzweil Keyboard SP88X BOSE L1 system Neumann KM 105 Microphone"

Photo of Rachel Flotard, Visqueen

Rachel Flotard, Visqueen

I use a Fender Supersonic Pro head and matching cab. Play Gibson Les Pauls. SG's, Fender Jaguars. I use Heil vocal microphones.

Carly Comando, Slingshot Dakota

"I am obsessed with Yamaha keyboard. I own a Yamaha p80, but I broke the keys off of it too regularly from playing it really hard on tour. For Slingshot Dakota, I play a Yamaha CP 33 Keyboard through an Ibinez Tubescreamer, a Boss Bass overdrive pedal and a delay pedal. I run these to a Morely AB switch, which goes to 3 amps. The distorted keyboard sounds come out of 3 Roland amps: 2 KC550 amps and a Roland Subwoofer.

My instrumental music is recorded on the Yamaha P80 that I can no longer tour with and a Yamaha MM8 Synthesizer."

Kelly Lynn

I'm a songwriter and vocalist. I've produced a gospel CD titled "No Greater Force" featuring the legendary Dorothy Norwood and other great talents.

Meg Castellanos, Totimoshi

Mesa Boogie 200+ tube amp, Mesa cabs, Richenbacker bass, Tri OD, phaser, and whammy pedals

Lucy Woodward

I sing. My favorites microphone to record with is theTelefunken U47. Live shows: throat spray and water!

Megan Burtt

I play an OM 28V Martin Guitar with a K&K pick up. Sing through a Newman KMS 105. I often play a '94 reissue of a 60's Strat (Fiesta Red!) through a custom made amp design after a Fender Deluxe (2, 12s)..it's really heavy, or a Fender Blues Jr (much easier to carry).

Whitney McGraw, Cotton Jones

I play a Hammond Piper II Organ, xylaphone, and Omni Chord.

Stephanie Gunther, not currently in a band.

I had an Audix Om 5 microphone with my past bands (I recently broke it and had to sell it). Other than that I have the standard PA system for practicing. I also have some other random instruments; a Fender strat guitar, a keyboard, tambourine, etc. that I use at home, but have not performed with them onstage.

Photo of Chhom Nimol, Dengue Fever

Chhom Nimol, Dengue Fever

My voice, make-up & wardrobes.

Photo of Exene Cervenka, X, the Knitters, and solo

Exene Cervenka, X, the Knitters, and solo

1964 gibson j50 acoustic, audix microphones.

Annie Palmer

"two-year old open-backed 5 string gold tone banjo late 90's Fender Telecaster thinline 1997 brown sunburst Ibanez acoustic-electric 70's bakelite Magnus chord organ with occasional appearances from the fake piano on my Macbook"

Jocelyn Greenwood from Jets Overhead

"1978 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass Ampeg SVT classic head Ampeg SVT 8x10 cab A couple of cool pedals"

Tasha Golden :: Ellery

"I generally write songs on the ancient, out-of-tune upright that presides over the hardwood floors of our Northern KY living room. On tour, I play a Yamaha P120 - It was built for home-use, but it has a great piano sound. It's also light, and it has built-in speakers - A definite plus for in-studio performances at small radio stations! My husband and music partner, Justin Golden, has been on a years-long quest to find the best travel-able microphone for my voice. After a Shure Beta 87, a Neumann, and a few others, we've landed with a Heil PR35, which feels like a solid fit. (Thanks, Heil!)"

Cheryl Lindsey, The Breeders, The Carrions, Tsk Tsk, Exene Cervenka

a red 1960's modified Marshall Head, Hiwatt cabinet and a beautiful tobacco burst Gibson Les Paul..

Maree McRae

Digital keys, guitar, 8ch mixer,JBLS

Photo of Catherine  Cavanagh, Chop Chop

Catherine Cavanagh, Chop Chop

I work in Protools 8 with Reason on an Imac. I play a Gibson SG - I also have an array of drum machines and musical toys I've gleaned from craiglist and ebay.

Photo of Lili Haydn

Lili Haydn

"I have a 250 year old English violin, and a big pedalboard full of vintage effects pedals which enables me to rock out or create a soundscape, or build a quirky love scene, or ominous forshadowing for a movie that i might be scoring. I also have a full recording studio, complete with a Pro-tools rig and microphones and lots of instruments and complicated software. "

Kat Burns - Forest City Lovers

I play a Hagstrom Futura 1965ish guitar and a Harmony Rocket (1957ish) and a Yamaha DJ-X Keyboard. I sing through whatever mic is available but prefer just a straight ahead sm57. I sometimes use a TC Helicon Harmony GXT vocal processor for certain effects.

Rebecca Martin

"Taylor cut away guitar Fender Princeton Amplifier"

Kim Bonner, The Backsliders

tamborine, morroccas

Photo of Chantal, Morningwood

Chantal, Morningwood

A bedazzled microphone.

Photo of Camilla Ingr

Camilla Ingr

I play an old Yamaha keyboard that we found in the trash, a Suzuki Q~Chord (which is a digital autoharp), two cymbals (chinese & small splash), a glockenspiel, sometimes a melodica, and I also use a small vibrator for playing the cymbals and glock. I run the keyboard and the Q~Chord through a four-channel mixer to a bass amp.

Photo of Lyla Vander, Des Roar

Lyla Vander, Des Roar

Ludwig kit. with 22 " kick, in natural wood finish (very classy I think). I use zildjan custom A pros for cymbals, hi-hats, ride and crash. I have have a Tama snare that I recently broke, so I use a ludwig snare in the meantime. My set-up is pretty straightforward- I play heavy floor tom, snare, kick and ride primarily. I don't have an elaborate set-up because simple, straightforward, heavy drums complement the music I play.

Megan Reilly

I play a Fender Bullet guitar and a Fender Princeton Reverb amplifier. I found my guitar at a consignment store in Memphis when I was eighteen. Jeff Evans of the Gibson Brothers saw it and told me I should go see it. People comment on it a lot. It's the only electric I've ever played. I love the sound of it. And I love the sound of my amp.

Marie Parker, Secret Cities

All I own personally is a horn, a cello, a computer with Sibelius notation software for our string arrangements, and a crappy old guitar that we don't use when we record or perform. Between the three of us, we also have electric guitars, a drum set, electric keyboards, some microphones, a couple of Digital Audio Workstations, and even a little bit of analog recording equipment.

Julia Cafritz, Free Kitten

Hondo Formula One and a Peavy Bandit 65...My first and only guitar and amp. No foot pedals except for the built in distortion. They sound great so I stay loyal. I like sound not gear.

Photo of Laura Pleasants, Kylesa

Laura Pleasants, Kylesa

"1989 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, Custom made aluminum neck guitar by Electrical Guitar Co., Guild Polara S-100 Marshall JCM 800 100w master lead, Orange OR50, Laney GH50 3 4x12 cabinets (Orange, Mesa Boogie, Krank) Fender Super Reverb Re-issue loads and loads of guitar effects pedals (delay, phaser, chorus, wah, flanger, etc)"

Photo of Lauren Denitzio, The Measure [sa]

Lauren Denitzio, The Measure [sa]

I play a '72 Fender Telecaster Reissue through a Vox AC30 head

Photo of Paz Lenchantin, The Entrance Band

Paz Lenchantin, The Entrance Band


Rykarda Parasol

I play a Gibson Melody Maker and am known for my wide vocal range, which can be quite low and smokey to very high. I am most often likened to a female Nick Cave, Diamanda Gallas, Nico.... My band performs live as a 4-piece with drums heavy on the toms, bass, backing vocals, and guitar.

Silvana Kane, PACIFIKA

"i travel with my own microphone, a cajon, a tambourine and some shakers... my wardrobe is also gear, as i dance throughout most of the performance. "

Sarah Saturday, Gardening, Not Architecture

I perform live playing bass and singing through two different mics, one running through a distortion pedal, with a MacBook running backing tracks through Logic, as well as controlling a hand-made LED light wall that is programmed with a series lighting cues for each song.

Photo of Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown

"Live gear is a Sure SM57 I co-own my own studio and we have the following gear: Select Mixing/Mastering gear:


* B&W 803S * Genelec 1032A

Monitor / Volume Controllers:

* Crane Song Avocet * Dangerous Music Monitor Controller * SPL Phonitor

A/D/A Converters:

* Crane Song HEDD-192 * Lavry AD122 96-MKIII * Apogee AD-16X * Lynx Aurora 16

Summing Mixers:

* Neve 8816 * Dangerous Music Mixer


* AKG K701 * Sennheiser HD 800


* Manley Stereo Variable-Mu * Crane Song STC-8 * API 2500 Stereo Buss Compressor * Chandler Limited TG1 * Rupert Neve Portico 5043 (x4)


* Cranesong IBIS * API 5500 Dual Equalizer * Avalon Design AS-2055 * Millennia NSEQ-2 * Inward Connections DEQ-1


* Sonic Studio soundBlade * UAD-1 plug-ins * Sonnox plug-ins * SSL Duende plug-ins * Algorithmix plug-ins * Flux Mastering Pack plug-ins * Weiss SARACON"

Rebecca Vernon, Subrosa

A tube Peavey pre-Butcher VTM ($200). A handmade cab with Celerion speakers ($200). A Schecter Diamond Series guitar ($287).

Dottie Alexander, of Montreal

Korg Radias, Kurzweil KME 61, Epiphone Dot semi hollow body guitar, early 1970's Fender reverb deluxe amp, multiple effects pedals, 2 Roland JX3P Synths

Photo of Gwyneth Moreland, I am the girl half of a boy/girl duo called Gwyneth & Monko

Gwyneth Moreland, I am the girl half of a boy/girl duo called Gwyneth & Monko

"I currently am performing with a '66 parlor-style guitar made by Framus (in the heart of Bovaria : ) My brother, Morgan Daniel is making me a custom guitar right now that I am really excited about and hope to be playing soon! My partner, Monko performs with a variety of instruments including a The Kentucky Mandolin, Taylor GA8 guitar and a Gretch Hollow body electric through a Fender Blues Jr."

Kimberly van der Velden, Daily Bread

"I've got a philicora organ, a dutch electronic organ from the sixties. Also got a microkorg XL synthesizer. I use a handmade ""Noisebox"", it's an old make-up box which has now build in with wires, transformers etc. It makes this kinda sounds: BLIEEEEEEP, KKKGGGGRRRRRR, PRRRRRAAAUWWWW (etc.). For my vocals I have a chorus pedal from Boss, and a homemade pre-amp. My vocals go through a DI. My amplifier for live is a Roland KC 550.

What I don't use in the band but is in my possession is: a Philips PMC 100, also a dutch product but from the eighties. I also have 2 another Philicorda organs and an ""airorgan"". Got a spanish guitar (which I can't play), and a ukelele (which I can play a little)."

Photo of Elizabeth Elkins, The Swear

Elizabeth Elkins, The Swear

"Guitars: two Gretsch duo jets, one Gretsch white penguin (I'm endorsed by Gretsch); Les Paul Standard, Epiphone Les Paul, Telecaster, Takamine acoustic Bass: 1978 Fender P-Bass Amps: Marshall JCM800, Sovtek Mig 50, Vox AC15"

Beth DeSombre

"The guitar I most frequently play is a Martin 00-18 (sunburst) that was the first instrument I saved up all my money (at the time) to buy used. I also sometimes play a Martin OM-18V or a Louden LSE II.

I mostly use whatever sound gear is at the venue, but have my own not especially notable sound system (and Shure SM58 vocal microphones) for when I need to provide my own sound."

Clare Muldaur Manchon from Clare and the Reasons

Oh! We use a deconstructed drum set for ages 2-4, the bass drum has "kaboom" written on it. I play a 1959 225 Gibson through a 1972 fender vibro champ. I also play a 1959 0018 Martin guitar that I inherited. Apparently, I have a connection with the year 1959... I also play a tambourine mounted onto a kick, so I can play it with my foot. My "boys" play cello, violin, clarinet, french horn, euphonium, keys, bass, percussion, and sing their hearts out. I prefer to sing through a beta 58, the bit of extra brightness makes my little voice cut more. I can't believe you asked about gear, what a fun question... I could go on and on.

Photo of Liz Hysen

Liz Hysen

2 acoustic Seagull guitars, an upright piano, a violin with Barcus Berry pick-up, a Music Man reverb amp, a loop station, reverb unit, Macbook with Garageband and Live software for recording, Shure mircrophone.

Sarah Elizabeth Foster

My gear is my voice.

Jenelle Coleman

My vocals & and microphone

Eleanore Everdell

For live performance, my band has a lot of gear. We rely on samples and backing tracks so we bring a soundsystem with us that lives on stage. We think of it as our third band member. Our general ethos is that all the sound being made in the house should also be represented by the sound coming off the stage. In order to make that happen we have samplers, a pre-amp/audio interface with 8 channel output, a laptop, a mixer...etc and a bazillion cables to make it all link together. That of course is separate from the live instrumentation: vocals, one synth, and massive guitars (for which I am not responsible.) In the practice space we have other gear that we geek out with for recording purposes. An MPC for making beats, other synths, and just general noise making paraphernalia. I was never a gear head before this band. I still wouldn't call myself one, but I've had to give myself a fast education in order to keep up. A lot is still a mystery but as I learn I'm finding myself less intimidated and more excited by the things I don't know.

Photo of Julia Kugel, The Coathangers

Julia Kugel, The Coathangers

"Fender twin amp, fender mustang guitar, tuner. The band consists of guitar, bass, keys, and drums."

Ana Egge

I built my acoustic guitar with luthier Don Musser and I play a National Estralita resonator guitar.

Di Gomes, Dayenu, The Shucks

I have a Cannonball Tenor Sax, Yamaha Alto Sax, Cort Custom Fretless Bass, Fender Strat, Yamaha Acoustic, HiLo Ukulele, harmonica, various keyboards. I run logic 9 on a MacBook pro with an Alesis io26 firewire 8-in interface

Eden Fineday, Vancougar

Yamaha solid-state amp. Fender Stratocaster ('62 reissue) sunburst guitar. Any microphone will do.

Joanie Leeds, Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights

I own have 4 mediocre guitars I use in schools but when performing at a live concert, I use my amazing acoustic Taylor Guitar (814 Grand Auditorium) which I have had for 10 years. It just got a nasty crack on the top of the wood but I am in denial about that. My first Taylor guitar was smashed on an airplane. That is quite the story and I haven't flown Airtran since. I usually work with the backline at the venue but for smaller gigs I use a Mackie 150 PA, a guitar bug and Shure wireless mic so I am wire free.


We use all different bands but are trying to lean more towards a full set up of one brand. We have a guitar player, thus a guitar amp; a bass player, thus a bass amp; a drummer, thus a drumkit and lots of percussion; a pianist, thus a keybaord; and we are all vocalists so four mics. We also tote around a PA if needed.

Photo of Emm Gryner

Emm Gryner

Yamaha P-90 in a custom built cherry piano shell, Hagstrom bass, Fender musicmaster '77, Seagull guitars (several).

Photo of Samantha Crain

Samantha Crain

"I play a Martin 00-18 through an SWR Strawberry Blonde amp and a Danelectro Convertible through an Orange Tiny Terror tube amp (using a Tube Screamer pedal whenever I can) I also have a Yamaha CP-70 (which is a type of electric piano that's also a small grand piano with actual hammers and strings) that was originally the piano used in my favorite band, Berry, but I bought it and, although its tough to travel with, I use it for recording."

Zina Goldrich

"I have a Mac Pro, with Logic I use East West soft synths, plus ""Ivory"" synth piano I have a Digi 002, plus a variety of plug ins that I use for recording. I record vocals at home often, but will also go out to a studio to complete projects."

Cynthia Nelson, Freesia

1980's Gibson SG guitar, 1990's Martin acoustic guitar, G&L bass, Fender amps (Vibrochamp, Hotrod), Ampeg bass amp, 1960's Slingerland drum kit, thrift store piano, student flute, pen and paper, cassette recorder, partner w/many nice mics and preamps and digital recording gear/know-how.

Erin Tidwell Overcasters

"Numerous guitars, 2 drumsets. Pearl Reference redline kit in white with a matching snare. I had a sparkle pearl reference that got jacked up after driving to New york to play Musichall of williamsburg with The Fluid. Wrecked our van and sat in the snow for 9 hours when it was -20 degrees in Joilet Illinois. A tree ripped through the side of the van and pulled my drums out! We cardboarded the van and made the show. Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon ended up at our show and that made the trip better for me! I play guitar and bass "

Sara Magenheimer, WOOM

I use a lot of different percussion instruments, mbira, claves, peruvian seed pods, etc, as well as a traditional drumset, but lately I've only been playing MPC (sampler/drum machine) and singing so I can move around and dance and interact with the audience more.

Jerry Casey

Computer with XP. Sibelius software and Finale software

Photo of God-des and She

God-des and She

We are a hip hop soul act so we sometimes travel with a Dj but normally we just roll in with our imtrumental CD and rock it. Pretty simple set up. I was in a rock band for many years and it was a pain haha.

Dana Falconberry

i play a nylon string guitar (ibanez). gina dvorak sings and plays a floor tom, which we run into a boss rc20 looping pedal. she also occasionally plays a banjo. lauren mcmurray sings and plays keyboard. sometimes we add other experimental instruments like coffee beans and crumpled paper.

Ash Reiter

I play a Eastwood Airline electric guitar and use a fender blues junior amp. I record at home using a program called Reaper.

Photo of Zambri


vintage synths, sampler, drums, bass, vocal effects, tiny amps.

Abby Musgrove

Not sure if this applies. My choirs wear tuxedos and dresses, often have black folders and sheet music. We sometimes use a piano or organ, and sometimes a full orchestra. Occasionally, we put together a small band for more popular selections.

Photo of Carmen Souza

Carmen Souza

Wurlitzer and Rhodes, and acoustic guitar Takamine (steel guitar) and nylon guitar from a portuguese luthier called Antonio Santos, and a Jazz guitar from an English luthier Westfield.

Photo of Sara Renner of Sara Renner & The Elements

Sara Renner of Sara Renner & The Elements

I have recently acquired two Peavey PA speaker cabinets and rack mount case..so I guess i now have "gear". I'm trying to assemble a small PA for my smaller acoustic shows. Other than that, it's just my voice box and my body. :) My band members, officially called "Elements", are constantly talking about their "gear" so I feel like I know a lot about it. I can BS my way thru any gear conversation and manage to sound impressive. At least that's what I've been told. What a strange question!

Melissa McClelland

Martin D18 1973. Telecaster 1966. Pedal board with distortion, reverb, tremolo. Custom made amp built from a bell & howell film projector, called a Bernie.

Tory Daines, Those Mockingbirds

My acoustic violin for recording, quartets, and symphony orchestras is a Chinese Yang and Zu copy of Guarnerius del Gesu with a Brazilian D. Chagas Bow. My stage violin is an acoustic electric Barcus Berry with a red sunburst finish. I use a cheaper synthetic fiber bow for this violin because tour instruments usually succumb to damage. For both violins I use a Kun shoulder rest, and Pirastro Vision strings. I also play a Korg Dw8000 keyboard like many of the pianists in the rock word. When playing a live show I plug both instruments in direct. I don't have a preference of microphone or amp.

Traci Eggleston, Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

I use a Frafisa Combo Compact, the same keyboard Ray Manzarek and Richard Wright used.

Photo of Sandra McCracken

Sandra McCracken

We have a studio in the backyard, very simple set-up...a collection of guitars, a set of bells, Nord keyboard, an upright piano, a half a dozen good mics, and pro-tools. We are self-sustaining. It pays the bills and keeps us out of trouble. It's sort of our own version of a family farm.

Megan Birdsall, MBird

I have the same fiddle I've had since I was 8...I play an 85' Fender Acoustic and an Alvarez. I use a Peavey Portable PA when appropriate. I have a Sennheiser mic a Shure 55S mic. I use a Blue Snowball series mic for Macbook webcam streaming for live videos. I use music stands I stole from my college shhhhh:)

Angela McCluskey


Eve Goldfarb

"Several good Shure vocal mics; an eight track mixing board; four high quality monitors; two high quality performance speakers

A 1923 Steinway A grand piano

An absolutely amazing unaccompanied vocal music library of printed music, of many genres and times."

Photo of Alli Rogers

Alli Rogers

I normally travel with a Lowden acoustic guitar and a small Nord Keyboard. Occasionally I will bring along a cello player.

Ruth Gerson

"I play a Guild. And if a venue is without a piano, I use a Roland Juno. Often will bring a beta 58. And I created and use the Singingbelt, http://www.Singingbelt.com - it's a device that trains singers in diaphragmatic breath support."

Photo of Nona Invie, Dark Dark Dark

Nona Invie, Dark Dark Dark

I have a Technics keyboard that is full-size and has weighted keys. I have a nice Silvio Soprani 120-Bass accordion that I mic with AKG condensor mics.

Photo of Heather McIntosh, Gnarls Barkley, Circulatory System, used to play w Lil Wayne

Heather McIntosh, Gnarls Barkley, Circulatory System, used to play w Lil Wayne

cello, same one i have had since 6th grade, swr california blonde amp, lr baggs acoustic di w sweepable mid, music man ernie ball electric bass, american made from when i used to play punk rock stuff when i first got to college. borrowed upright bass, ampeg 60s b15 portaflex amp, i also play a small bodied guild acoustic guitar, and i recently acquired a girls gone wild electric guitar from my times with lil wayne.

Shannon Steele

"What I play regularly: violin with quarter inch pickup, harmonica, glockenspiel. What I play at home: violin, viola, upright bass, acoustic guitar, banjo, electric guitar (an imitation les paul called ""the paul"")"

Diane Cluck

I've been playing mostly the same Seagull guitar for about nine years. I've enjoyed using BPM microphones. That's about it. I now have an electric piano, mostly for home-use, that replaced the Kranich & Bach spinnet I played for five years and could no longer move with.

Tracy Bonham

violin with electric pick up. Epiphone Coronet guitar with Fender Princeton amplifier. Guild acoustic guitar, and Martin D-15 acoustic guitar.

Ariana of Admiral Radley & also Earlimart

Fender p-bass, Yamaha Motif keyboard, various other keyboards, ampeg amp, etcetc

Beth Waters

I have a keyboard for performing, a Breedlove acoustic guitar, a couple of 58 shure mics, and some recording equipment for home (including condenser mics, preams and computers).

Rupa, Rupa & The April Fishes

i have a gretsch JR 6120 guitar with a vox AC15 amp for electric. for acoustic, i have an esteve nylon string guitar with a regular guitar neck (good for small hands). i like BOSE chromatic tuners. and i use a sennheiser E835 mic on the road.

Susan L. Yasinski Group, Susan and the SurfTones

"Fender Stratocaster Hofner bass (Beatle bass) ""No name"" drum kit"

Lisa Mathews, Milkshake

I play a 1980 Ibanez guitar I call Creampuff. A black hardshell case covered in bumper stickers from places Milkshake has played keeps Creampuff safe when I travel. My ukelele is a bright green Makala I received as a gift from fellow woman musicians Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer. I also have a Sony wireless hand held microphone which allows me to move freely on stage and off into the kiddie mosh pit that seems to be a fixture at a Milkshake show.

Juju Stulbach, Undersea Poem

One cordless microphone. Two hand painted tambourines and a cheap C harmonica.


"Classical Guitar, Shure 58 Mic, Boss RC 50 Loopstation, Petal Board,

Band: Upright Bass, Drums, Keys

Extra: Cello, Viola and Violin"

Coco, The Ettes

I play a knockoff Tele made by a company called Jay Turser, who repeatedly ignore my requests for a sponsorship, considering their guitars aren't made well and mine is so busted, it's on its last legs. But I like it, it's light and fits my tiny, tiny hands. They should totally give me a sponsorship, I'm the only person I know who plays their crappy ripoff guitars! I run that guitar through my baby, a vintage Sears Silvertone 1484. I don't like pedals, so that amp gives me everything I need, via tremelo and reverb, as well as cracking good gain. I'll be buried with that amp.

Sarah Dashew

I have a beautiful Taylor 714-CE that's been taking a beating onstage for a long time, my dad's 1965 Martin D-35 that he bought new, a very young cherry red Gibson 335, a Yamaha S90 ES keyboard, and various harmonicas. Plus an egg shaker or two.

Submitted Anonymously

Steinway "L" piano, IMAC, ProTools, Finale and other software, Genelec speakers, several externals hard drives.

Rachele Eve Guastella

I have an Acoustic Taylor 110, Baby Taylor for travel, Boss RC-20XL Loop Station RC20X, Korg Chromatic Tuner Pedal, ProTools MBox, MXL Recording Condenser and Room Mic Set, and a Yamaha 6 Channel Mixer and Two Speaker/Monitors


Fender telecaster, Duesenbrg guitar, Martin guitar, 1960 vintage Hummingbird, Vox AC30.

Leslie Sisson, The Wooden Birds and Matt Pond PA

Fender Tele Thinline guitar, Fender Blues Jr amp, assortment of Boss pedals including Tremelo, Delay/Reverb, Overdrive, EQ

Clara Kebabian

"Chinese model electric violin A nice acoustic violin Boss GT6 pedal Boss Octave pedal Pitch Harmonizer pedal Line 6 loop pedal Boss LoopRC-20XL A few guitars A few amplifiers (SWR, Peavey)"

Jana Herzen

1950 Gibson Accoustic guitar with Cutaway

Photo of Lys Guillorn

Lys Guillorn

"At the moment I'm switching between a parlor Larrivee acoustic guitar, and a '72 Fender Mustang electric. I've been using a vintage Fender Deluxe amp live, and I have a Gibson Minuteman amp for practice. I play a burgundy Kalamazoo lap steel from around 1940.

I have a banjo made by a friend of mine, and another from around 1910. I play a lot of other stuff on my recordings (Fender Rhodes, mandolin, bells). "

Bari Koral, Bari Koral Family Rock Band

gibson and martin acoustic guitar, jay turser electric guitar, fender amp

Esme Patterson, Paper Bird

all acoustic: guitar, banjo, upright bass, trombone, trumpet, 3 vocals

Julia Richter

professional quality flute & piccolo

Tara Vanflower, Lycia

Ibanez guitars, Kawai Synth, Acid 4.0, Anwida FX, Digitech, Boss, GSP fx

Lucia Turino, The Devil Makes Three

I play a sunrise san clemente 1/2 size bass with a K&K Bassmax pickup through a ampeg svt 450 solid state head and an aguilar 2 12 cab. Its not the most acoustic sound you can get but it is consistent and is less prone to feedback issues than other set ups I've tried.

Gayelynn Mckinney

I use Pearl Drums, Vic Firth Drum Sticks, Sabian Cymbals.

Elizabeth and the Catapult

Helpenstill Piano(portable hell of a piano, VERY heavy)

Merica Lee, The Naked Heroes

I have a big, white, dirty Mapex. I'm definitely not precious about my gear. It would be cool to have some sort of vintage Vistalite but I think it's more punk rock to have a K-mart brand, ya know?

Submitted Anonymously

Mac, m-audio interface, midi controller keyboard, Reason, Garage Band.

Ariane Cap

"Electric Basses: I am endorsed by two European boutique bass manufacturers, Marleaux and Fibenare 4 string, 5 string 6 string Consat Marleau 5 string Votan Marleaux Fretless 5 string Fibenare

Bohemian Upright from the 1900s

I am also endorsed by Eden amplifiers (World Tour 800 and several cabs) as well as Looperlative Looper pedals

Gear also includes a host of pedals, loopers, a home studio, several pianos, a PA etc"

Photo of Tessa Souter

Tessa Souter

Mackie mini mixer. Digitech RV stereo reverb unit. AKH 535 microphone. Leads.
There has definitely been a huge increase in women instrumentalists. Nowadays when I tell people I am a musician, they ask "What instrument do you play?" But the assumption only five years ago was always "Are you a singer?" Having said that, there's still room for improvement: Carla Bley, the amazing American composer, bandleader and pianist who has been absolutely gigantic in Europe since the 1960s was billed in a serious newspaper that should have known better as "the singer Carla Bley" the last time she performed at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London in 2009. Which isn't to say there's anything wrong with being a singer, of course, just that although they remain an important part of the jazz scene, they aren't the only thing.

Kit Wallach, Gracious Calamity

Gracious Calamity = uke + guitar +vox. Sometimes other things.

Kristie Rethlefsen, The Very Foundation

As of now, I just use mics that the band already has and I borrow a Nord Electro 2 from one of 3 friends that have them.

Rennie Sparks, The Handsome Family

"Gold Tone banjo Hofner bass guitar"

Chrisopher Clara Brasseur

I use the notation program Sibalius to create all of my scores. Recently I have begin using the program SuperCollider to make my computer parts.

Photo of Olof Arnalds

Olof Arnalds

When playing alone I have one nylon string guitar, one small parlor steal string guitar, one charango. When my friend David Thor Jonsson joins me at the stage he adds a bigger steal string guitar, kalimba and piano (preferably grand piano) to the equation. If he's around I like to play my violin-viola too.

Monica Jackson

Greg Alf violin, modeled on Guadagnini, circa 1984

Danika Holmes

I play a Taylor 614ce and LOVE it! In terms of amps and the rest, my band mates take care of that part thank goodness and I'm really thankful to them for that.

Susan Morton

Steinway grand M 1922

Gazelle Amber Valentine, Jucifer

wall of amplification!! over the years has manifested as anywhere from 10 to 20 cabinets... currently 14 cabinets, mostly bass gear although i play a guitar. lots of ampeg cabs and some other oddities... lots of gallien kreuger and peavey heads along with an ampeg 5-pro and a marshall monoblock.

Razia Said

drums/bass/2 guitars/keys or accordion/vocals

Jackie Stewart, Smegma

Old equipment from learning institutions, such as a Rheem Califone turntable ( I have four) or a Newmark portable (for overseas travel), A Boss Digital delay pedal, A volume pedal, assorted amplifiers, assorted percussion such as bells, whistles, flutes, music boxes.

God-Des & She

Ha-ha, our gear is REALLY simple. We bring a CD and the venue's provide our microphone’s, monitors, and a PA system

Lóa Hlín, FM Belfast


Dr. Jennifer Kelly, Lafayette College

My baton, my hands, colored pencils, scores, enthusiastic ensembles, scholarship on composers and performance practice, and a continued desire to learn.

Anna Rose

Basically, my setup is very simple, I primarily play my acoustic Taylor guitar and plug in through a DI box. I don't carry my own mic around, but I probably should! In the future I plan to be using more of my other guitars in my live shows, which include a National Steel, various hollow-body and solid-body electrics and other acoustics.

Monique Buzzarté

Bach Stradavarius 42B trombone with Thayer valve and Minick leadpipe. For live processing: MacBook Pro with Max/MSP, Max for Live, and Ableton Live 8 software; RME Fireface audio interface; RFX MP1288 MidiWizard pedalboard, custom slide-mounted interactive performance interface see http://www.buzzarte.org/interface.html; 4 custom built spherical speakers,


Voice,acustic cello

Photo of Jessica Bailiff

Jessica Bailiff

I have a computer I use for recording, as well as a 4-track cassette. Instruments include: Fender Jaguar electric guitar, 12-string electric (custom-made hybrid Vox Phantom & fender Shenandoah), Fender Musicmaster bass, Ampeg Jet II guitar amp, Korg monophonic synth, violin, cello, recorder, various percussion instruments, etc.

Photo of Erin Barra

Erin Barra

"These are the three different versions of my live set

Solo: I run a vintage Wurlitzer keyboard and my voclas through a Digi Tech loop station and effects processor. From there, I build loops live, effect and mix them - and the cornerstone of all my live sets is my Melodica which I solo on and add texture with.

Full Band: Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitar, Me on vocals and Melodica

3 PARTS ILL: DJ droping break beats and sampling records, Guitar player running an extensive pedal setup though both a guitar and bass amp (very tricky) and me on key, vocals and melodica. "

Perley Rousseau, Sonny & Perley

"Sennheiser microphone, Peavey powered mixer, EV and JBL speakers, various persussion (shakers, rain stick, bells, claves, etc.), cordless Shure Beta Microphone, Yamaha monitor, speaker poles, lighting poles and lights."

Photo of Naomi Yang / Damon & Naomi / Galaxie 500

Naomi Yang / Damon & Naomi / Galaxie 500

"Bass: 1968 cherry red EB-2 Gibson bass. Amps: Ampeg B-12, B-18 fliptops and for travelling Phil Jones Suitcase amp. Keyboard: Nord Electro 3"

Kristy Osmunson

I play on a variety of fiddles, my main two were built by friends of mine, one in Idaho, the other here in Nashville. I am a huge fan of PRS guitars. I have two, one is the most incredible hollow body. There have only been twelve made. I am a very spoiled girl. (Actually, I've practiced hard.) And I have play an Epiphone acoustic that is my FAVORITE!!! I'm still saving for the amp that I want. It's a Bogner. I sing through a Crown mic, and I have all Sure wireless gear. I play exclusively on Glasser bows, my favorite are his carbon fiber braid. Shall I start on my pedels? My new favorite is this Alv

Annie Fitzgerald

When I go on my upcoming tour this fall, I plan to bring a simple PA system for house concerts (haven't bought it yet), My Martin D35 and Martin J15, and all of the lovely accessories to go along with them. I'm debating throwing my Roland EP9 in the car, but that might be more hassle than help.

Kendall Jane Meade, Mascott

"Gibson ES 122 Wurlitzer Electric Student Piano Fender Deluxe Reverb amp"

Photo of Andrea Rogers, Night Driving in Small Towns

Andrea Rogers, Night Driving in Small Towns

I play a mini KORG onstage but also have several keyboards.

Photo of Ann Savoy

Ann Savoy

Custom pearl inlaid Martin parlor guitar, 1953 Gretcsh acoustic/electric(black with sunburst finish), chrome body resonator guitar, Acadian Cajun accordion, rough fiddle for Cajun style, vintage banjo mando, boss tuner and eq

Brooke Waggoner

Yamaha keyboard, Neumann microphone, and sometimes an Alesis Keyboard. I bring out other players with me as well such as drums, bass, lap steel, guitar, violins, cellos, harp, other singers.... all depending on the tour/show.

Photo of VV Brown

VV Brown

Moniter, Mic, bass,guitar, melodica, megaphone, drums, vintage mics, vocoda

Submitted Anonymously

Hollow-bodied electric guitar (JMS/old framus) and Fender blue junior amp. Sometimes I sing through a line-6 delay pedal, sometimes I use an overdrive pedal with my guitar.

Robin Renee

Right now my gear is pretty simple. I play a Taylor 612CE guitar and a Bina harmonium most of the time. I use various percussion instruments and play through a small acoustic amp. I like the stripped-down sound and it is easy to tour that way, but I miss the full sound of the recordings and want to produce something bigger. I am currently working on expanding my live sound to incorporate a mix of natural samples and electronica using a laptop and midi.

Karla Schickele, Ida and k

1 Fender Precision bass, 1 Gallien-Krueger amp.

Laurine Celeste Fox

"Very large collection of scores and records/tapes/CDs.

Computer w/ Finale and Sibelius software."

Courtney Kaiser, Kaiser Cartel

We use a small customized drum kit (everything fits into itself which is needed since we our in a Toyota Prius), two acoustic guitars (both Gibson's from the 50's and 60's), two Princeton reverb amps from the 70s, a Dulcetina (which is similar to a Harmonium), one Orff metallophone, children's glockenspiel and chromatic glockenspiel, muff pedal, home made tremelo pedal, and the most important which is a battery powered milk frother.

Stephanie Budge, Cadette

"fender jazz bass, kustom amp head and cab"

Heather Dea Jennings

Sonaré flute, Novation ReMOTE keyboard controller, AKAI EWI, MacBook Pro with Pro-tools M-Powered, MOTU digidesign, Reason, Native Instruments Komplete/Kore 5.0, Finale 2010, Sibelius 6.0, , two Shure KSM-32 microphones, 1 Avantone Microphone, 2 Shure SM-58 microphones, M-audio microtrack, M-audio keyboard controller, M-audio firewire solo, M-audio fast-track pro, Apogee, Yamaha SY77 and TG77 keyboard/module, flutes and percussion from various cultures, didgeridoo, tamboura

Susan Slesinger

I use an electronic keyboard or piano, paper and pencil or Finale software to compose

Shunda K, Yo! Majesty

All I need is 1 MIC!!!

Mother Banjo

My gear is simple--I simply mic my banjo and my voice.

Melissa Beattie. Band name: True Womanhood

"BASS GUITARS: Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass Gibson SG Bass

BASS AMPLIFIER: 1969 Blue Line Ampeg SVT

PEDALS: Boss Delay; Boss Metal Machine; Whammy pedal; Death by Audio Octave Clang pedal"

Nicole Kern, Balmorhea

Cello, 2 bows, L.R. Baggs DI, Barcus-Berry pickup and preamp

Mama Doni Band

"My first 4 albums were recorded either:

1. In my kitchen 2. In my basement 3. In a home studio in Brooklyn 4. In a home studio in Jersey City

Recognized in The New York Times, LA Times, The Jewish Daily Forward, New York Post, The Star-Ledger, The Record, Time Out New York Kids, New Jersey Jewish News, The Jewish Week, Jewish Woman International Magazine, and more....Performed over 175 concerts since May 2008."

Photo of Samantha Stephenson, The Gypsy Nomads

Samantha Stephenson, The Gypsy Nomads

"Mic: Shure beta 58 Percussion: Sabian cymbals, various LP percussion (tambourines, maracas, shakers, castenets...), Djembe (I bought when I was in the Ivory Coast), string with bells, chestnut shaker, seed pod, zills, Drums: Pearl drums"

Photo of June Millington

June Millington

"many guitars: '57 Les Paul, old Stratcocaster, Les Paul Jr and Jazzmaster as well; a one-of-a-kind Alembic (electric); Taylor T-5 and C112 ce. Many others, but these I would say are my favorites. As for amps, I still stick mostly with Fenders, of which I have many - both vintage and new t(hey support IMA, incidentally). Finally, pedals - I might use an overdrive or a reverb effects pedal, but have gotten over being too fancy with all that. The thing I mostly look for is the overdrive ""lead"" sound, which many amps supply now anyway, with on/off footswitch."

Photo of Vassy


"me with dancers, or me with acoustic set up, guitar or piano change it up for diff shows"

Photo of Madeline Gallo

Madeline Gallo

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak, a vintage synth that my siblings and I got for Christmas in the mid-80s. I also have a mediocre viola for when I play in orchestras.

Aurore Ounjian. Mean Creek

Fender Telecaster, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp, Boss + Electro-Harmonix pedals, and Hohner Blues Harps.

Miss Murgatroid

1920's bejeweled dallape accordion, vintage drums, lots of effect pedals

Nicole Chamberlain

Powell Boston Conservatory Flute, Jupiter di Medici Piccolo, Finale 2009, Digi ProTools

Heather Edwards

"Steinway 1903B

Alesis "

Photo of Leandra Peak, Neal & Leandra

Leandra Peak, Neal & Leandra

Fischmann blenders plugged into a 6 channel amp, shure SM 58s for vocals, Klipsch speakers - I play a Gibson J-45 and Neal plays a Taylor 710.

Nive Nielsen

"I have a bunch of live gear - and then studio gear (in greenland there ´s not much see, so I did lots of stuff myself by trial and error - and soldering a lot) * live: 2nd hand nice taylor acoustic, little red ukulele with bottle cap PU, hagstrom I and silvertone U1, old beat up Kay jazz bass, oliver amp and dynacord jazzII amp. All through small mixer, boomerang II, and a bunch of stomp boxes * studio: my favorite guitar is my kay jazz II, and I also love to use my hagstrom Impala. For acoustics it´s the taylor still. I have some stuff from the streets that we restored - bunch of amps, a hohner pianet, eko bass pedals, an old pump organ. I share a small ludwig jazz drum kit. Have a bunch of cheap mics (rode N1, some SM57s, and a couple old AKGs I got from the local radio station). Slowly fixing an old broadcast telefunken 50s mixer - otherwise I use my apogee duet (2nd hand also - I have no newly owned stuff yet) with sometimes a super sweet preamp I got from a friend who stopped recording. I ´m a not-so-technical musician I ´m afraid so I use a lot of crap gear and instruments and just look for a specific sound. Use quite some effects -analog mostly- and I spend a lot of time figuring out what ´s wrong with them hehe."

Photo of Bettye LaVette

Bettye LaVette

My voice and my body and my dancing shoes.

Heather Perkins

"Electric and acoustic guitars, nyckelharpa, clarinet, sax, synthesizers, handheld and gestural electronics (AirFX, theremin, Kaoss pads, etc.) Waterphone, uke, dulcimer, Omnichord, Stylophone - and multiple other percussion instruments, noisemakers and the like.

I own an operate a computer-based electro/acoustic music, sound and recording studio, which is also a project studio for my commercial work doing music and sound design for multimedia and performance."

Faith Fusillo, ISIS

"Guitars: 1975 Les Paul (blonde) and 2005 Fender Resonator Amp: 1975 Fender Twin Reverb; 1960 Fender Tube Amp"

Jimena Villalobos/ Bring That Shit. A hardcore punk band

My gear being my voice, is powerful one. One that speaks out how I feel when I peforme and one that gets the point across

Photo of Janis Ian

Janis Ian

"On stage: Two ""Janis Ian model"" Santa Cruz guitars, one in standard tuning, one detuned, each with D'Addario strings and Planet Waves headstock tuner. Pedal Board - Boss PS-2 A/B pedal, Boss delay pedal (old), original Dunlop Wah-Wah pedal, Boss phaser, occasional Boss chorus, TU-12 tuner, Baggs DI, Planet Waves cables. Shure KSM-9 or Shure Beta 87-C microphone; tripod mic stand with double-telescoping boom; bar stool to hold flowers, water, tea, picks. D'Addario/Planet Waves flatpicks (custom); Yamaha Japan thumbpicks (custom).

At home/in storage: Numerous guitars, including 1975 Les Paul, D'Aquisto, Bozo, Martin, Kevin Ryans Yamaha electric keyboard Old Steinway upright piano Various other pieces of gear for studio use (inc. percussion, banjo, bowed psaltery, Evo autoharp, mandolin, National Steel, harmonicas)"

Photo of Eternia


I don't make music, I am more of a songwriter / vocalist. I do own an mbox 2 Mini at home with a rhode mic and Mac to record on but I prefer to record at other studios rather than my own bedroom - I'm oldschool I guess.

Angie Lynch, Sasquatch Mountain

My band has a full sound-board and large amps. Our drumkit is homemade. My instrument is a banjitar(6 string banjo) which I play into a microphone.

Photo of Eve Sicular

Eve Sicular

"Drumset: WFL piccolo snare, Gretsch red sparkle vintage round-badge four-piece kit (two mounted toms, one floor tom, 20"" bass drum). One Sabian crash, one splash cymbal, one early '80s Paiste ride, Zildjian hi-hats, woodblock, cowbell.

Dumbeq (hand drum) ceramic with faux parchment head

Daire (frame drum) with parchment head and internal jingle rings"

Emily Jane White

"1962 Gibson J-45 1955 Gibson ES200 Fender Tube Amps Roland Digital Piano"

Photo of Raina Rose

Raina Rose

"1980's shure SM 59 vocal mic custom made Bayard Blain acoustic guitar with an LR Baggs pickup mid-missouri brand mandolin (i'd love a nicer one) a hardware store bucket with a strap and brushes (makes a great drum)"

Corrie Harrigan, Kitten Forever

I play a super minimal drum kit, kick drum, floor tom, snare, and crash cymbal. It's the kit I learned how to play on when I was 15 and it always just seemed like all you really needed.

Saskia Lane, The Lascivious Biddies

I play on an upright Pollman bass, use a realist pickup and a GK amp. I also play electric bass, using an old 60s Hofner.

Canie Ritchson

My gear? Sorry, I am not sure what you are asking. :-)

Genevieve Patterson, Paper Bird

Singing is the best because you never have to haul your instrument or leave it behind. I have it with me wherever i go.

Laura Larson, Cadette and Kitten Forever

I generally don't invest a ton of money into nice equipment and a lot of gear I use is shared among friends in other bands. In Cadette I have a Palamino tube amp and a sparkly black Squire Stratocaster guitar. In Kitten Forever I use whatever bass guitar and amp is lying around the basement, along with a Boss Overdrive/Distortion guitar pedal.

Photo of Claudia Schmidt

Claudia Schmidt

Guitar, dulcimer, me. .a small sound system when I need it, one spreaker and 4-channel mixer. .usually my venues have sound or I don;t need it.

Photo of Poni Silver, The Ettes

Poni Silver, The Ettes

"Kirchoff Schlagwerk Drum kit in a cognac sparkle! 24"" kick drum 18"" floor tom 14"" snare

Sabian Cymbals 14"" AAX stage hats 16"" Xplosion crash 20"" AAX stage ride

Vic Firth Sticks 5B

Remo drum heads"

Jane Vincent, Abiku and Morgaine

"I have tons of gear! In Abiku, I play a Moog Liberation through an Ampeg V4B and an 8X10. We also use a 3200 watt PA for our drum machine (2X15 subs, and 2X15 mains with horns). In Morgaine I play a Roland Juno 60, a Sequential Circuits Prelude, and a Realistic (Moog designed) MG-1. I'm a serious keyboard collector. I also have a Jackson Rhoads guitar, various beloved 90's Peavey amps (really beloved, one of them will be my next tattoo) a few Kustom Tuck n' Roll cabs and heads, an Arp Explorer, and well, a lot more. A collector, like I said."

Natalja Mari, Minimum Of None (MINIM)

Mainly use casio keyboards, a tibetan bell, a microphone, a cassette player and a dictaphone.

Sarah Shannon, The Not-Its!


Jane Herships

"1960 Les Paul Jr, electric guitar (Mahogony) 1958 Les Paul Jr. amp (beige) Martin acoustic guitar Parlour guitar of unknown origin. Given to me by an ex-boyfriend. May be as old as 1930s. 1980's Harmony bass - got it for 100$ - added Fender pickups - now it's awesome 1990 Fender sidekick amp - 15th birthday present from dad when I first started playing.


Jolie Holland

I generally play instruments that are about 50 years old. I have 3 amps, 2 usable acoustic guitars I mostly use to write on, a sparkly gold electric guitar I never play, 2 great guitars (each other's back-up) that I play on stage. That's the flat-black (pre-Gibson) Epiphone from 1948, restored by Keith Cary, and the Guild with the P-90 pickups from the early 50's, which is a truly sweet guitar. I have a Krakauer piano from the 1940s, ebony--shining gorgeous thing, needs new bass strings which is an expensive job. I have an erhu from China with a (farmed) pythonskin drumhead. I have a violin made in one day on a dare by my friend who had never made a violin, Stefan Jecusco. He makes really magical instruments. I have a museum quality Stroviol from 1905, made by Stroh, my 'nicest' instrument. It sounds like a crazy dream. I have a sweet old Cohn cornet I can barely play. I have a banjo I hardly play. I have a cute old autoharp, and god knows how many other instruments. I loaned out a pack of ukuleles that may never come home to roost.

Danielle Sullivan, Typhoon

A microphone! Pro Tools for recording.

Dot Allison

"Logic 9, Mac Book, Yamaha Keyboard - Weighted Keys, SM58, AKG mic, Mackie 16 channel console, Soundcard, 001, Zoom FX, Takemine guitar, Tangle wood 6 string,"

Cherish Alexander, Bella Bazarria

"I have about 6 electric guitars ranging from telecaster to strat to les paul. 3 acoustics. one ovation the rest takamini. I also have a few basses {acoustic and electric} fender jazz bass. 2 keyboards. my baby is the roland. we have 2 upright pianos in our house and a drum set just for jamming. then all the other amps. marshalls, line 6 etc."


"I play electric and acoustic guitars - i started playing slide guitar in 2003. Since then, it has become somewhat of a signature for me. I play vintage Supro guitars through vintage Supro amps when i play slide. My favorite slide combo is a 1959 Supro Dual Tone through the matching amp...i bought them on ebay about 4 years ago- LOVE, LOVE , LOVE them!

I also regularly play a mid 90-s Martin HD28, a late 90's Gibson Chet Atkins, a Gibson Everly Brothers reissue, a 73' Strat, and a few Hamer Duotones....they are both electric and acoustic."

Maia Sharp

I travel with a Nord Electro 2 keyboard for the killer Wurlitzer and Rhodes sounds, a Taylor 514 acoustic guitar that runs through a Tone Bone PZ-Pre pre amp, a Porchboard for stomping, a Selmer Mark VI soprano sax and 2 Neumann KMS 105 microphones. In the studio I use Vegas, a Yamaha 01V board and a slew of mics, mic pres, acoustic guitars that I would never take on a plane and random instruments everywhere.

Liz Fullerton. Dutch

1 acoustic Olympia, 1 electric danelectro, 1 glass of bourbon and 1 vintage dress.

Photo of Karolyn Troupe, Venice is Sinking

Karolyn Troupe, Venice is Sinking

I play the viola and uke through a Sano accordion tube amp with a 15 inch speaker and two 8 inch speakers. Every once in a while I will kick on my Boss DD5 delay pedal.

Photo of Renee LoBue

Renee LoBue

An upright piano, an old Casio keyboard from the 80s, a Fender Rhodes piano bass (that used to belong to Tom Verlaine of the amazing band, Television) and boxes of broken analog tape recorders that I keep replacing due to too much songwriting!(I've tried to get into digital recording - I even purchased an M-Box and Protools, but can't get into it.) I love writing onto tape recorders that much.

Nicole Simone

Upright Steinway piano from the 1800's. Autoharp from the 1940's. Marxophone from the 1920's. Kay Kraft guitar from the 1930's.

Martha Munizzi

Lana Mir

"Computer,amp,speaker,monitor,mixer,microphone. Bass,synthesizer,guitar, glockenspiel, percussions, melodica."

Niva Chow, Dearly Beloved

shure 57 mic, miscellaneous tambourines, shakers, alesis micron se keyboard, ibanez roadstar 2 bass

Megan Jacobs

well i'm a singer - so i have to keep my body and voice in tune, in shape and warm all the time....if i'm being good to my instrument that is : ) I also play the Keys. If i had the choice- i'd always pick The Wurlitzer- and electric piano from the 70's. I lug that baby around with me as far as i can. If i'm flying somewhere i'll take my carry on NORD keyboard which sounds close enough.

Diana Darby

A red Fender electric guitar and a Vox amp.

Kimme, Suxxcess Records

1950's style dresses, Baby Doll dresses, Urban-Chic

Blake Hazard, The Submarines

I have a vintage Kapa Continental guitar, basically a hundred dollar guitar--though they are becoming more popular. I bought it when it came through the guitar shop where I worked in Cambridge, MA, for a few years. It was love at first sight--and I could actually afford it at the time. I've played other guitars, but I always come back to this one. One of these days I'd like to buy a Creston Electric, made by a friend in Vermont. I also play a flower-strewn glockenspiel and a melodica.

Photo of Jesse Sposato, Holy Hail

Jesse Sposato, Holy Hail

I have an old Japanese drum kit. It's red and sparkly, pretty tiny, and doesn't even have a brand name on it. It's super easy to fit into a van (or SUV for that matter), and there was always one piece missing so someone had to make me a special custom part to connect my rack tom to the kick drum. it always impresses me, seriously, every time!

Karen Waltuch, The Roulette Sisters

"1992 Viola, House of Weaver, DC Barcus Berry pick-up"

Photo of Ellen Rowe, Ellen Rowe Quartet and Ellen Rowe Trio

Ellen Rowe, Ellen Rowe Quartet and Ellen Rowe Trio

Steinway piano.

Photo of Samantha Maloney

Samantha Maloney

Sonor Drums, Zildian Cymbals, Roland VDRUMS, Roland Keyboards, Apple Computer, Digital Performer.

Alison, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

I have a Roland Juno-D keyboard and Roland KC 550 amplifier. Don't know the make of my tambourine.

Melodie Bryant

Mac and many soft synths, digital board I'm selling, some outboard gear (synths) and Kurzweil 6400

Maria Tiscia

I own Bose speakers both 802s and 402s. Have a Mackie mixer, a Walter Woods amplifier, a Lexicon reverb unit. A tri-cart to transport gear. I also own an electric piano.

Kathryn Doherty-Chapman, Acres of Diamonds, Kitten Disaster

the same crappy Sun drum kit i have had since i was 16, with an awesome maple Drum workshop snare. i need to upgrade soon.

Nancy Falkow

"1950 Gibson LG 1 Fender Pro Junior Amp Ibanez bass Crappy yamaha keyboard Shure Beta 58a Shure 58


Patti Rothberg

"Fender strat, takamine acoustic electric fender squier bass"

Lorraine McGurt, American Speedway

"Schecter strat/ Handmade Les Paul/ BC Rich Strat Randall half stack"

Veronica; Loafass

Rickenbacher Bass, Danelectro Bass, Ampeg cabinet and head, as well as a Genz Benz bass head

Sara Radle. I am in Walking Sleep, and also perform and release records under my own name.

My baby is my Martin OM28 acoustic guitar, followed by my Rhodes electric keyboard. I play a few different electric guitars, including a Schecter and a Danelectro. I play through a Fender re-issue DeVille amp. I have some other random guitars and effects I use, but the ones mentioned are the ones I mainly use.

Photo of Ada Rovatti

Ada Rovatti

"PMauriat saxophone R66 Tenor Selmer Mark VI Tenor Keilwerth Soprano Sax Jody Jazz DV 7* Tenor Guardala Crescent Tenor (original) On soprano I have a used prototype that I bought I don't know what it is."

Submitted Anonymously


Tim Yehezkely, The Postmarks

Fender Jazzmaster guitar, Vox amps, various effects pedals, Roland synth, tambourine, melodica, toy echo-phone

Photo of Christine Smith, Marah

Christine Smith, Marah

Live I use a Roland RD700 keyboard, 88 weighted keys (a must). While playing that, I sing background vocals, add percussion by playing a tambourine on the floor with my foot, and I sometimes strap on a harmonica harness as well. Occasionally I step away from the keyboard and play the accordion.

Rhonda Laurie

2 PA systems, one portable Fender. Several microphones including one Elvis Mic and a Sure Beta 57. Baby grand at home.

Holly Saucy

"Full band drums guitar keys synth bass two vocalist"

Photo of Pam Fleming, Fearless Dreamer

Pam Fleming, Fearless Dreamer

"Marcinkiewicz Bb Trumpet Benge Bb Trumpet LA sax Black Bb Trumpet Benge Flugelhorn Kudu Shofar Conch Shells Various synths, piano, percussion"

Lily White

3 saxophones, a flute, a clarinet, keyboards, microphones, stands, reeds, other instruments for rehearsals....

Photo of Paula Kimper

Paula Kimper

Pencil and Paper, Sibelius music notation, m-audio midi keyboard, various instruments, garage band

Laura Kahle

pocket trumpet

Photo of Amy Domingues, Garland of Hours

Amy Domingues, Garland of Hours

Quintus carbon-fiber cello, electro-harmonix loop station, non-affected vocals. My husband plays drums with me, but I also play solo or with my friends Mary and Jonah on guitar and bass.

Katie Morrison, band name Betty Iron Thumbs

Fender Strat electric, Taylor Acoustic/Electric

Submitted Anonymously

Photo of Aisha Burns, Balmorhea

Aisha Burns, Balmorhea

My personal gear includes a violin, an L.R. Baggs pick up, an L.R. Baggs Direct Box and one pedal tuner.

Camille Escobedo. BERETTA76

Right now my set up is a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop played through a Marshall 50 watt '77 JMP 2204 2x12 combo.

Virginia Mayhew

Selmer saxophones, Buffet clarinet and Sonore' flute

Karen Correa, Demander

My viola is as old as the hills - it was my sister's before me and I've had it 20 years. My bass is a Music Man copy that one of my old band mates customized for me years ago. I play through a Gallien-Kreuger speaker and head.

Melissa Ferrick

I tour with Collings acoustic guitars, a pendulum parametric EQ/DI, a Sennheiser 855 microphone, a tuner pedal, an EQ pedal, and an octave pedal.

Katherine FitzGibbon

As a conductor, my main gear is my baton; I have a case with several batons that travels with me. As a singer, I don't need much gear! But as a rock musician, I do carry my keyboard and keyboard stand.

Ingrid Jensen. The Ingrid Jensen quartet

"A custom made Monette (gold plated) Bb trumpet. hand craftet by Dave Monette himself.

TC Helicon voice processor,original VOX Wahwah pedal, line 6 delay unit and a number of very good mics. "

Stephanie Flati, The Lopez

Personally, I just use a microphone and the cowbell. Our band also uses an electric guitar, a bass guitar, and a full drum kit.

Clare Cooper

Korg M50 keyboard, Ibanez guitar, Mac laptop

Audrey Silver

Usually I use a Shure Beta microphone and a AER acoustic guitar amp to amplify my vocals.

Lena Dhayni, The Lightning Bugs.

WELL...my first guitar got stolen by this kid named brian scatturo when I was seventeen. what a rotten jerk! I made do with an old acoustic that my grandpa gave me until a couple years ago. The action on most acoustics is too high for my hands, so it sucks playing them. The drum set and the electric guitar that i play now are technically my boyfriends, but he shares my keyboard, so all is fair. The electric is a fender jagstang in a cool blue that absolutely embodies the 90s. god, it's such a heart breaker. My keyboard is a yamaha P-120. basically, that means it has a real genuine piano sound and 88 weighted keys. i wish i could lug a real piano around with me, but i've moved like six times in four years. our drum set is a piece of shit, but the ride still rides, and when i want it to, it can crash like a magnificent garbage can lid being thrown down the stairs.

Geri Smith

sorry don't feel comfortable w/this question

Noelle R. Nordstrom

Just me and my vocal chords

White Widow

I rock an Italia Modulo Guitar into a Marshall Stack with an Acoustic Image head. My Pedals include: Boss DD-6 pedal, Boss CH1 Pedal, and few other fun ones that interchange. As far as keys, live I use the Micro Korg.

Alejandra Deheza, School of Seven Bells

Hagstrom F-200p guitar (w/ p90 pick-ups), Memory Man pedal, Pigtronics ADSR, Way Huge Pork Loin distortion pedal, Moog Freqbox

Photo of Jenny Hill, Easy Star All-Stars

Jenny Hill, Easy Star All-Stars

Selmer Mark VI, Yamaha, and Yanagasawa saxophones, Miramatsu flute, Haynes piccolo, Buffet clarinet, custom-made mouthpieces by Francois Louis.

Sarah Bernat

"in Work, i sing vocals and play a white Fender guitar which i run through a Big Muff distortion and Boss EQ. similar set up for Limosine, but no vocals. i play trumpet through FX in Murder Murder. Forked and Weird Habit are experimental noise projects, as was 16 Bitch Pile Up. i use the things i've already mentioned above, and also a 404 sampler, various pieces of metal, contact mics, various FX pedals, keyboards. songs and shows depending."

Shab Bashiri, The Constellations

Well, obviously, my main instrument is my voice. You can't buy that anywhere. I also play a variety of percussion instruments, such as the tambourine, and the cowbell. I'm hoping to work the triangle in there somewhere.

Photo of Emily Rodgers

Emily Rodgers

I play a telecaster with a Fender Blues Jr. amplifier

Mary Chun

conducting baton, ondes martenot

Nicole Binion

Travel with my husband, but just recorded my first solo project. Travel with tracks or full band and bgv's

Psalm One

My gear consists of Ableton and a MPD32. Very sleek and allows me to do some awesome stuff to an already cool rap show.

Photo of Shanna Carlson

Shanna Carlson

"Prefer acoustic pianos to play, have a Yamaha P120...88 weighted keys Shure Dynamic Mic AXS2"

Natalie Grant

I own a monitor rig and all of my mic's

Submitted Anonymously

"- 6 Gu Zheng (Chinese Zither) -Pro-Tools/ Digidesign 003 Rack -Yamaha Studio Monitor -3 Microphones (AKG ) -Midi-Keyboard -AKG studio monitor headphones -Abeton Live 7 software -Finale Notepad"

Cat Martino

"Lately I have been playing with my wurlitzer, guitars, and lucky loop pedals. On top of the wurlitzer lies Casio & Omnichord. I have a 1934 Martin Pre-War acoustic and a borrowed 1970's Gibson electric. Sometime all instruments are feeding into an 8 channel mixer, so I can feed through an aux channel which ones I want to loop or other effects for particular songs."

Ginny Owens

88-weighted keyboard; MacBook Pro; Garage Band and Logic Studio 9; M-Audio Pro Fire 610; M-Audio studio speakers; Various keyboard controllers; Several microphones of varying quality; acoustic guitar (occasionally);

Suni Paz

"I did it already My new Takamine Guitar with its own amp etc. is being repaired broken by Delta Airlines in my last trip to Detroit "

Photo of Anne Akiko Meyers

Anne Akiko Meyers

My 'gear' consists of a beautiful Stradivarius violin, made in 1730. It belonged to the King of Spain at one time and is called 'The Royal Spanish' Strad...

Rachael Rine of Cockpit

Tama drum kit- 12" & 13" rack toms, 16" floor tom, 22" kick drum. DW hardware including pedals. Zildjian cymbals that tend to vary on the larger side.

Linda Lou - Cockpit

"Gibson SG Gibson Les Paul Marshall JCM800 50watt head Marshall Silver Jubilee 4x12 cabinet Rocktron, Boss, Dunlop effects pedals"

Photo of Allison Iraheta

Allison Iraheta

Besides my voice, I play a Gibson melody maker - Joan Jett, Les Paul, and Ovation.

Rose Cousins

"Martin Guitar Yamaha Piano Flatiron Mandola"

Photo of Allison Scola

Allison Scola

Roland EP-9 keyboard, Carvin PA system & mic (like an SM-57), Remo Alessandra Belloni signature drums, Buffet Clarinet, mic stands, keyboard stand

Submitted Anonymously

"An acoustic bass. Its bow. No pickup. An electric bass. No pick. Two small combo amplifiers. "

Elizabeth Brown

"Flute, alto flute, piccolo shakuhachi - 1.8, 1.6, 1.9 Moog etherwave pro theremin"

Anat Fort

I am a pianist, so I play any good instrument that's available at the venue I perform in!

Photo of Patty Larkin

Patty Larkin

I have 2 acoustic guitars built by Jim Olson, a 1946 Martin D-18, an 80's Fender Stratocaster, a Telsco 1970's electric Baritone guitar, various mandolins, keyboards, a P bass, a Harmony semi hollow electric. Main instrument is the Olson. I play through a Pendulum pre amp setup, (parametric EQ and pre amp). I use a 1960's or 70's Fender Princeton for the Strat.

Stephanie Schneiderman

"Acoustic Taylor guitar Les Paul Gibson electric guitar TC Helicon (vocal processor) Nord Electro Fender Blues Jr. some cool pedals (delay, phaser, tremelo and tube screamer) Jamman (used as a playback station for programmed beats)"

Nedra Johnson

Fender precision bass, SWR jr goliath cab/GK bass head, King BBb Tuba, Washburn Acoustic Electric guitar.

Marilyn Crispell

No gear- I play acoustic piano, and at home I have a Yamaha electronic touch-sensitive piano I can play with headphones since I live in an apartment underneath another tenant.

Photo of Danielle de Niese

Danielle de Niese

My gear is my own body- probably the highest maintenance gear in the business! no repair shop for my gear!

Photo of Anji Bee of Lovespirals

Anji Bee of Lovespirals

I have always been more of a studio musician and recording artist than a live performance one, though I do perform live from time to time. I own many mics including a vintage Neumann, and a whole host of gear for recording in my own home studio. I actually have two studios, one for podcasting/vidcasting, and the other for music.

Vienna Teng

I play grand pianos whenever the venues have them, which is fortunately often these days. Other than that, I carry an Electro-Harmonix 2880 looper, which I hook up to a vocal microphone so I can create loops with my voice, the piano, hand claps, etc and bring them in & out of the song at different times. Sometimes I also travel with a Nord Stage 88 keyboard, which has organ, Rhodes and Wurlitzer sounds (as well as acoustic piano sounds, for the times there isn't a piano at the venue).

Kate Simko

Roland Juno 106 keyboard, Dave Smith Poly Evolver keyboard, Roland TR-707 drum machine, Roland TR-505 drum machine, Elektron Machinedrum drum machine, MFB-522 drum machine, Logic Audio, MOTU 828 sound card, Mackie HR-824 monitors

Grace Potter; Grace Potter And The Nocturnals

My Hammond B-3 organ was built in 1961. I had it overhauled 5 years ago to fit my style of playing, giving it a very smooth low-end crunch. It's loud! Gibson just gave me an incredible chestnut 70's SG with a whammy bar and all kinds of magic tricks. It's one of a kind.

Lynne Hanson

Oscar Graf guitar, Porchboard, Deering 6 string banjo, Woodskin (percussion instrument)

Emily Arin Snider (I perform under the name Emily Arin)

Red Yamaha steel string guitar. Roland FP 500 keyboard.

Mary Lorson and the Soubrettes

I rock a pre-CBS Frankenstein Fender telecaster (mauve in color) through a Fender Vibroverb re-issue that looks original now, it's so beat-up. I like the sound because it's warm, clean, and versatile. Recently I acquired my first plug-in acoustic, and I enjoy it immensely too. For keyboards: at home I play a yard-sale spinet, and I have sweet collection of old and new organs, etc., including a vintage Fender Rhodes which is a bit too delicate now for travel, so I tend now only to play at venues with in-house acoustic pianos, or to skip my keyboard songs if the venue doesn't have one.

Pamela Marshall, Spindrift Music Company

I'm more a composer than a performer. I am also a recording engineer. Paxman French horn, Kurzweil 2000 synth, Digital Performer DAW, Sound Devices recorder, various microphones, various sound libraries, Sibelius music notation, Macintosh with OSX

Lydia Fortune

Guitar/amp/microphones. Also have a Boss digital recorder & professional mics

Mary Jennings

When I am just playing solo I perform with an 88 weighted key keyboard and a Boss loop station. But I also have a drummer, bassist, backup singer and synth player.

Maranda Mae of The Texas Duet

Full Yamaha setup: 8 channel pa with 2 15" front speakers and 2 12" moniters. All guitar cables, mic cables, Shure mics. Alvarez acoustic guitar, 2 Takamine acoustic guitars. Custom drumset played by feet.

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