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There are several ways that your online shopping can support NPR programming.

NPR manages and maintains the NPR Shop. It offers a variety of public radio products, including NPR branded clothing and accessories, books by many public radio commentators and correspondents, and recordings produced by NPR and other public radio producers.

In addition, NPR has agreements with independent online retailers that enable visitors to to purchase books, music and other related merchandise mentioned on NPR through third party sites. A portion of that revenue is designated to NPR.

Purchases made through these third party sites are subject to the policies and procedures of those sites. Order fulfillment and customer service relating to orders placed at any of those third party sites, including the collection of applicable sales taxes, are the sole responsibility of such sites. Any concerns regarding order fulfillment, customer service, privacy policies or other issues relating to these third party online retail sites should be directed to the Webmaster or site administrator of the site.

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