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How do these relationships work?

NPR has agreements with multiple online retailers to offer a wider variety of merchandise through links on our site. Purchases made through these links result in a portion of your total purchase being given to NPR, called a revenue share. These funds are used to support NPR programming online and on air. NPR only receives this money if you shop through one of the links on or Once you've entered the third party site, NPR receives a revenue share from all products you purchase during that visit.

Why shop through

The links provided on or are specially coded to designate you as an NPR supporter. This is the only way to ensure that your purchase goes to supporting NPR.

What happens to my personal information?

When shopping at one of the third party retail sites with which NPR has a relationship, you are subject to that siteís privacy and security policies.

Read Amazon.comís Privacy Policy
Read Public Radio Music Source's Privacy Policy
Contact the NPR Shopkeeper regarding these online retailers' policies

Where do I direct questions about my purchases?

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Help at Public Radio Musicsource


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