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Rand Paul (R) faces Jack Conway (D) in the November election.
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...by the Obama Administration. Where Is Jack? Jack Conway supports the EPA’s, and President Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s attempts at forcing their job-killing agenda onto Kentucky–and our hardworking families will [...] Related posts:Obama Wants Cap and Trade Next Year: Where Is Jack? Where is...

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...to a crowd of supporters about the main issues of the campaign, cap and trade, Obamacare, and balancing the budget by law. Dr. Paul was joined by local Republican candidate Alan Brown and others. Next, the tour [...] Related posts:Rand Paul...

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...Daily News: Attacks By Conway Show Desperation Jack Conway Against Secret Ballot – Is he also for a new bailout? ...

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...distort Dr. Rand Paul’s position on Medicare,  Jack Conway is now silent about his support of President Obama’s national health care plan, which cuts $500 billion in benefits, increase deductibles, and raises out-of-pocket costs by nearly $1000 for current Medicare...

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...Conway Flip-Flops on Social Security Let seniors escape Medicare Jack Conway Against Secret Ballot – Is he also for a new bailout? ...

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...Paul’s visit to Henderson. HENDERSON, Ky. — Invoking the name of Ronald Reagan, another conservative leader seeking office during bad economic times, Rand Paul energized an already spirited crowd during a campaign stop Wednesday in downtown Henderson. “(Reagan) had that optimism and...

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