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Harry Reid (D) faces Sharron Angle (R) in the November election.
Harry Reid's references to opponent(s): 54 uses in the last 7 days (down 48%).

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...VIDEO: President Bill Clinton: "If you want jobs, you need to vote for Harry Reid" http://bit.ly/9n9mYh #nvsen...

— via Twitter (October 31)

...paramount importance of Nevada having a representative with so much clout and such a high leadership position in these exceedingly tough economic times. And while that alone should be reason enough not to replace Sen. Reid as Nevada continues to dig...

— via RSS (October 31)

...VIDEO: @barackobama: Creating jobs, new industries, helping Nevadans stay in their homes, we need Harry Reid http://bit.ly/9sp03k #nvsen...

— via Twitter (October 31)

...raised $14 million last quarter to run negative ads that have been called everything from plain false to outright racist. And in October alone, she’s added another $3 million to her war chest. The fight for Nevada...

— via RSS (October 30)

... Sen. Harry Reid spent his day in Reno talking with small business owners on California Ave. "75-85% of all jobs are small business, so we've got to have those small businesses have the ability to borrow money."...

— via RSS (October 27)

...me say at the outset that I am not an ideologue nor a one-party voter. Having worked at various jobs in colleges and universities for 42 years, I have learned that there are sympathetic and helpful people on both...

— via RSS (October 27)

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