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Pat Quinn (D) faces Bill Brady (R) in the November election.
Pat Quinn's references to opponent(s): 3 uses in the last 7 days (down 63%).

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health care


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going forward


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health care


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...hard work ahead, but we're willing to work hard. Let's push through til Tuesday, and keep Illinois and America moving forward!...

— via Facebook (October 31)

...Classic Quin: The Bernardin Amendment and the Walk-Across-Illinois - Some public officials talk the talk about health care, but Pat Quinn has shown he really can walk the walk! Share | read more...

— via RSS (October 27)

...bring back the shovel brigade that dug the hole!” President Clinton tells raucous rally - Clinton noted that more jobs were created in the eight years of his presidency that in the 20 years that Republicans held the...

— via RSS (October 26)

...three public payrolls at once, another uniquely-Illinois institution known as “double-dipping”.  Good government groups and a few reform legislators sought to halt these taxpayer-gouging practices, but nothing ever happened. Until Pat Quinn came along. Share | ...

— via RSS (October 24)

...Gov Quinn is working to make sure that everyone in IL has access to quality, affordable health care.

— via Twitter (October 21) premiums - Gov Quinn is working to make sure that everyone in IL has access to quality, affordable health care....

— via Facebook (October 21)

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