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Why we're tracking this person: While the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee is no longer as much in the spotlight, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry has settled into the role of a party elder statesman, putting his focus on issues like foreign policy and climate change. But he has also become an outspoken critic of the Tea Party movement, sending a fundraising e-mail to supporters recently that read: "The news from Delaware is crystal clear: it's Sarah Palin's party now. ... But it's up to you to make it clear it won't be Sarah Palin's United States Senate."

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...I was proud to introduce the Fair Playing Field Act of 2010 earlier this month that will close a tax loophole that's being abused to deny workers basic protections and benefits. We shouldn’t reward those who game the system...

— via Facebook (September 27)

...and significant and it's very important for us to see what can be done. While we have an overall recession in the country, it's felt even harder in a community that's already starting with challenges.

— via Facebook (September 9)

... - We just landed a quarter of a billion dollars for school reform and that’s a very big deal for our kids, teachers, and principals in Massachusetts. This wasn’t easy, and...

— via Facebook (August 24)

...has finally thrown Massachusetts a lifeline that will provide $655 million for Medicaid and education funding, and saving 2,400 jobs in our public schools.

— via Facebook (August 4)

...Options for reconciliation in Afghanistan (Sen. John Kerry) - My blog post on US policy in Afghanistan.

— via Facebook (July 27)

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