"Taxes" and related terms ("death tax", "estate tax", "Bush tax cuts", "tax") have been used a total of 1141 times by the politicians and political influencers that NPR is tracking.

Why We're Tracking This: Taxes are always a hot political topic. Republicans talk about cutting or eliminating them. And they like to refer to their opponents as "tax-and-spend liberals." Democrats talk about making them fair and letting the "Bush tax cuts" expire for the wealthiest Americans. They accuse Republicans of favoring the rich.

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Lou Barletta (R)


  • Last 7 days: 4 uses (up 400% over last week)
  • Overall: 4 uses since Aug. 30

Mark Kirk (R)


  • Last 7 days: 8 uses (up 300% over last week)
  • Overall: 38 uses since Aug. 30



  • Last 7 days: 26 uses (down 19% from last week)
  • Overall: 422 uses since Aug. 30



  • Last 7 days: 33 uses (down 15% from last week)
  • Overall: 633 uses since Aug. 30

'Sparkline' graphs plot each word's motion over the last 8 weeks.

Recent uses of "taxes"

...number of Democrats who are supporting me for Governor. Many Illinois Democrats are no more supportive of high taxes and wasteful spending than I am, and recognize that I will deliver the Clean Break from Blago/Quinn. Thanks...

Bill Brady, via Facebook (November 2)

...Perry says he has a track record of not raising tases - Perry has a track record of raising taxes, contrary to his public claims....

Bill White, via Facebook (November 1)

...with Jennifer Carroll to share our plan to create jobs by reducing the size of government and lowering property taxes....

Rick Scott, via Facebook (November 1)

...of you to participate in the vote this time. I'll guess you have a neighbor who is against higher taxes, a co-worker who wants school reform, a cousin who is put off by the Chicago Machine. Tell them what...

Bill Brady, via Facebook (November 1)

...Kelly's tax plan will cost 80% of AZ an average of $3k more in taxes every year. VOTE TMRW text "where" to 30644 to find your polling place...

Gabrielle Giffords, via Facebook (November 1)

...the next four years. One candidate, Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, intends to maintain the status quo and seek higher taxes to pay for it. The other, Republican state Sen. Bill Brady, contends the status quo is unsustainable and...

Bill Brady, via RSS (October 31)

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