"Afghanistan" and related terms ("Afghan") have been used a total of 68 times by the politicians and political influencers that NPR is tracking.

Why We're Tracking This: The number of U.S. troops there has increased dramatically. So, unfortunately, has the casualty rate. And billions of U.S. tax dollars have been spent to shore up a government that is among the world's most corrupt.

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Bill Brady (R)


  • Last 7 days: 0 uses (down 100% from last week)
  • Overall: 5 uses since Aug. 30

Mark Kirk (R)


  • Last 7 days: 0 uses (down 100% from last week)
  • Overall: 3 uses since Aug. 30



  • Last 7 days: 1 uses (down 92% from last week)
  • Overall: 31 uses since Aug. 30



  • Last 7 days: 1 uses (down 93% from last week)
  • Overall: 39 uses since Aug. 30

'Sparkline' graphs plot each word's motion over the last 8 weeks.

Recent uses of "Afghanistan"

...Options for reconciliation in Afghanistan (Sen. John Kerry) - My blog post on US policy in Afghanistan.

John Kerry, via Facebook (July 27)

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