"Bailout" and related terms ("bailouts", "bailed out", "bailing out") have been used a total of 131 times by the politicians and political influencers that NPR is tracking.

Why We're Tracking This: A word that goes well with "Wall Street" in many candidates' minds. All will vow no more bailouts for greedy bankers, and try to avoid taking any blame for the bipartisan bailouts doled out in 2008 and 2009.

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Joe Sestak (D)


  • Last 7 days: 0 uses (down 100% from last week)
  • Overall: 11 uses since Aug. 30

Jim DeMint (R)


  • Last 7 days: 0 uses (down 100% from last week)
  • Overall: 1 uses since Aug. 30



  • Last 7 days: 3 uses (down 86% from last week)
  • Overall: 69 uses since Aug. 30



  • Last 7 days: 3 uses (down 86% from last week)
  • Overall: 90 uses since Aug. 30

'Sparkline' graphs plot each word's motion over the last 8 weeks.

Recent uses of "bailout"

...voices in American politics today, advocating for lower taxes and spending cuts, as well as opposing government bailouts. Oct 27, 2010 08:49...

Pat Toomey, via RSS (October 29)

...The #Giffords Agenda fails again. Wall Street bailouts and out of control govt spending are not working....

Jesse Kelly, via Twitter (October 29)

...and ‘grossly malicious.’ “And she’s become one of Washington’s biggest spenders. “Millions in earmarks for lobbyists.  Billions for the Wall Street bailout. “She [...]...

Dino Rossi, via RSS (October 27)

...Yes Chris, they are angry about the bailouts, the out of control spending, and the high unemployment....

Jesse Kelly, via Facebook (October 23)

...Giffords voted for bailouts and wasteful stimulus under both parties. She is a bipartisan big spender....

Jesse Kelly, via Facebook (October 23)

...$700 billion. That how much Giffords gave to Wall Street in the bailout....

Jesse Kelly, via Facebook (October 23)

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