"Takeover" has been used a total of 54 times by the politicians and political influencers that NPR is tracking.

Why We're Tracking This: You've probably heard it most often paired with "government" — as when Republicans talk about the "government takeover" of (insert industry here). For the Democratic response, try "reform."

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Lou Barletta (R)


  • Last 7 days: 2 uses (up 200% over last week)
  • Overall: 3 uses since Aug. 30

Joe Heck (R)


  • Last 7 days: 2 uses (up 200% over last week)
  • Overall: 9 uses since Aug. 30



  • Last 7 days: 5 uses (up 500% over last week)
  • Overall: 25 uses since Aug. 30



  • Last 7 days: 5 uses (up 500% over last week)
  • Overall: 24 uses since Aug. 30

'Sparkline' graphs plot each word's motion over the last 8 weeks.

Recent uses of "takeover"

...11th District debate - During Thursday night’s debate, Lou Barletta brought his message of creating jobs, stopping the government takeover of health care, and getting senior citizens their rightful Social Security cost-of-living increase to thousands of viewers in northeastern...

Lou Barletta, via RSS (October 28)

...– Just ask Rep. Tim Holden - During Thursday night’s debate, 26-year incumbent Congressman Paul Kanjorski said that the government takeover of health care “has no ramifications” on senior citizens’ Medicare. Really, Congressman? That’s not what your colleague Tim Holden said. ...

Lou Barletta, via RSS (October 28)

...an Example of Working Across the Aisle - At the WSFA Debate on Monday, Bright called the student loan takeover a highlight of his Democrat majority's acheivements. What do you think?...

Martha Roby, via Facebook (October 27)

...joins w/ #nepa drs & frmr NY Gov Pataki to discuss ill effects of Kanjo's vote for gvmt #healthcare takeover http://twitpic.com/2xurge...

Lou Barletta, via Twitter (October 15)

...the job-killing agenda of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Robin Carnahan, including a job-killing new energy tax, the government takeover of health care and the disastrous stimulus bill which gave Robin Carnahan's brother $107 million in cash for his wind farm. The...

Roy Blunt, via RSS (October 14)

...Nancy Pelosi while supporting a national energy tax, a stimulus package that has failed southern Nevada and a government takeover of healthcare. Congresswoman Titus is on Nancy Pelosi’s side and her record proves it,” – Mari Nakashima, Spokeswoman for...

Joe Heck, via RSS (October 13)

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