"Stimulus" has been used a total of 214 times by the politicians and political influencers that NPR is tracking.

Why We're Tracking This: Did the nearly $800 billion stimulus package pushed through last year by Democrats spare the nation from another Great Depression or was most of it wasted spending that didn't do much good and only added to the national debt? Republicans hammer away at the idea that it was a boondoggle. Democrats argue it saved the day.

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Tom Perriello (D)


  • Last 7 days: 3 uses (up 300% over last week)
  • Overall: 3 uses since Aug. 30

Pat Toomey (R)


  • Last 7 days: 0 uses (down 100% from last week)
  • Overall: 2 uses since Aug. 30



  • Last 7 days: 1 uses (down 92% from last week)
  • Overall: 91 uses since Aug. 30



  • Last 7 days: 4 uses (down 75% from last week)
  • Overall: 117 uses since Aug. 30

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Recent uses of "stimulus" many Democrats have done this year. He's been forthright about his support of health-care reform and the economic stimulus, despite GOP attempts to demonize these issues. During the debate at Randolph College, he had the gumption to say...

Tom Perriello, via RSS (October 31)

...Nevada” that she was the “gold standard” nationally. During the interview today, Congresswoman Titus continued to brag about the stimulus bill that has failed to bring jobs to southern Nevada and included her new cheap shot blaming Nevada’s Department...

Joe Heck, via RSS (October 28)

...It IS working. 400 miles of new broadband fiber, 75 jobs in #VA05 from three stimulus grants. Huge econ devel. tool.

Tom Perriello, via Twitter (October 27)

...Fiber optic network, staff expand - As a direct result of three stimulus grants, 75 people in the 5th district have jobs today, and over 400 miles of new broadband fiber are...

Tom Perriello, via Facebook (October 27)

...four years ago, cost between $95 billion and $100 billion in state funds, now that a federal flow of stimulus cash is winding down. Dale Craymer, president of the business-backed Texas Taxpayers and Research Association, said next year very well...

Bill White, via RSS (October 26)

...Grt day to campaign in the Central Valley. Bakersfield, Fresno... we're all over talking jobs & economy. Despite stimulus, unemp high here....

Carly Fiorina, via Twitter (October 25)

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