New Hampshire - U.S. House, District 1

as of November 1

The Candidates

Photo of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter

  • Democrat (Incumbent)
  • Birthdate: (unknown)
  • Residence: Rochester, NH

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Photo of Frank Guinta

Frank Guinta

  • Republican
  • Birthdate: September 26, 1970
  • Residence: Manchester, NH

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Previous Results

    New Hampshire U.S. House (2008)

    Candidate Party Votes %
    Carol Shea-Porter DEM 176,435 51.8%
    Jeb Bradley REP 156,338 45.9%
    Robert Kingsbury LIB 8,100 2.4%

    U.S. President: New Hampshire (2008)

    Data reflect statewide results.
    Candidate Party Votes %
    Barack Obama DEM 384,826 54.4%
    John McCain REP 316,534 44.7%
    Ralph Nader IND 3,503 0.5%
    Bob Barr LIB 2,217 0.3%
    George Phillies LIB 531 0.1%

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Source: Associated Press

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Nov 1, 2010

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Lean-R (was Toss-up)

    Oct 27, 2010

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    Lean-R (was Toss-up)

      Oct 22, 2010

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        Lean-R (was Toss-up)

          Sep 28, 2010

          GOP Takes Another Shot At Ousting Shea-Porter In New Hampshire

          If 2006 hadn't been such an anti-Republican year in New Hampshire, it's hard to make the case that someone as liberal as Carol Shea-Porter could have been elected, let alone oust GOP incumbent Jeb Bradley. But that's exactly what happened. And to make sure it wasn't a fluke, she beat him again two years later. This year, a decidedly Republican year, her opponent is former Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta. Guinta rails against big government, taxes and President Obama, and he says Shea-Porter is part of the problem. The congresswoman says the Democrats, with their passage of the stimulus package, saved the country from a deepening economic collapse. Each sees the other as extreme. -Ken Rudin

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