Kentucky - U.S. Senate

as of October 31

The Candidates

Photo of Jack Conway

Jack Conway

  • Democrat
  • Birthdate: July 5, 1969
  • Residence: Louisville, KY

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Rand Paul

  • Republican
  • Birthdate: January 7, 1963
  • Residence: Bowling Green, KY

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Previous Results

    Kentucky U.S. Senate (2004)

    Candidate Party Votes %
    Jim Bunning REP 873,507 50.7%
    Daniel Mongiardo DEM 850,855 49.3%

    U.S. President: Kentucky (2008)

    Candidate Party Votes %
    John McCain REP 1,048,462 57.4%
    Barack Obama DEM 751,985 41.2%
    Ralph Nader IND 15,378 0.8%
    Bob Barr LIB 5,989 0.3%
    Chuck Baldwin CON 4,694 0.3%

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Source: Associated Press

Recent Analysis

Oct 31, 2010

New Rothenberg Political Report Rating

Lean-R (was Toss-up)

    Sep 20, 2010

    New CQ - Roll Call Rating

    Lean-R (was Toss-up)

      Sep 9, 2010

      A Closely Watched Battle In Kentucky

      Incumbent Jim Bunning (R), first elected in 1998, is retiring. Bunning was on the outs with the Republican establishment here, led by Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell. But McConnell was unable to get his choice for the seat, Secretary of State Trey Grayson, the nomination. That went to outsider Rand Paul, an ophthalmologist backed by the Tea Party. He also happens to be the son of Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who embodies anti-establishment GOP thinking. Paul got into some initial difficulty after winning the primary, questioning the constitutionality of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. But he remains ahead of the Democratic nominee, state Attorney General Jack Conway, who narrowly defeated Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo in the primary. -Ken Rudin

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