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as of November 1

The Candidates

Photo of John Kitzhaber

John Kitzhaber

  • Democrat
  • Birthdate: March 5, 1947
  • Residence: Portland, OR

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Photo of Chris Dudley

Chris Dudley

  • Republican
  • Birthdate: February 22, 1965
  • Residence: Lake Oswego, OR

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Previous Results

    Oregon Governor (2006)

    Candidate Party Votes %
    Ted Kulongoski DEM 699,786 50.8%
    Ron Saxton REP 589,748 42.8%
    Mary Starrett CON 50,229 3.6%
    Joe Keating GRE 20,030 1.5%
    Richard Morley LIB 16,798 1.2%

    U.S. President: Oregon (2008)

    Candidate Party Votes %
    Barack Obama DEM 1,037,291 57.2%
    John McCain REP 738,475 40.7%
    Ralph Nader PEA 18,614 1%
    Chuck Baldwin CON 7,693 0.4%
    Bob Barr LIB 7,635 0.4%
    Cynthia McKinney PAC 4,543 0.3%

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Source: Associated Press

Recent Analysis

Nov 1, 2010

New NPR Rating

Lean-D (was Toss-up)

    Oct 19, 2010

    Dudley Forces Race Into Toss-Up Column

    Can former NBA player Chris Dudley (R) really be making a race out of it with former Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber (D)? That's what polls say, but it's hard to fathom. Nonetheless, I'm moving this into the toss-up category. But I still think Kitzhaber wins. -Ken Rudin

    New NPR Rating

    Toss-up (was Lean-D)

      Sep 2, 2010

      In Oregon, The Ball Seems To Be In Kitzhaber's Court

      Incumbent Ted Kulongoski (D), first elected in 2002, is term limited. No Republican has been elected governor here since 1982 -- no surprise in a state that is seen as a Democratic bastion. But the GOP has an opportunity this year, helped in part because Kulongoski has terrible polling numbers. In fact, there was a brief effort four years ago by Democrats to get former Gov. John Kitzhaber to challenge him in the primary. While that never happened, Kitzhaber is back this year as the Democratic nominee -- one of five former governors hoping to win his job back. But the Republicans have come up with an interesting choice: Chris Dudley, a former basketball player for the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers. -Ken Rudin

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