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Faith Matters
Boy On Life Support Stirs Debate On Faith, End-Of-Life Care
Motl Brody, a 12 year-old Jewish boy from New York, was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year and is now brain dead. The boy's doctors say they've done all they can to save his life, and it's time to end treatment. Brody's parents, citing religious convictions, oppose removing their son from life support. Brody's fate could eventually be left to the courts. Rabbi Dr. Edward Reichman discusses personal faith, ethics and end-of-life care.

Your Health
Happy Tunes May Make For Healthier Hearts
Researchers report that listening to joyful music can cause blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow — which is good for cardiovascular health. Michael Miller, principal investigator of the study, explains the brain-body link and which songs may make for healthy hearts.

Your Health
Should Healthy People Take Statins?
A study in The New England Journal of Medicine suggests that the drug Crestor, typically used for reducing cholesterol levels, may reduce the risk of heart disease for people with normal cholesterol levels. But do the potential benefits offset the risks and cost of the drugs?

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In Lowering Cholesterol, How Low Do You Go?
This week's new study showing that a cholesterol-lowering statin drug can cut the risk of heart attack or stroke has opened up a debate over how aggressive doctors and patients should be when it comes to using statins — and who should take them.

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Many Patients On Cholesterol Meds Stop Treatment
While statins have been shown to cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes, about half of patients quit taking the medicine after a year. One recent study shows that people stop statins for two reasons: They lack a clear understanding of how the medicines work, and they don't trust their health care providers.
A Thanksgiving How-To
If you've ever cooked a Thanksgiving meal, what are your tips for getting things to turn out just right? Chris Kimball of America's Test Kitchen helps sort through the advice. And if you've had everything go wrong — utterly and horribly wrong — share your story here.
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