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Sen. John McCain
Battleground States & Bellwether Counties
Anatomy Of A Campaign Rally: John McCain
McCain has been forced to defend red states like North Carolina. Some of his supporters are worried, but at a recent rally, others said coming out to see McCain gives them reassurance.
Despite Cash Injection, Banks Cautious On Lending
Some of the banks that signed up for the Treasury Department's "capital injection" are being careful about making commitments to start lending that money out. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has reiterated his position that the Treasury expects banks to "deploy, not hoard, their capital."

Election 2008
Campaigns Take Flak For Using Robocalls
Both presidential candidates are using automated phone calls, or robocalls, to reach voters. Although John McCain's robocalls have been criticized for being highly negative, they are a cheap alternative to TV ads.

Kitchen Table Conversations
Housing Slump: A Chance To Jump Into The Market?
Many Americans are struggling as banks hold a tighter grip on their money, making it more difficult for consumers to get all kinds of loans. But for some, falling home prices and the vast number of homes in foreclosure represent an opportunity to invest.

Your Money
Vanguard Founder Advises Riding Out The Storm
Investors have been pulling tens of billions of dollars out of stocks and mutual funds. But if history is any guide, this is probably not the time to panic and sell a lot of stock. John Bogle, the founder of the giant mutual fund company Vanguard, offers some advice for people trying to protect their nest eggs.
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