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Child holds American flag and fake bank bill
Mocha Moms
Explaining Race-Tinged Presidential Bid To Kids
This year's historic presidential campaign has given parents repeated opportunities to talk to kids about race. But what are they telling the kids, especially over the past few weeks as the campaign has gotten more intense? And is it a new and tricky topic for most parents?
Election 2008: Voting Groups
Survey: Black Voters Key to Election, Swing States
Ill. Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee for president, enjoys historic levels of support in the black community. And, despite assumptions that Bill and Hillary Clinton's campaign tactics would hurt their standing in the black community, they're more popular than ever.

Battleground States & Bellwether Counties
Anatomy Of A Campaign Rally: John McCain
McCain has been forced to defend red states like North Carolina. Some of his supporters are worried, but at a recent rally, others said coming out to see McCain gives them reassurance.

Legal Affairs
Election Day Scenario Plays Out In Mock Court
Some legal experts wondered: What happens if the presidential election is contested and ends up before the Supreme Court again? Several academics and legal experts held a moot court hearing Monday to explore some of the issues that might be raised, and how they might be resolved in a less contentious way than they were in 2000.

Election 2008: Issues
'Bradley Effect' And The Obama Presidential Bid
As the presidential candidates head into the general election some analysts, citing the "Bradley Effect," question whether polls showing Sen. Barack Obama's lead over Sen. John McCain will shrink at the voting booth. The term was coined after L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley lost his bid for governor of Calif.
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