Marketa Irglova, 'Fortune Teller' In her new video, the Czech singer-songwriter ponders the future and endless possibilities of life.

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Marketa Irglova, 'Fortune Teller'

It's impossible to know for certain what tomorrow may bring, but that doesn't keep us from trying. In the captivating new video for her song "Fortune Teller," Czech singer-songwriter Marketa Irglova ponders her own future and the endless possibilities of an unpredictable life.

The six-minute piece unfolds in grassy field, where an entranced fortune teller twirls and claws the earth to the song's tribal beats. "Tell me, tell me! What would you like to be?" Irglova asks. "Is simply being yourself satisfying enough?"

The video, directed by Petra Hermanová, was shot in a garden at Irglova's parents' house. "Fortune Teller" appears on Irglova's new record, Muna; it's her second solo album since the soundtrack to the 2007 film Once, in which she and Glen Hansard (with whom she's worked as The Swell Season) performed the Oscar-winning song "Falling Slowly."

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