Adventures, 'Heavenly' Adventures' debut culls from an emo and alt-rock era whose output feels eternal. In the "Heavenly" video, the band plays in a dollhouse while a Claymation character curls up into a sad little ball.

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Adventures, 'Heavenly'

There's a good chance that the members of Adventures were still in elementary school when the '90s ended — which is cool, because Supersonic Home culls from an emo and alt-rock era whose output feels eternal. It's another side to three-quarters of the metallic hardcore band Code Orange (they dropped "Kids" from the name), and one that places guitarist Reba Meyers front and center.

In "Heavenly," the band channels the effusively hopeful yet always dramatic Rainer Maria, especially in Meyers' vocal dynamic with keyboardist Kimi Hanauer. Here, director Max Moore has the band play in a dollhouse owned by a lonely blue Claymation character that, upon entering, just falls down and curls up into a ball of sadness. It looks like everyone needs a hug.

Supersonic Home comes out Feb. 17 on Run For Cover.

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