Orenda Fink, 'Holy Holy' Have you ever felt alone in a big city? In this heartwarming video, Fink sings of loss and empathy.
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Orenda Fink, 'Holy Holy'

Have you ever felt alone in a big city? Have you ever seen pain on a stranger's face but couldn't figure out a way to acknowledge or ease it? Orenda Fink's video for "Holy Holy" speaks to the pain of mourning and the beauty of empathy toward strangers. The song is from her album Blue Dream, which stares closely at death after a difficult year. The opening line to "Holy Holy" is simple, while setting the tone for this video directed by Michael Tully:

I gave it all

I gave it all to you

And you took it when you left here

We come into this world all alone

And we leave with not much more

"There is something uniquely human, flawed and beautiful about our reactions to suffering in our own midst," Fink writes via email. "Michael's video explores the complexities of those reactions. Sometimes it's hard to remember our great capacity for empathy in the world we live in today, but it is always there — maybe with people you love, maybe with strangers, maybe on a city bus."

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