The Sunny Side Up Of Palehound's 'Molly' This is your brain on Palehound.

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The Sunny Side Up Of Palehound's 'Molly'

If you grew up in the 1980s, or spent a lot of time with High school health teachers who haven't updated their lesson plans, you'll immediately get the joke in Palehound's cheeky new video for "Molly." In 1987, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America launched a huge anti-narcotics campaign, best remembered now for two televised public service announcements. One of them, "This Is Your Brain On Drugs," uses a frying egg as a metaphor for the effect of drugs on the mind.

Directors Lara Jean Gallagher and Brian Kinkley have some fun riffing on that commercial—and that "Molly" is drug slang—in the video's surrealistic humor.

Once the egg is in the frying pan—and your brain is on drugs—they give the eggs sentience, transforming the yolk into eyes that stare around actress Patsy Gelb's kitchen. After eating the eggs, Gelb gets possessed by the presence of the eggs, and the video transforms into a swimming, psychedelic spree.

"Molly" is from Palehound's breakout 2015 album Dry Food.

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