Napalm Death's 'Dear Slum Landlord' Video Grimly Depicts Housing Greed The legendary U.K. extreme metal band oozes contempt in a series of stark black-and-white drawings.

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Napalm Death's 'Dear Slum Landlord' Video Grimly Depicts Housing Greed

At this point, we call Napalm Death "grindcore" out of necessity. For several decades, the band has innovated within itself and outside of extreme metal, culminating in last year's sonically wide-ranging Apex Predator — Easy Meat. "Dear Slum Landlord" was one of that album's most fascinating tracks, a dirge that oozes contempt for authority in eerily melodic riffs and Mark "Barney" Greenway's moans, which turn into a fierce bark.

A new video depicts evil slumlords in stark, black-and-white drawings that capture the way the public is devoured. Greenway writes NPR via email:

Being that this is a very queasy and deliberately monotone kind of song, we felt simplicity was the key with the video for "Dear Slum Landlord." Suitably, thanks to two production people in Oliver and Costin — who really understand the contrasting elements of Napalm Death — it's simple, desolate, black-and-white and just that little bit grim, befitting the subject matter of interconnected housing/labour exploitation which does its best to remain hidden from view.

Apex Predator — Easy Meat is out now on Century Media. Napalm Death will embark on a spring U.S. tour with Melvins and Melt Banana starting March 24.

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